Barska Biometric Wall Safe Review: Is It For You?

Do you know that there are numerous people who own a gun for the right reasons? It is important to keep in mind that owning a gun is such a huge responsibility. One of the most significant concerns you should know is how to store a gun and other possessions in the right way. Are you aware that a carelessly stored firearm can present such a dangerous hazard? It might end up causing unnecessary and evitable accidents.

You need to own a gun safe if you have one or several guns. Whether the guns are for security or hobby reasons, having a reliable gun safe should always be a priority. Barska has been manufacturing superior quality gun safes among other notable equipment that can be used for leisure adventures. With this type of safe, you will always have peace of mind that your guns are secure. This will guarantee security not only to you, but also to people who are living next to you.

This biometric wall safe will be the perfect choice if you have been searching for a high quality wall safe that can fit inside a wall in your home. You can agree with me that concealing a safe in this way is much more secure simply because the intruder will be required to first find your safe. He will be forced to identify the exact location of the safe before planning to open it. There is no doubt that this will give you an extra layer of security.

It is worth noting that this wall safe can be installed behind furniture. You will always have a great number of locations to install this wall safe. Additionally, it is manufactured to be large enough. This means that you can store several handguns and other crucial valuables. Furthermore, you will notice that this wall safe is designed with two removable shelves. These shelves are very essential in helping you organize the contents while at the same time making better use of the space inside.

Away from that, the fingerprint reader incorporated on this safe has been programmed with more than 120 fingerprints. Therefore, you will be able to store different versions of your own fingerprints. This can be done from different angles. The main essence of doing this is to make the safe much more accurate especially when you are reading your fingerprint. This also means that it is possible to have enough memory in the scanner. In turn, this will enable you to have other registered users who can access your safe.

Who makes this wall safe?

The highly regarded wall safe is manufactured by one of the most reputable safe makers called Barska. It is good to know that the manufacturer mainly specializes in popular sporting optics. They are known to make the best rifle scopes and telescopes. Additionally, this company is headquartered in California. Actually, it is in California where they house their products while at the same time distributing them all over the world.

They are known for specializing in high quality optics. But this has not hindered them from manufacturing reliable and secure wall safes. This biometric wall safe is arguably one of the most popular safes in their product line. In this review article we will cover everything you need to know about this biometric wall safe.

Pros of this biometric wall safe

This wall safe comes with numerous benefits that make it very popular with many gun owners. It offers a wide range of benefits that range from highly controlled access to superior protection against theft and damage. You should be guaranteed that this wall safe will suit different demands and needs for storage protection.

It is good to remember that the manufacturer is committed to solving two critical safety issues when making this product. Their main aim is to provide extra security to the contents inside the safe while still ensuring that the safe users have easy access to the firearms especially in emergency situations. This wall safe is manufactured with high quality material and reliable lock technology. Another thing that makes it loved by many people is the biometric lock mechanism.

In this section, we will discuss some of the pros that make it a highly preferred wall safe.

Locking system

Unlike other wall safes in the market, the door in this safe is locked. This is facilitated by the two deadbolts that hold the door securely in place. The biometric locking mechanism means that you have the freedom to determine who access the contents inside your wall safe. Only those people who have their fingers scanned will be able to open the safe. Indeed this is a crucial step in keeping your belongings better protected. It is close to impossible for thieves to gain access to your guns.


It is one of the crucial aspects that the California based manufacturer put into consideration when making this wall safe. Keep in mind that this biometric wall safe is not an average safe since it will go to an extent of protecting your guns even in fire incidents. Have you ever heard that bullets can be fired when firearms and ammunition gain heat during a fire incident? You can attest that this might make the safety status of your house worse. Can you imagine a situation where you are trying to find your way for safety and bullets are being fired? It can be the most horrible moment that anyone would not want to experience in their lifetime. That is the last thing everyone would want in a fire situation.

It is also important to note that the fire can’t be predicted. Fire don’t always happen due to carelessness. Actually, most fire accidents in the past did not happen due to mistakes. Furthermore, you might have other crucial stuffs in your wall safe such as documents and storage drives. You can bring attestations that losing such crucial documents can be quite disastrous. With that in mind, you should not overlook the importance of owning a fireproof wall safe. The best thing about this wall safe is that it will provide extra protection to your belongings for more than one hour. The high quality steel material used to make this wall safe boasts of fire retardant insulation capability.

Wall mounted

This biometric safe is designed to be wall mounted. If you have been lucky to use this wall safe in the past, then you can attest that the width of this safe is small enough to fit between standard wall stud spacing. If that is not yet enough, this wall safe comes with comprehensive fitting instructions. This will help you in achieving a good fit with minimum difficulties and fuss.

Audio Beeps

What is the main function of the audio beeps? They are used to signal when someone is carrying out various actions. Such actions include opening, registering fingerprints and low battery power. You will also have an easy time muting the beeps. This ensures that your wall safe operates quietly in stealth mode. Be guaranteed that this will be very helpful more so when you want to open the safe quietly. The intruder will not hear when you are opening the safe.

Internal shelves

The shelves in this wall safe come supplied with two internal shelves. You can remove the shelves if required.

High capacity

You can use this biometric wall safe to store several handguns. It can also be used to store several ammunition and small crucial valuables that include passports and cameras.

Ratings and tests

You will have abided by the law when you consider purchasing this biometric wall safe. This means that you will never experience any undesirable circumstances with law enforcers. Additionally, this biometric wall safe is approved by the California Department of Justice. They sell it after an extensive inspection. They have performed numerous tests with the main aim of ensuring that the safe does not have any kind of weakness.


Here are some of the main cons of using this biometric gun safe.

It is a heavy biometric wall safe

Unlike other safes, this safe is very heavy. This means that you will have a hard time transporting it. Additionally, you will need someone to help you lift it when installing it.

Final Thoughts

If you have any problem with this biometric wall safe, the manufacturer has included a set of backup keys. You can use the keys to remove the front logo plate on the safe. It is advisable to use the wrench to access the keyhole. After the safe has arrived, the first thing you should do is checking if the emergency backup key work. Once you have discovered that the provided keys work, you should go ahead and store them away from the unit. We hope that this review article will help you as you plan to purchase this biometric wall safe. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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