What Is Gun Safe Delivery? Everything You Need To Know

What is gun safe delivery? This article reveals some interesting information about shipping the vault. Let’s refer to it!

Shipping a gun safe is not an easy task due to its size and weight. Often, buyers opt for shipping companies to deliver their goods.

A gun safe delivery refers to how it is shipped. The service requires a number of rules in terms of preparation and transport. In general, the shippers have to pack and cover the locker carefully and secure it on the truck. 

The article will discuss this topic in more detail in the sections below.

What Is Gun Safe Delivery?

A gun safe comes with many features to ensure its high degree of protection. As a result, shippers have to wrap and secure the gun safe carefully.


Preparation is an essential step for gun-safe shipping. The shipping company will follow these steps:

  • Inspection: Check that every component is in good condition.
  • Soft foam: Wrap the locker in soft foam. The material is light and gentle. It can protect the paint job from scratches.
  • Edge protection: Edges are most prone to damage. To avoid this, the shippers add some cardboard protectors on all the corners of the vault.
  • Smoothfoam: This step is optional. It offers extra protection during transport.
  • Stretch wrap: The stretch wrap tightens all the layers.
  • Cardboard box: The finish layer of protection is this box.
1 Pack the vault carefully

Pack the vault carefully


Professional shipping companies utilize specialized pieces of equipment to support them in transporting safes easily.

Delivery methods are different depending on the weight and size of your order. Here are some options that can work in most cases:

  • SlimSticks: These tools help to slide the cabinet across the floor without harming it.
  • Dollies or pallets: Dollies are able to bend under a heavy vault. You can learn how to move a cabinet on pallets or dollies via this video.
  • Electric dollies: These electric tools can lift the cabinet upstairs or downstairs easily.

Shipping has its own set of difficulties. They can range from your home’s staircases to the narrow door frames or just the entire item’s mass.

To minimize the problems, shippers often measure the item and prepare it appropriately.


You’ve already spent a lot of money purchasing equipment. However, there may be some issues arising during the transportation. As a result, the value of your purchase decreases.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to plan, and purchasing insurance coverage for your firearm vaults sounds reasonable if you’re coping with an expensive product.

Consider all of your possibilities and choose the one that attracts you the most.

How Much Does Gun Safe Delivery Cost?

The cost of transporting a safe depends on numerous criteria. The cost of relocating a safe typically ranges between $175 and $525.

Some factors that affect the shipping cost are:

  • Dimensions and weight of the product
  • Shipping distance
  • The product’s position in your home
  • Shipment options

We understand that not all deliveries fall within the category of standard shipment. There may be additional costs for:

  • Multiple floors
  • Stair landings
  • Narrow bends
  • Removing railings, molding, or doors
  • Difficulties of the move, such as moving across the dirt or grass
  • Securing the cabinet to the flooring

Shipping such a large item won’t break the bank, but you’ll need to allocate some cash to get the correct equipment and the necessary level of security.

Weapon safes are not ordinary items when it comes to shipping. Hence, you’ll need some extra protection gear in addition to the standard moving supplies.

The expenses also differ considerably depending on whether you hire professional movers or opt for the cheapest option.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Gun Safe

Shipping cost varies depending on numerous factors.

Can You Move The Gun Safe Yourself?

You can transport the small firearm cabinet on your own. Keep in mind these pro tips:

  • Pre-plan the path through the home and assess any entrances or narrow areas to see whether you can get the vault through.
  • Determine that any stairwells employed will be able to support the weight of the vault.
  • Empty the vault to make it lightweight and avoid harm to its important contents during transport.
  • Get a heavy-duty dolly, as well as supporting ropes or cables and thick transporting sheets.
  • Check the dimensions of your vault.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with perfect soles for greater grip to lessen the risk of slippage. They also protect your feet when moving the safe.
  • Wear work gloves for hand protection. They offer you an excellent grip on the vault as well.
  • If you’re transporting the vault to another location, be sure the truck is big enough and able to support its mass.

Make sure you have closed the cabinet and secured it firmly before you begin moving it.

We want to emphasize the importance of leaving your cabinet blank here.

Although it would be far easier to keep the stuff inside, emptying the locker benefits in the long term.

By removing items, you will reduce the risk of harm to your assets. It also makes the entire process much lighter. If you’re moving more vaults, be sure to empty every vault!


Make sure you have emptied the vault before transporting it

To prevent it from harm, wrap your vault in moving blankets. You can tape these blankets to prevent them from tripping or falling.

Gently and cautiously tilt the vault and slide the dolly underneath. It would be easier to have someone do it with you.

Before going on the pre-planned route, properly fasten the vault to the dolly with the ropes or straps.

This preparation step is somehow like what skilled shippers do. You need to follow the process to ensure stability during your transport.

Place your vault against a side of the vehicle and firmly tie it in place, so it doesn’t slide.

Repeat the steps to unload and relocate your vault into its new spot properly.

The Bottom Line

Delivering a firearm cabinet requires careful preparation. Moving it from the truck to its place in your house is easier with the assistance of specialized tools.

You can also move the cabinet yourself but with extra attention. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the shipping company. Some agencies specialize in transporting unique things, such as your cabinet.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!


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