How To Optically Center A Rifle Scope? a Complete Guide

How to optically center a rifle scope? Immediately read the detailed step-by-step instructions below to understand the process! Click for more info!

If you own a rifle scope, you have to learn the details and use them.

In the process, many positions are no longer the same as the original; and many people can find ways to fix it. Furthermore, to make hunting more accessible, they sought the answer to how to optically check a rifle scope.

Then join us to learn the article below to have the best view!

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How To Optically Center A Rifle Scope?

1. Center A Range

 Center A Range

To answer the above question, there are three specific methods that hunters often apply:

Mirror Method

2. Mirror Method

Mirror Method

The essential tool in this method is a mirror. At the same time, you need to prepare a room with enough light. It can be natural light or emitted from a tool such as a lamp.

However, you should note that this method will not work well if your reticle is on. Because then the mirror reflects light, limiting your vision when in use. It will make adjustments more difficult.

Also, if your scope has a fixed visor, you will have to open it.

The following job you need to do is place the flash in front of the mirror that you use. They will do a great job of maximizing efficiency when you do.

Then, you can observe the crosshair through your lens.

Your goal is to have the shadow reticle aligned with this in line with it in reality. It means that if it is not in place, you can see its shadows in the reflection.

The next step is the elevation and windage turrets. They are perfect when they lie on top of each other and no longer see the shadow. Thus, your task is to make the accurate mesh and its shadow coincide.

Specifically, you need to adjust the height and horizontal of the towers. When the shadow disappears, your task is available.

Thus, your optic is entirely centered.

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Counting Method

3. Counting Method

Counting Method

This method does not require you to be good at math to complete.

Unlike the Mirror method in terms of tools, the Counting Method does not need a room with enough light and mirrors.

The most prominent advantage of this method is that it helps you center a rifle scope in any situation, even when it’s dark. However, its limitation is that it takes more of your time.

The counting method involves you rotating each elevation and windage, which must turn in the same direction and at the same time.

It would help if you were careful when the turrets are overturned. They occur when too much resistance acts up. At that point, you need to stop your activity.

Next, you need to rotate the turrets opposite and start counting. When you finish the rotation and get to the last round, calculate and divide the number by 2. Next, you need to rotate the turret in the same direction you did with the split number the first time.

For example, count the clicks as 66 and split them by 33. Thus, the final turret’s number of turns is 33 and in your original direction.

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V-block Method

Similar to the mirror method, it also needs tools to do it. This method requires a V-block of wood material or a cardboard box.

Next is to use something with a glide to serve as a visual marker.

When fully prepared and working, you need to clamp the V-block to a lens and point them at a specific sample.

Also, you need to rotate them so that the intersection of the diagonals doesn’t change position during this process. All you need to do is tune the windage fine and elevation turret.

It is the popular Orient way today. Also, note the location on the X-axis of your “victim” the crosshairs rest.

Then you have to rotate them 180° and be careful the crosshairs end on the X-axis relative to the previous position. Next, you need the windage turret to the intersection created by the two points above.

Repeat this until the points on the X-axis stop at the same position as you rotate them.

Besides, it would help if you did the same with the Y-axis.

One caveat is that you need to ensure your scope is set to the correct location, which will help limit orbital rotation.

For other tips to follow, check this video below!

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What Is the Optical Center of a Scope?

Before getting to the heart of how to center a rifle scope optically, you need to consider what it is. The reticle and the field of view are inseparable from the optical center.

This product will have optical focus with no reticle movement on a distant backdrop as they rotate in a complete circle. So it is one of the essential steps to zero your scope.

The role of this activity is to save you time. It will make your hunting experience better with lots of loot.

Why Would I Want To Center My Optic?

Centering a rifle scope is essential if you use them on multiple platforms.

Some of the factors that influence this are different calibers and barrel lengths. They affect how the height is adjusted. It means different types will have various adjustments.

Furthermore, you also want to center your scope if your vision has gradually weakened. At this point, the range also needs to change for the better.

In some cases, you own an old device, and they have problems; you want to return it to its original value. You can also adjust when your reticle has movement and instability.

It helps you use the scope better, see clearly and shoot further.

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Is Optical Centering Necessary?

4. Optical Centering Is Necessary

Optical Centering Is Necessary

The answer is definitely yes. Optically checking a rifle scope will significantly affect the value you perceive.

When you buy a rifle scope, you always want them to do their best. An error occurs that limits your vision. Because of this, you can’t hunt most accurately. It makes your experience terrible or even wrong.


Hopefully, the above article has helped you better understand how to center rifle scopes and apply them in practice.

However, for them to work correctly and most effectively, you should bring them to a repair shop, manufacturer, or distributor. Here they are full of tools and can help you do your best.

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