Ideas For Handgun Storage

7 Ideas For Handgun Storage – Best handguns storage ideas

Do you agree with me that indeed owning a handgun comes with numerous responsibilities? The most common responsibility comes in the form of gun storage. You might be aware of a better way to hide your guns rather than hanging it on the wall to impress your friends. In case you follow that path, it will be a popular target for burglars. 

Ideas For Handgun Storage

You can agree with me that the hardest part of owning a gun is storing them. Keep in mind that you will not be safe from burglary even if you own modern gun safes. Do you know that a gun safe can take too much space in the house? That being said, we are going to look at the best handgun storage ideas. With these ideas, you will not only be able to keep your handguns from thieves but also you will save a lot of space that could have been used if you opted to purchase a safe.

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Ideas For Handgun Storage

Mirror gun safe

Ideas For Handgun Storage-concealment-mirror-with-magnetic-or-rfid-lock

This idea can’t be left behind when we talk about the best ideas to store handguns. It has emerged as one of the best ideas you can use to store your guns in your master bedroom. It is good to know that you can keep all your handguns inside the mirror. 

You might be aware that there are several gun safes in the market that looks like a full length mirror. Most of these safes have been manufactured with some compartments for hiding guns. Although they will not provide maximum security to your handguns, they have proved to be a great discovery that is far much better when compared to closet gun safe ideas.

Besides increasing the level of security to your handguns, this idea will add unique aesthetics to your bedroom. Additionally, most of them have been manufactured with a locking mechanism. This means that anyone who is not entitled to access the firearms won’t be able to unlock it.


Ideas For Handgun Storage 2

There is no doubt that it is the least costly option you will ever come across. It is important to note that most of the walls are manufactured with mantel clocks. These clocks are designed to be extremely large to the extent that they won’t cause any suspicion. Additionally, these clocks have been designed to perfectly fit on the fireplace mantle. But this does not mean that you can’t keep them on a table or shelf.

However, you should know that it is not the best option, more so if you have kids in your residence. You will be required to close the safe with a magnet. This amounts to no protection for your kids. All that you need to know is that it is one of the greatest place to hide your firearms from thieves. As you can see, many people won’t suspect what is in the clock. You have the full freedom to store even bigger handguns in the clock. There are also some manufacturers who are making large wall clocks that can be used to keep rifles and shotguns.


Ideas For Handgun Storage 3

This is the right time to know that you can easily change your bed into a gun safe. This can be done in multiple ways. For instance, the headboard has proved to be a great gun hiding place. You should be guaranteed that it is a safe location to hide your gun. Additionally, you will quickly draw off your gun in cases of emergencies. 

It will be even better if your bed has posted. You can use them as safes for long guns. Many people have been praising this idea simply because you can easily change your master bed into a reliable safe. Most bedposts have been manufactured with a hollow like design. The best way to do it is by removing the top and using the empty space for storing guns. 

It is advisable to set a hinge on one side of the bedpost. You will always be guaranteed of easy access to your firearms. Away from that, you can consider hiding your firearms under your bed. With that in mind, you can make drawers on your master bed. After making some drawers under your mattress, you should use them to store weapons using essential woodworking tools.

In case you have an extremely big bed, you are free to store your entire collection of firearms. What if you have experience of working with wood? In such an instance, you can make the headboard. You don’t have to pay any additional money.

Gun safe room

Ideas For Handgun Storage 4

Most people nowadays prefer using gun safe room ideas as a reliable way of hiding guns. With that in mind, this is the right time to build a hidden gun safe inside your home. It would be better if you turn one of your rooms into a gun safe room. From there, you can cover the vault door with a bookshelf or a normal wooden door. Alternatively, you can bring an architect to build a hidden wall gun safe. It should be attached to your bedroom or living room.

Finally, you have the full freedom to build your safe on the house basement. The only thing that you should ensure is that you have made your gun safe room with a high quality vault door. Before making a decision to build a gun safe room, consider your budget since this idea can cost a lot of money.


Ideas For Handgun Storage 5

Are you aware that you can turn your stairs into one of the best places to hide guns? No thief will suspect that you have hidden your gun on the hollow space. As you do this, you should make sure that you have a reliable lock.

You can use this drawer to hide your guns. What if you own a lot of weapons? In that case, you can even turn all your stairs into drawers. It is by doubt one of the best built in gun safe ideas simply because it is possible to find a readymade staircase that has been designed with storage inside. 


Ideas For Handgun Storage 7

You can attest that indeed books are man’s best friend. It is possible to turn your books into a hidden gun safe. What should you do in that case? The process is quite simple. After getting a small gun safe, you should cut one of your books. The specific book should match the size of the safe. 

You are required to cut through all the pages until you are left with only the binding. After doing this, you should insert the safe inside the book. You will get a handy gun safe that can be kept with other books on the bookshelf. On the bookshelf, thieves will not even imagine looking. However, you should not do this if you have kids in your house. The reason behind this is that it is well hidden but not well secured.


Ideas For Handgun Storage couch

As you go for this idea, you should be aware that it does not belong to walk in gun safe ideas. It will be perfect if your couch has cushions. They provide a great opportunity to store your guns safely under them. A safe that is too large should not be stored under the cushions. You would not want someone to look your couch with suspicion.

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Final thoughts

Couch, books and gun safes rooms are some of the best handguns storage ideas you should consider. You should not forget clock and bed ideas. Now that we have compiled the best handgun storage ideas, you will definitely have an easy time hiding your handguns from thieves. We hope that this article will be helpful in the future. You are free to ask our great team any question you might be having. Thanks!


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