4 Essential College Dorm Safety Tips To Secure Your Valuables

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The lessons we learn in college don’t all are not always the academic ones we learn from a teacher in class. There are some facts of life on a university campus that are an important lesson in and of themselves. The independence students gain when they move to a college campus teaches lessons in self-care, time-management, and shared living.

4 Essential College Dorm Safety Tips To Secure Your Valuables

Living in a dorm is, for many students, one of the highlights of their school life. Sharing a dorm with your fellow university classmates is surely one of unique experiences that a college campus offers. It’s a great opportunity to make close friends and begin the path to successful independent living as an adult later in life.

Your college dorm serves as the hub for your entire college experience, making it a place of incredible importance to keep safe. Many students might not have much experience with keeping their valuables in a shared space, and may need dorm tips on how to keep valuables safe while studying at college. Here is a list of 4 essential college dorm safety tips to secure your valuables and make sure nothing interrupts your education!

Laptop security

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While at university, your already precious laptop becomes even more important, as it becomes the site of all your study and assignments. Imagine what a catastrophe it would be for your school work if you were almost through with an essay assignment only to have your laptop damaged and have to start all over again!

In the case of such a disaster, students can protect their education by trying to recover their data or starting again getting writing help such as that offered by edubirdie and making sure to keep their laptop safe for dorm rooms. Keeping your assignments safe on your laptop requires a couple of approaches.

The first way of protecting your essay writing and schoolwork is to make sure your laptop is password protected. That way, nobody can access and tamper with your important schoolwork. Second of all, it’s important to keep your laptop stored safely and securely to avoid damage or theft. Just to be extra safe, it’s a good idea to create a back-up of any essay you might be writing, to ensure that damage to your laptop doesn’t mean damage to your grades.

Lock away your valuables

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Given that your dorm room acts as your home during your college years, it’s natural to have a range of personal valuables that you need to keep safe. Having a secure space in which you can keep valuables like keys, money, or jewelry, is important for letting you leave your room with peace of mind. There are a few approaches you can take towards securely securing your valuables in your dorm room.

Some students are content simply finding a discreet space in their dorm room where they can keep valuable objects or money. Under your pillow, under your bed, or in a secret desk compartment are all popular options. But for the students who want to be really safe with their belongings, it might be worth investing in a dorm room lockbox. These lockboxes come with a key or personalised combination code so that you can leave your valuables in your room knowing that nobody but you will be able to access them.

This is especially valuable advice if you are studying abroad and won’t have anyone to help in case of property loss. Some university campuses may even have a lockbox service on-site, meaning that you can reserve and book a secure locker for your valuables, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Obeying building access rules

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College dorm buildings can be busy, and sometimes hectic, places. With so many students living all together on campus, a lot of people end up coming in and out of these residences. In order to keep your college dorm safe, it’s really important to follow the access rules set out by your school. This means refusing to let in strangers who ask for access or loaning out your student identification so non-students can enter.

While somebody might seem unassuming and innocent at first glance, looks can be deceiving and it can be a real danger to let an unidentified stranger into your college dorm building. It can be really impossible to tell someone’s true intention, and it’s best not to take risks. Oftentimes, this is how the theft of valuables occurs in shared dorm residences when there are too many unauthorised strangers wandering the building to keep track of.

Security devices

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As more and more students make a move to living in college dorms and shared residences, there is a range of security on the market that offer answers to the question of how to keep valuables safe while at school. These devices come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to offer a security solution for your college needs.

Some students turn to door security devices that give you an alert whenever someone tries to tamper with your door. You can attach these kinds of devices to your main dorm door or to a drawer or safe that you’re using to store valuable objects.

Other students may favour tracking devices such as GPS chips that you can attach to your valuables. These handy tracking devices can be attached to important objects such as a passport, wallet, or keys so that they can be traced should they ever go missing. Making use of a mini tracking device is a great way of leaving your valuables at home while you’re in class and having peace of mind that you’ll always know where they are.

These are four of the essential tips that every college student should have in mind when it comes to storing their valuables while living in a college dorm. Learning how to keep these important objects safe while studying at university teaches every student an important lesson in personal responsibility that should stick with them and benefit them for life. Looking after your important possessions will give you the peace of mind to get the most out of your college years!


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