How Much Does A Small Gun Safe Weigh?

How much does a small gun safe weigh? Have you ever wondered before purchasing it? Is it important for you to consider? Click on this blog for info!

The gun safe is the storage for ammunition or firearms. Its main function is to prevent unauthorized or unqualified access from strangers. Yet, there are many aspects you must take into consideration before purchasing one. Amongst these aspects, weight plays an important role. If you opt for a small gun safe, how much does a small gun safe weigh in order to provide the best protection? 

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A Gun Safe Is Important To Protect Your Firearms

A Gun Safe Is Important To Protect Your Firearms

How Much Does A Small Gun Safe Weigh? 

Many aspects determine how your small gun safe can weigh. Let’s scroll down!

Gun Safe Size

How much does a small gun safe weigh? Small gun safes typically weigh between 15-45 pounds, depending on their materials. Some small gun safes are heavier than others because they require more fireboard or more steel in their frame construction.

You can see that in several bigger safes, their weight is lighter as the manufacturer equips them with less fireboard and thinner steel structure. However, as usual, big-sized safes often weigh more than small ones. 

Gun Safe Type

Another factor that affects the weight of your small gun safe is its type. More specifically, a safe with lightweight strongboxes is the most convenient for transportation. You can carry it by hand or use your regular delivery service without extra cost. This type of safe is much lighter and less cost-efficient. 

Lightweight safes don’t require much space, so carrying this safe is possibly portable. However, the risk of stealing firearms from lightweight gun safes is higher than the other ones. They can easily be taken, so you need to secure them properly

Gauge Of Steel

Gauge is a measurement used to determine the steel thickness. The lower the number, the thicker the steel will be. Although small safes seem similar in their dimensions, their weight can be different.

If your safe weighs a 12-gauge body, it will have thicker steel than the one with a 16-gauge body. As you can see, thicker steel will affect the weight of your safe and make it heavier.

Layers Of Fireboard

Manufacturers design gun safes with fireboards, which insulate their valuables from heat and flame. For better flammability prevention, some safes have multiple layers of fireboard.

These extra layers help to maximize insulation and make your safe heavier. If the safe has more layers, both its fire protection and weight will increase. 

Gun Safe Design

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There are a wide variety of designs that affect the safes’ weight. Their design often contains two variations that make them weigh more.

The first factor is the additional layers of steel. The more steel layers your safe has, the heavier it is. The second one is the concrete or composite liners. These liners make your safe more durable and close-tight. 

Moreover, these two design features can add significantly to your safe’s weight and cause a greater jump in its price.

Are Heavier Safes More Secure? 

The answer is yes and no. Manufacturers design enough steel material, fireboard, and drywall for both small and bigger safes so that they can store and protect your guns.  Therefore, not much steel doesn’t mean a lack of security. 

Bigger safes, on the other hand, are much more difficult to pull out of your home (as criminals can not easily move it when breaking into your house). It becomes more secure due to its gauge of steel, not the thicker layers of steel.

What Can Add Weight To Your Gun Safe? 

There are so many things that can be added to increase your gun safe’s weight. You can purchase any kind of add-on accessories and more. Here are some suggestions that you may take into consideration:

One of the most common things that add a lot of weight is upgraded fire ratings. You can easily buy it at gun safe stores at an affordable price. Putting inner steel is another option. However, this solution is quite harder because the inner steel needs to be placed between the exterior wall and the interior fabric. 

Placing drawers is also a popular way to make your safe heavier. They are greatly efficient when you want the safe to weigh more and increase its security. The last and also the simplest solution is firearms. Have you ever thought about the weight of guns and pistols? Yes, they are definitely much heavier and can add an amazing weight to your safe. Your safe will be harder to move around when it stores lots of firearms.

Can Your House Handle The Weight Of A Gun Safe?

Surprisingly, wood floors in your home are capable of handling a large amount of weight. If you are worried or unsure about your floor being damaged, you can contact the company that built your home. 

If your gun safe is too heavy for your home, think about some creative ways to solve this problem. It is possible to build a pedestal inside your home that helps to brace the flooring. Moreover, you can keep it in the basement or a garage where the floors are much firmer and durable.

Another option is purchasing a small gun safe. As it’s small, it doesn’t weigh too much and takes up your space. So, you will never be afraid of floor damage and scratches!

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Small size gun safe.


How much does a small gun safe weigh? –  It depends on layers of material, fireboards, and many other things. You should search carefully before purchasing. Determining the right one will help to protect your firearms, pistols and avoid burglary and natural disasters effectively.


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