How To Remove Condensation From A Rifle Scope? (An Ultimate Guide)

Are you searching for how to remove condensation from a rifle scope? This article will help you learn some valuable tips to maintain your optic lens.

how to remove condensation from a rifle scope

Condensation on a rifle scope

A rifle scope is like the eye of a hunter on adventures. Without them, they would not be able to deliver precise and accurate shots. Therefore, it is crucial to keep this lens clean and transparent.

Condensation is one of the problems that cause the scope surface to become blurry. So, how to get moisture out of a rifle scope? Please do the following:

  • Acclimatize your optic lens.
  • Treat and protect your scope well.
  • Dry the lens (if necessary).

To learn more about the detailed steps, continue reading the article below.

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What Is Condensation? The Reasons Behind It

1. Moisture on the glass surface

Moisture on the glass surface

Condensation is a natural phenomenon that we often encounter in life. It involves water vapor or mist clinging to the surface of an object, usually glass or metal.

This phenomenon will blur the glass surface and obstruct the view quite a lot. And if you want to know how to get water out of a rifle scope, you need to understand what causes them.

Outside Condensation

The most common reason for condensation is an unexpected temperature difference between two different media.

Many people who store firearms in warm storage rooms may notice a fog coating when taking them outside during the winter or rainy season.

High humidity is also a cause of surface fog. Hunters also refrained from hunting in stormy weather.

Inside Condensation

If you find moisture inside your lens, the problem has become much more serious.

The main reason for moisture to appear inside the tube is because the seal is broken or the O-rings are damaged. It causes the argon or nitrogen gas inside to escape and create a pressure difference.

When you are constantly moving and changing between different temperatures, the dry air inside will leak out and allow moisture to enter. When enough water builds up, it will cause fogging inside the tube.

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How To Remove Condensation From A Rifle Scope

How to keep rifle scope from fogging up? Let’s try some of the measures below. Each method has its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. You can test all of them to come up with the right choice for you.

Acclimatizing Your Optic Lens

2. Shooting in the cold weather

Shooting in the cold weather

That said, temperature differences are the most common reason for condensation on your aiming lenses. You won’t be able to prevent these natural phenomena, but you can avoid them.

Here are some methods to keep your glass surfaces bright and clean.

Many people regularly use cars to carry guns to hunting grounds. The space inside the vehicle is quite warm, and it will be different from the cold environment that produces fog. So, find a way to get the device used to the temperature change.

Keep your weapon in the coldest part of the car, the trunk. They will reduce the disparity. You can also wait a few minutes for your device to get used to the outside temperature.

If you have a cap on your lens, don’t forget to open it to allow the surface of the glass to acclimate to the cold.

Avoid breathing into your cryoscope. Warm breath from your nose and mouth can dull the surface of the glass. For that reason, many hunters often wear masks when hunting to avoid affecting their vision.

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Treating And Protect Your Lens Well

3. Using a microfiber cloth to clean glass

Using a microfiber cloth to clean glass

You can easily find tools to prevent condensation on lenses on the market. However, please do not use them indiscriminately.

Some products, when misused, can damage and affect the warranty of the lens.

Shooters have several recommendations, including:

  • Care Touch Lens Cleaner Kit. This set is extremely popular with most shooters and hunters on the market. Care Touch claims that their product is safe for all lenses with anti-fog, protective and anti-glare coatings. You need to read the manufacturer’s manual carefully to make sure.
  • Cat Crap Lens Cleaner. This type of solution is suitable for many different optical glass users. EK USA warrants that this product is sufficiently resistant to condensation and fogging problems.
  • Dishwashing Liquid Soap. Diluted dish soap is also a suitable lens cleaner. However, this method is more popular with scuba divers who often use it to clean their masks before diving. Compared to the diving mask, the coating on the gun lens is different.

It would help if you did not spray them directly on the surface for aerosol cleaning solutions. Chemicals in the solution can erode coatings and make them more susceptible to nitrogen leakage.

The only objects you can use to clean the lens are a brush and microfiber cleaning cloth. It is soft enough to protect and not scratch your device.

Another helpful advice is that you shouldn’t use your fingers to wipe away moisture from the glass either. Always use microfiber towels under all circumstances.

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Drying The Lens (If Necessary)

4. Using high-quality scopes

Using high-quality scopes

The above methods are mainly for dealing with condensation outside the lens. So, how to stop rifle scope from fogging up inside?

In fact, it’s best if you don’t do anything at all. If you purchased a product from a well-known brand, return it to activate the warranty. Don’t be too frugal with optical glasses. Its price is the value you get.

Those who buy cheap products with no warranty or want to handle it themselves at home. We have a few suggestions as follows:

  • Place the lenses in direct sunlight to dry them naturally.
  • Use a dryer on medium-warm to dry the lens. It would be best to be careful with this device as it quickly affects the seals.
  • Placing the lenses in an oven on medium heat can also dry them out.

If the above doesn’t work, buy another lens. You should buy expensive products from famous brands. They will come with a very convenient lifetime warranty.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article of ours has helped you know how to defog a rifle scope. Always be prepared for condensation as it is an inevitable phenomenon.

Applying proper cleaning and storage practices can prolong the life of the product. And in any case, you should choose quality lenses and value for money.

Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful. Happy hunting!

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