How To Mount A GoPro To A Rifle Scope? (A Detailed Instruction)

For a detailed guide on how to mount a GoPro to a rifle scope, click on this article. We provide some helpful tips for a better hunting and filming experience.

how to mount a GoPro to a rifle scope

Mounting GoPros tip

Hunting is an art, and many people would love to document their adventures. Traditional camera devices are too bulky, so the demand for GoPro is growing more than ever.

Hunters love these devices because they are lightweight and versatile. You can mount them on your head for a wide angle of view or fixed on the riflescope for close-up shots. So, how to mount a GoPro to a rifle scope? Follow these steps:

  • Prepare a suitable mount.
  • Attach the GoPro to a scope.
  • Adjust the proper camera position.

To know more about each step in detail, continue reading the article below.

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Is GoPro Suitable For Hunting?

1. Hunters want to track review their hunting experiences

Hunters want to track review their hunting experiences

The simple answer is absolute yes. GoPro cameras are the best choice for any adventure, including hunting. This type of action camera has a design compatible with outdoor activities and can record all your activities.

Durability and water resistance are two of their most significant features. Most GoPros come with a tough protective case for added durability.

You can also use different stands to keep them in the required shooting position.

The weight and compact size are also features that make many hunters love this device. You can carry them with you all day long without getting tired.

The long battery life ensures that you capture all your ecstatic moments.

A few methods of using GoPros that hunters can refer to include:

  • Use this camera system to monitor and evaluate your hunting performance. Many people like to record their hunt and watch for flaws. In the long run, this action will improve the skill of the user.
  • Record your memorable moments. Professional hunters will want a device that can rotate and capture their precise shots.
  • Many people use GoPros because they are convenient and easy to mount in many places. You can even take advantage of tripods to create panoramic shots. For those who are learning how to use a variety of weapons, this is an effective self-training method.

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How To Mount A GoPro To A Rifle Scope? Step-By-Step Guides

And now we have entered the most crucial part. Follow along in this section to learn the steps to attach a GoPro to your gun lens.

Preparing A Suitable Mount

2. A head mount

A head mount

There are many types of braces on the market to meet the diverse needs of users, including:

  • Head mount: Many hunters choose this mount to fix the rotary device on their heads. It is pretty compact and popular when it comes to wide shooting angles. The downside is that the image will be slightly skewed when you tilt your head.
  • Chest mount: This device is not popular because it is difficult to use. However, it will capture your hand movement well when raising the gun and firing.
  • Sportsman mount: It is the most suitable type of fixed bracket for mounting dash cams on lenses. This device is compact, sturdy, and affordable.

You also won’t need to worry about the camera damaging the lens. Most cameras are lightweight so that they won’t put too much pressure on your gun.

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Attaching The GoPro

After we have combined the handlebar with your mini camera, we will attach them to the rifle lens.

The first step you need to do is loosen the screws. Most of these devices use screws to hold in place.

Choose a position that you think is suitable and loosen the screws to leave a space just enough for the size of the scope. Depending on the type of base you use, disassembly will involve temporarily removing one or two screws.

Then, attach your GoPro to your lenses and secure them with your hands. You can tighten the screws while holding your hand to ensure the device.

Do not overtighten as it may damage the surface of your gun. Instead, insert a tiny tube or newspaper to prevent the camera from shaking or moving when in use.

So you are done with fixing the mini camera to the rifle lens, basically.

Adjusting Suitable Camera Positions

3. Checking the view

Checking the view

The last step you need to do is reposition the rotation appropriately.

GoPros often come with a small headset system that allows you to rotate and adjust the device’s angle. You can loosen the screws to make this process easier.

The best angle is one that is directly parallel to the scene. Don’t let them move too much as it will affect the shot.

Many people will hold the device directly to the face to create personal angles. For those who want to capture the outside scene, point the camera at the space in front of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following section if you still have any questions regarding attaching a GoPro to a rifle lens.

What Is A GoPro?

At the core of GoPro is a small camera with sturdy, compact, waterproof, and highly durable housing. Its primary use is for filming and travel photography.

The cubic design inside includes a processor, image sensor, wide-angle lens, and up to three microphones that allow audio from various sources to be recorded.

The user interface of this device is straightforward when it comes to only two to three buttons. You can choose from new models with a touch screen that makes control even more effortless.

4. Filming while hunting

Filming while hunting

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What Are The Tips When Using A GoPro For Hunting?

Like most other tech devices, you’ll need to understand the mechanics and how to use them to get the most out of this compact camera. The first and most important tip is to read the instructions carefully.

You should also be aware of the amount of memory. Nothing is more disappointing than eagerly reviewing your journey and realizing your device is running out of space. Invest in a quality SD memory card.

Those who are often on the go will need a sturdy headset for their device. It makes the image shot during the journey clear and shake-free.

The unit is also compact and easy for long-distance shooting. You also don’t have to worry about carrying it around in your arms to cross streams or uneven areas.

Typical settings for GoPro are 1080p/60fps in medium view. It does not consume too much storage space but still ensures sharp images in slow-motion videos.

Don’t forget to practice filming at home before putting it into practice. There will be parameters that you need to adjust to better match your surroundings.

To understand how to film while hunting, you should check out the video below.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article gave you a comprehensive overview of how to mount a GoPro to a rifle scope. The steps are elementary, and we believe you will master them from the first try. Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful.

Thank you for reading!

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