How To Remove A Rifle Scope? Here’s What Experts Say

You have a new scope for your rifle, and you want to replace it with the previous one. Do you know how to remove a rifle scope? Read on for more details!

how to remove a rifle scope

Most rifle users have scopes on their rifles all the time. Yet, sometimes you need to take it off to clean or replace a new one. So, how to remove a rifle scope?

To remove scopes from rifles, you will detach the rings from the scope mounting base. After separating the two parts, you have taken the gunsight out of the gun.

This post will provide more details about removing and mounting a riflescope. Let’s figure out some expert tips right below!

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How To Remove A Rifle Scope?

Taking a telescopic sight out of a gun is relatively simple. You need to prepare a set of hex wrenches for this job and follow the instructions below.

  • Choose a hex wrench compatible with the screws connecting the scope rings and the base.
  • Lay the gun on its side and unscrew to loosen the rings from the mounting base with the hex wrench.
  • Take the scope along with the rings out of the rifle base.

Now, you have freed the gunsight from your weapon. You can remove its rings if necessary.

1. Hex wrenches

Hex wrenches

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How To Mount Scopes On Rifles

While removing scopes from rifles is quite simple, mounting them will take a little more effort. Here we will give you the guide to properly mount a riflescope.

What tools do I need to mount a scope?

Mounting a gunsight will require the following tools:

Set of Gunsmithing Screwdrivers

The first and most important tool for scope mounting is screwdrivers, as you will use this tool the most.

The hollow-ground bits of Gunsmithing screwdrivers are not straight as other screwdrivers. Thus, they can keep the fit and finish of the screw undamaged.

Torque wrench

Rings and mounts of scopes have their torque specifications. You can prevent your gunsight from slipping by torquing the screws to these specifications.

Torque wrenches will help you accomplish this job most quickly and accurately.

Gun vise

Gun vises are also essential for installing a telescopic sight properly. This utensil helps secure your weapon in a proper position.

If you can’t have a gun vise, you can use anything possible to stabilize your weapon.

2. A gun vise

A gun vise

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Reticle leveling kit

If you don’t correctly align your scope when mounting, you can’t make accurate shots. It wouldn’t be a hassle to level your gunsight with a reticle leveling kit.

We recommend the wheeler engineering professional reticle leveling system. This leveling kit is the most convenient and accurate.

Laser bore sighter

Sighting in your gunsight is crucial when mounting it on your gun. A bore sighter with laser design will help you do this job at ease. You will have your firearm sighted in with maximum precision.

3. A laser bore sighter

A laser bore sighter

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Mounting process

After getting all the needed tools, let’s move on with the mounting process.

Step 1. Secure your firearm to the gun vise to parallel it to the ground.

Step 2. Find the correct torque value to attach the rings to the mounting base. Generally, the torque specifications will be around 35-45 inch-pounds.

Step 3. Set the optic at its highest magnification and install it to the rings without screwing. The distances between the rings should be at least 3/8″.

Step 4. Get your rifle shouldered and adjust it forth and back in the mounts until you see a full-size image through the gunsight.

Step 5. Place the gun back to the gun vise and set the reticle leveler on a flat spot. Then, remove the caps of all turrets to start leveling the gunsight.

If you use the wheeler engineering professional reticle leveling system, you can consult this video for a tutorial:

Step 6. Screw up the screws of the rings according to recommended torque specifications. For horizontally split rings, pay attention to the distances on both sides of each ring and keep these distances equal.

If you use vertically split rings, you may need to secure one side before tightening the other.

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Common gunsight mounting issues and solutions

When mounting your gunsight, you may make some mistakes, and the two problems below are the most common.

Over-tightened screws

Many riflemen, especially newbies, are afraid their riflescopes are too loose. So, they often tighten the screws of the scope mounting base and rings too securely.

This action may lead to severe damages to the screws and even the mounting system of the scope. To avoid this mistake, you should read the instruction manual carefully and use proper tools like a torque wrench.

Unsecured rings

Another popular scope mounting problem is that you haven’t secured the ring enough. If you have applied the recommended torque value, but this issue still occurs, you can lap the ring.

You should coat enough lapping compound to the ring’s interior to create more friction. This method can help the ring hold the gunsight better and prevent scope movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tip-off scope mount?

A tiff-off scope mount is a mount that allows you to place or remove it vertically from the rail or dovetail. You can easily take off the rings with tiff-off mounts after mounting the gunsight already.

2. Should you use Loctite when mounting a scope?

If the manufacturer doesn’t indicate to use Loctite for gunsight mounting, you shouldn’t use it. Loctite may make it difficult to remove your riflescope when you want. It’s better to use torque wrenches to fix the screws perfectly.

4. Don’t use Loctite for gunsight mounting if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend

Don’t use Loctite for gunsight mounting if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend

3. Can you remove the scope in rdr2?

Yes, you can take the gunsight off if you desire. You need to bring the rifle on your horse. Get it set so that you can take it out of the holster when you dismount from the horse.

Then, visit a gunsmith without taking along the gun. Customize the weapon on your horse to change the scope and accept the equipment.

After that, return to the horse and opt to replace the gun on the horse with the equipped one. Next, pick up the dropped gun on the ground, and you will have a rifle without a scope.

Final Words

Hopefully, the instructions for removing and mounting riflescopes above are helpful for you. It’s essential to use the proper tools and read the manuals carefully to mount or remove scopes perfectly.

Should you come up with any questions about gunsight removal, please comment. Thank you for reading!

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