How Easy Is It To Break Into A Cannon Gun Safe? Things to know

How easy is it to break into a cannon gun safe? If not, then how to break into the safe successfully? Click on this post to find out the secrets of cannon safe. 

Cannon gun safe is widely known for its capacity to protect your precious property inside. The majority of people consider that it is impossible to access this gun safe without the keypad.

Yet, is that true? How hard or how easy is it to break into a cannon gun safe? Scroll down to find out the answers and other relevant information related to this topic!

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How Easy Is It To Break Into A Cannon Gun Safe?

In our opinion, cannon safes are not easy to break into at all. The gun safe is designed to store guns, which is quite dangerous equipment, so of course, it has to be steady and hard.

Compared to other types of safe, it is much harder to break into the cannon safe than others. However, it doesn’t mean you can not break the cannon safe. There are a few weak points, and if you know the secret behind them, you can access the cannon gun safe quickly and easily.

The gun safe.

Gun Safe

Can I Use A Plasma Cutter Cut Into The Cannon Gun Safe?

Yes, you can! In most cases, the plasma cutter is sharp and powerful enough to cut through the safe’s hard layers. However, you also acknowledge that cannon safe is well known for its steadiness, right? It means you will need much strength and time to cut the safe thoroughly.

Based on our experience, it takes up to 6 hours to successfully unlock the cannon safe. The older the safe is, the harder it is to be cut. You have seen movies in which a group of thieves cut through the safe in a piece of cake – it is all fake! The typical time you need is 6 hours (or more), and the thieves will be caught after that long period, right?

Therefore, we don’t suggest you use the plasma cutter cut into the cannon gun safe. It takes so much time and effort – and sometimes, it is not effective. Maybe you should find other tools to cut the safe better?

Can I Open The Safe With A Crowbar?

So, if a plasma cutter is not a good choice to cut through the safe, what about the crowbar? The answer is: Yes, you are able to open the safe with a crowbar.

You can open the safe with a crowbar.

You can open the safe with a crowbar.

As mentioned above, there are weak points of the cannon gun safe that you can take advantage of to access the safe. With the crowbar, you can open the safe through the weak points.

On the safe door, there are some tiny spots on the safe door where you can put the crowbar into them and slowly, gently pluck the door of the safe. The cheaper the safe is, the easier it is to pull out the door.

Compared to other parts of the cannon safe, the door is the thinnest. It is made with a slim metal bar. That is the reason why you need to focus on breaking through the door with a crowbar if you want to access that cannon gun safe.

How To Break A Cannon Gun Safe? 

Use Backup Keys Instead

When producing, manufacturers always expect the furthest case scenarios. They know that there are times that you cannot break through a cannon gun safe accidentally, so they must provide you with a set of backup keys when buying.

So, if the main keypad or dial fails to work, take out the backup keys to open the safe. Remember to keep the backup set in a place that is easy to find!

The keyholes are hidden under the cannon gun safe. The overriding key can unlock that locking mechanism instantly.

Use A Hammer



We don’t highly recommend you to use this approach because it may scratch the safe layer – and you don’t want to have an ugly safe, right?

Suppose you cannot open the machine with a plasma cutter, a crowbar, or backup keys. Then, you may need to approach the hammer.

First, use a hammer and break the gun safe at the head. Simultaneously, turn the handle. The moment you turn the handle, the solenoid falls out. Consequently, you can open the safe at ease.

As the locking mechanism may be broken through using the hammer, please consider carefully before taking it this way.

Use A Drill

Drilling is an effective way to break through the safe.

Drilling is an effective way to break through the safe.

A drill may be an effective tool to open the gun safe. Compared to other ways on this list, it is the only electric tool while others use hand power.

Inside the safe, a reset button can help you recover all the previous passwords and reopen the object. Only by using the drill can you make a hole into that button.

The process is simple:

  • Choose a high-quality drill to break through the safe.
  • Find a suitable position.
  • Place the tool.
  • Press the dip of the drill until making a big enough hole.

With a slim wire, gently stick it through the hole until reaching the reset button, then press.

Call A Locksmith 

Sometimes it is much more effective to contact an expert to help you than do it yourself. The professional earns a living for doing the task, so of course, they know what works best.

In case you want a locksmith to open the safe, it is necessary to fill in some consent paperwork to allow them to work on your safe. So, don’t be surprised if you are asked to fill in some papers!

How To Access The Gun Safe If The Batteries Die?

What should you do if the batteries of the gun safe die? Does it mean you cannot use the cannon safe after all? No, it isn’t.

cannon gun safe

The safe is extremely hard to access.

In fact, the cannon gun safe is designed to be unbreakable, and you can only access it while on battery and have a key. Luckily, the manufacturer expected that the batteries would die – there is a battery compartment included with the package when you purchase.

When the batteries die, quickly find the compartment and recharge the batteries. Wait for them to charge again fully, and you can access the safe. If the batteries are still charging, you can still access the safe, but we don’t recommend you use it this way because it is harmful to your battery health.

Final Thoughts

How easy is it to break into a cannon gun safe? No, it isn’t easy to break into the cannon safe at all. However, it is not impossible, and there are some tips to do it more quickly and easily. We mentioned them in the section above – please read it carefully!

We also discuss the features of the gun safe and how to cut it with some other equipment. Hope that this blog post is helpful!


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