How Safe Is A Gun Safe? Things You Should Know

The top reason hunters buy a gun safe is for storing their firearms and ammo. But how safe is a gun safe? Can it protect your valuables from any threat? 

A weapon protector is the most sensitive object in your house since it stores the weapon collection and other valuable items. Thus, you need it to be safe and strong enough to keep everything inside.

Do you know, “how safe is a gun safe?” Any safe will have a weak spot and once you can locate it, prying off a gun safe is no longer a difficult task. Thus, gun safes may seem unbreakable, but no weapon protector is 100% safe.

Let’s delve deep into the heart of the matter and talk about the safety level of different types of firearm safes, as well as other related questions.

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How Safe Is A Gun Safe?

Any protective box will come with a weakness.

There are some common types of weapon protectors that hunters use in their homes in today’s gun-safe market. Each type comes with benefits and drawbacks that make a property owner prefer one over the others.

Combination Safe

A combination safe is many homeowners’ choice when buying a security box. One of its prominent security features is the dial with numbers from zero to one hundred.

The user will need to dial a code of three numbers that correspond to the preset numbers to open their safes. The locking bolt will release when they dial the precise numbers, allowing the door to pop open.

Combination safes share the same kind of lock as those used for school lockers, while the box’s metal is thicker and much more secure.

These security boxes are the most affordable and don’t require any supplementary parts, like wires or batteries.

Though combination boxes don’t offer additional security features as other smart containers, they are safe to store your firearms and luxury items.

The only thing is that these protectors take a long while to access due to the numerous numbers. You can easily pass a number when spinning the dial or mess up your combination.

Digital Lock Gun Safe

Digital lock safes are one step ahead of combination containers regarding technology. These models include digital number tabs similar to a smartphone’s lock screen.

You can randomly select a combination of multiple numbers as passwords of your protectors and ensure no one knows about it but you.

If you wish, it’s possible to reset and reconfigure the code any time by entering the reset administrator privilege number with the previous digital code.

Generally, digital safes come at higher prices than combination models and have greater popularity among professionals and businessmen.

The reason is that these boxes provide an additional coat of protection with the help of the “lockout penalty.”

In particular, if someone enters the wrong passcode many times (usually over three entries), the protector will shut down for some minutes before reading a new code.

Once the first lockout penalty passes over, that person must enter the correct password. Otherwise, the second lockout penalty will shut the protector down again and for longer this time.

However, the downside to using a digital product is unexpected technical errors. Because the digital lock relies on electronics, sometimes, it can fail.

Around 3% of digital safes fail, meaning out of hundred locks, there will be three ones that fail to work in ten years. It’s a minute percentage, but it proves that high-tech boxes can also malfunction over time.

Biometric Safe

Biometric safes are another common type of weapon protector. These models stand out from the crowd due to the newest, most advanced technology.

Biometrics” means the lock opens via using voice recognition, facial recognition, retinal scan, fingerprint data, or other body or physical features.

Out of the above, fingerprint data is the most widely applied technology on biometric weapon containers.

These boxes will ask the owner to configure their fingerprints to access the inside. This act should take a few seconds as an iPhone ID touch lock screen.

Biometric safes are more time-saving than digital and combination boxes, allowing homeowners to access their valuables faster and more securely.

No firearm container is guaranteed to be completely burglar-resistant and able to secure your properties forever. Yet, with a biometric box, the safety level is sure to be exceedingly high if it works correctly.

Can You Open A Gun Safe With A Crowbar?

You can open the safe with a crowbar.

If you know the weak spot to target, you can open a protector with this tool.

If you know the technique, yes, you can open a firearm container using a crowbar. Any security box, even the most high-tech products, will have a weak spot behind their designs. And this spot is where burglars target when attempting to pry off your protector.

Nothing is flawless, and these weaknesses are the flaws in your container’s design.

Many cheaper safes come with multiple weak points that are effortless for thieves to target. Meanwhile, luxury products with advanced technology can make it more challenging to locate those spots.

Generally, the container door is the most vulnerable part of most weapon container designs and features the easiest-to-target weakness.

If a burglar wants to access the inside of your weapon container, the door will be the first and best area to aim.

The metal made of box doors is usually thinner than other parts of a safe. That means thieves can bend them easily using a crowbar and approach the content inside the protective container with less hassle.

Protector doors are generally made with thinner metal than the rest of the box, which means they will be easier to bend with your crowbar, allowing you to access the contents of the security box with less struggle.

You can see how effortless it is to break into a firearm container in this video:

Can You Cut Through A Safe With A Plasma Cutter?

It takes time to cut through a gun box with this device.

It takes time to cut through a gun box with this device.

A Plasma cutter can cut through a protector’s metal in the majority of cases. However, it is far from straightforward, and it may take a long while to complete the task.

A long while here is literally a colossal amount of time. Indeed, even a professional will need about six hours to cut through a safe entirely. And the number of hours varies depending on your experience of using a Plasma cutter and your container’s age.

In a word, it’s possible to use a Plasma cutter to cut through a gun container. However, there’s a high chance the thief gets busted before successfully breaking into the container and running away with the properties.


How safe is a gun safe? No gun safe is completely error-free, indestructible, or burglar-proof. Any product will have its advantages and disadvantages.

You should expect to splurge more on an expensive, advanced safe so you can be reassured your firearms and precious things are under high-security coverage.


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