How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes? Honest Review from Users

Old Glory gun safes are well known for their durability and high-security capacity. But are Old Glory products more outstanding than other brands? How good are Old glory gun safes compared to the general market?

If you’re wondering about this, let’s check out our post to find out the answers and see whether Old Glory’s is the safe choice for preserving your guns or not!

How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes?

In terms of materials, most customers review Old Glory positively. The finish is million-dollar worth qualified, the body is massive and smooth, while the door is heavy and thick. Not to mention, the fire rating, which can only be found in first-class products with a higher price, is included in this Glory safe.

It’s no secret that guns are dangerous for even yourself if not used appropriately. When buying a gun safe, what you demand most is its steadiness and firmness so that none can accidentally open the safe and use the guns without your supervision. Yet, Old Glory can help you throw that stress away!

It would not be exaggerated when we say that Old Glory manufacturers know what a gun safe is, and they provide the exact feature people demand in their product. If you want to find a safe for professionals, it has to be Old Glory.

Old Glory Gun Safe Company
How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes

Another point to highlight is good customer service. Old Glory received many good comments on fast delivery, nice-wrapped packages with friendly, enthusiastic support. They will even respond to customers’ emails in the late afternoon – with no extra service!

There is one point that should be acknowledged about Old Glory safe – it is heavy. So, when ordering the safe to your house, you can ask the shipper to move the safe in-house. They will do it without extra cost! For most of the cases, Old Glory will provide free shipping service to your house, as well!

Are there any complaints about Old Glory safes? Yes, there are! Searching the Internet, the frequent comment we saw is “The safe is heavy and bulky!” as mentioned above. You sometimes need the shipper to move it into your house for you.

Old Glory also offers three models for storing 12, 24, 39 guns, so consider it carefully before you make the final decision. If you find the current safe bulky, maybe you should try the smaller model.

Are Old Glory Gun Safes Made In The USA?

How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes4

Old Glory is designed in the USA, under the development of the techniques and research of USA-based scientists. Most of Old Glory’s R&D team comes from the USA. They adapt the top-notch technique to optimize the performance of our products every day, ensuring it fulfills the everyday-rising standard of the customer.

With the spreading popularity of the brand, more and more factories are opened worldwide. Some Old Glory safes are manufactured outside the US like China and Mexico to reduce production costs and decrease general prices.

You can feel assured that all technologies come from the US. Before coming out to the market, any Old Glory safe has to undergo Quality Assurance from American specialists.

Where Should You Put the Gun Safe?

The safe is manufactured to be adaptable anywhere in your house, so there is no limit to placing the safe.

If you are asking about efficiency and convenience, positioning it close to the room you spend most of your time in is the best idea. In the end, you will open the safe to take the guns when there is a sudden need, right? So, as fast, as convenient, as possible.

How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes 3

Can You Open the Safe If Batteries Died?

Yes, you can. The gun safe is designed to be hard to access if not having a key and fully charged batteries. However, the manufacturers understand that their client will definitely experience a run-out battery once, so they did provide some backup methods to enter the safe if batteries died.

When buying the safe, you can notice a mechanical override that lets you manually open the door. Using this safeguard when you cannot use the digital key, or the batteries die. It won’t cause the safe to be scratched or damaged.

Does Humidity Affect the Old Glory Gun Safe?

How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes 2

It is a Yes, and a No. In case you are able to control the humidity inside the safe, then the guns are still in good safety no matter the humidity in the environment.

If you don’t manage to control the humidity in the gun storing environment, then there is a high chance it will slowly be rusted, which affects the quality of the gunshot.

That being said, what should you do to manage the humidity inside your gun safe?

Here are some tips: placing the dehumidifying agents, non-electric or powered dehumidifier rod inside the safe. You will control the safe’s dampness better.

Why Do Old Glory Gun Safes Have Three Hinges On The Door?

How Good Are Old Glory Gun Safes5

Most of the current gun safes in the market come up with only two hinges. This number is good enough to protect your beings inside, but not perfectly. If we use three hinges on the door of the safe, we can prevent warping the thick, and heavy door much better!

Do you know that this is one of the main reasons leading to a failure in gun-safe? So, with one more hinge from Old Glory, you are increasing the chance of maintaining your guns in good status for longer!

Final Thoughts

That is the end of our sharing. We have already dived deep into some distinctive features of Old Glory gun safes to clarify their quality to you. So, how good are Old Glory gun safes? Yes, absolutely! With a massive body and a thick door, an Old Glory gun safe will totally protect your firearms from those who intend to intrude on your property! Hope this post is really helpful to you!


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