SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black Review

The SentrySafe X055 Security Safe is an excellent invention for modern civilization. It is a convenient house safe, and a bargain for the safety it includes from theft and burglary.

The compactness of this Security Safe is perfect for protecting money, electronics, jewelry, and all the smaller home items that need protection.

Still now this Security Safe is the best home safes to buy

Although it is the size of a little microwave approximately, it contains an electric keypad along with an override key.

It also includes modern security technique including a passcode up to 8 digits.

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The technical facet of the Security Safe helps to make it simple to use. And both override keys ensure that you’ll never be locked out of your safe if you forget the passcode.

This digital safe offers optimum protection to your valuables. This particular Safe features an electronic lock which is very much user-friendly.

It includes only two AA batteries though not contained in the package. Two live securing bolts make sure that no one will damage and access to your own valuables without the authorization.

Besides, it includes a carpeted floor which assures your valuables are not damaged by abrasion or even any scratch.

So SentrySafe X055 is the best home safes to buy for protecting your valuable goods.

SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black Review
SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black Review

Benefits By Using This Safe:

Digital Keypad with Override Key:

The SentrySafe X055 is easy to set up plus operate. It comes with digital keypad along with override key.

Once you set up 4 “AA” electric batteries (not included), you’ll be able to plan the secure to open up using any two-to-eight-digit passcode that you prefer.

Yellow, red, and green LED lights show you throughout the process.

Durable and Perfect for Your Valuables:

This particular Security Safe is completely durable. It has been designed with an electronic lock and override key to maintaining valuables secure.

The hard steel pry-resistant body and door help to protect against unauthorized entry and theft. Besides, carpeted floor saves your valuables.

So it is the best home safes to buy and to safeguard your valuable assets.

Secure Theft Protection:

If you use this Security Safe to safeguard emergency cash, expensive consumer electronics, heirloom jewelry,  or even  the deed of your residence, you will be able to free from anxiety at night.

The thief will not be able to break this Security Safe. Because of its electronic lock, solid steel construction, and bolt-down ability, this safe is made to guard your important information and costly possessions from the opportunistic thief.

Dual Access:

This Security Safe comes with a dual access privilege. You’ll be capable of accessing the Safe with the dual access ability even if the four ‘AA’ batteries die.

It guarantees that you aren’t locked out when the electric battery dies. So it is best home safes to buy and to protect your valuables.

Reliable and Practical Building To Protect The Valuables:

This SentrySafe X055 Safe is constructed to supply many years of reliable service.

It comes with an electric lock with override key, a 100 steel lock plate to guard against drill attempts, a hard steel pry-resistant body, two sturdy steel live-locking bolt, and a hard pry-resistant door along with hidden hinges.

Great Safe for the Apartment:

For those who are living in the city apartments, bolting safes on floors or wall can be quite difficult.

If you do this, you might get fined by the proprietor of the apartment also. With this Safe, it is possible to get storage that’s not very easy to carry such as the big amount of money, jewelry, laptop, and documents.

Furthermore, you can protect the safe simply by tethering it utilizing steel cables below your bed.

Key Features:

  1. You can protect your valuables from fire, frost plus knocks with an electronic lock system.
  2. Override key makes sure you always to entrance your important files and valuables.
  3. he tamper proof lock method provides hardened steel, with a live device locking system.
  4. Concealed hinge method is used to safeguard right from any attempts at the damage.
  5. A great AA battery system that makes it usable also in the region without the power grid.
  6. Soft carpeting on to the floor is used to safeguard from scratches and knocks and bumps.
  • Provides the security of your belongings without taking on excessive levels of space
  • Easy to set up, user-friendly and can be transferred without trouble
  • A hard design that may shield your possessions against any attempts to drill through it
  • A simple user manual to allow its do-it-yourself function
  • Two Live-Locking bolts supply advanced security against theft
  • A one-year limited guarantee along with free of maintenance use for a few years
  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • This model isn’t waterproof or fireproof but it protects against theft.

Why Should You Need It?

The utilization of the SentrySafe X055 Safe has been recognized to offer protection against particular aspects of climate and also urgent cases of the fireplace.

Also, you’re bound to take pleasure from the fireproof characteristic found on this Security Safe brand.

Stability as it is well known to obtain large amounts of trust in conditions of giving the user safe maintaining a satisfaction.

Security checking on the known level of safety of the safe, it isn’t in doubt that the Safe provides ideal security on your firearms.

Long lasting finish with a lovely black look is usually to fulfill the requirements of an individual. Furthermore, the Company provides several years of free customer support.

Finally, this Security Safe is ideal for protecting money, electronics, jewelry, and all the smaller home items. That’s why; you should purchase this particular Security Safe.


The SentrySafe X055 Safe is the best home safes to buy for those who are residing in hostels or apartments.

As it is inexpensive, it is a sensible way to get some protection for your valuables, as you conserve to get a larger and better safe.

To safeguard your rings or additional delicate products against scrapes and other harm, the X055 has very soft carpeted floor.

A long lasting black finish on the safe’s exterior gives a handsome look and several years of maintenance free use. You can protect all your valuable assets using this Security safe.

This product review is only for you, guys. Your comments and feedbacks are very much crucial for us. If any question, just feel free ask us.

Source: Safetyhub


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