What To Put Under Gun Safe On Hardwood Floor? Things to know

Due to the heaviness and bulkiness of the gun safe, putting it directly on the hardwood floor will surely damage the floor’s beautiful surface. 

What can you do to protect the floor, then? What to put under gun safe on hardwood floor? Many people normally opt for plywood or rubber mat to help them fix this issue, yet are they the best solution? 

Let’s follow us and discover ways to fix this headache problem properly now! Scroll down!

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What To Put Under Gun Safe On Hardwood Floor?

Here we will provide you with some good solutions and thorough explanations of their usefulness! 

Rubber Mat

Rubber matting is a popular choice for flooring due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and maintenance. It can be used in factory settings as well as stables, given that it absorbs impact and prevents slipping.

A rubber mat can mold into any shape or surface while staying flat under your locker without moving around too much when you open/close it, which helps keep things in place more securely than other mats.

A rubber mat.

A rubber mat.

 Here is a summary of its pros:

  • Won’t slip or slide around when in use 
  • Keeps moisture away to prevent gun safes from rusting 
  • Comfortable and versatile for many other purposes such as a garage mat, an exercise mat, gym mat, etc.
  • Bolt the rear wheels of your gun safe firmly into place
  • Won’t stain or discolor the hardwood flooring 
  • Facilitate you in raise your gun safe off the ground, avoiding scratches and scuffs.
  • Durable and offering great value for anyone who purchases it.

The heavy gun safe will feel right at home on your second floor, thanks to this mat! It’s a great fit for hardwood floors, and it won’t make any noise when you open or close the door. Furthermore, with its unique design of interlocking circles that provide extra stability in case of the load shifts unexpectedly while moving around inside your house (this rarely happens), there are no worries about having an accident like dropping something expensive on. 

Plywood Mat

Plywood mats are a great way to protect the ground from heavy vehicles. They’re made of plywood, and they come in different types such as hard or softwood, solid or laminated plywood, etc. Plywood mat ratings vary depending on the sheet; some sheets may only hold so much weight before they become worn out and deteriorate over time. 

Although plywood may seem like a cheaper option, this type of ground protection actually has many downsides. Plywood is not as long-lasting compared to polyethylene mats and ends up costing more in the end because you have to replace it sooner than later which adds an extra expense. Here are some pros of using a plywood mat:

  • High stability so that it won’t bend or warp
  • High impact resistance 
  •  Can handle wetness and dryness 
  • The price is much lower than other types of wood products
  • Create a permanent surface to protect your carpet or hardwood floors
  • Reduce risks of damage or safety when moving your gun safe

Versatile multi-purpose rubber mat

Another option for a gun safe is the versatile multi-purpose rubber mat. These mats have the shape of interlocking puzzles that can be piece together and customized according to your preference.

Multi-purpose rubber mat.

Multi-purpose rubber mat.

Ice hockey pucks

Hockey pucks can be used to increase the security of your gun safe. To do so, drill through four hockey pucks in each spot into your floor for stability. 

These are normally 1” thick, which provides enough space for air circulation while also being able to protect from shallow, stagnant water if needed.

Ice hockey pucks.

Ice hockey pucks.

Solid barrier

The last solution is using a solid barrier! Also, you can put a base to help elevate your gun safe

Will A Gun Safe Damage Hardwood Floor?

As the hardwood floors are pretty forgiving, heavy objects can easily leave marks and signs on them. Thus, before putting the safe on the floor, ensure the spot you want to install is level. 

This way, you can minimize the pressure on the floor and avoid cracking the planks. Screw bolts via the floor into the subfloor to anchor the safe.

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe?

The gun safe.

Can Hardwood Floor Support A Gun Safe?

The hardwood floor offers a stable prop for the gun-safe installation. The lifespan of the wood depends on its quality and traffic levels, but most can last up to several years if you install it properly with little to no water and humidity damage. It also adds extra grip so that bolts do not slip during the installation process.

Will Hardwood Floor Damage A Gun Safe?

If your living area is humid or flood-prone, installing your safe on an unmoored base can prevent damage to both the floor and the safe. The best type of bases is those that bolt into place—this allows airflow under them so they don’t accumulate moisture that could rust their floor bolts.

Be mindful that elevating the gun safe on the base can possibly cause a security issue. If it’s overly high, thieves can tip the safe from the base by putting a jack under it, making it simpler to haul your safe’s door off. Also, you can not anchor the safe to your blocks that might lead to severe issues in security and safety

Use the jack to protect the base.

Use the jack to protect the base.

How To Protect Your Hardwood Floor When Securing Your Gun Safe?

If you want to secure your gun safe, the best way is by bolting it down. Yet, there will be holes in your flooring that won’t go away easily if you move it after bolting. 

Those with wood floors can simply replace the boards or use putty, or you can place a rubber mat underneath the safe to reduce the pressure on the floor.

Place the rubber mat underneath.

Place the rubber mat underneath.

If you don’t want to drill through your hardwood floors, it may be possible to secure a safe by bolting it into the wall. Yet, keep in mind that most safes come with pre-drilled anchoring holes on the floor and not behind walls! 

Suppose you have an old safe or just prefer other options for securing valuables. In that case, drilling through the safe is another viable option as long as you’re willing to do the whole task yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Heavy Gun Safe Good For My Hardwood Floor?

Yes, it is. A heavy gun safe will be a great way to make sure that burglars can’t steal your firearms, no matter how hard they try. 

Some people might wonder if their floor could handle such weight from an extremely strong piece of security equipment like a cabinet or drawer with locks on it; the simple answer is yes – there should not be any problems at all!

Hardwood floor.

Hardwood floor.

There are no problems with you having a 1000lb gun safe if your floor is constructed according to code. Also, you don’t need to worry about the weight of the safe that is made from concrete or metal beams. 

What’s more important for small safes is how much damage they will cause when placed on wooden surfaces, such as hardwood floors and carpeting.

Is It Possible To Move A Gun Safe Across Hardwood Floor Without Scratching It?

Yes, definitely. To ensure that your gun safe is moved smoothly over hardwood floors without creating unsightly scratches, use a hand truck. This utility makes it easy to move heavy items within the home and protects floors from damage while providing maximum stability for itself.

Moving the gun safe will leave scratches on your floor.

Moving the gun safe will leave scratches on your floor.

Final Thoughts

It is a must to know what to put under gun safe on hardwood floor in order to avoid damaging the beautiful floor’s surface. As we’ve mentioned above, there are some good solutions that you can opt for, such as rubber mat, plywood, ice hockey pucks, solid barrier, or versatile multi-purpose rubber mat. 

Which one do you find best convenient and useful? Additionally, please note down all the important answers to related questions to ensure the best protection!


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