How To Mount A Rifle Scope Without Drilling? a Step-By-Step Guides

How to mount a Rifle scope without drilling? Our detailed article below will help you efficiently perform this operation with each specific step.

How to mount a Rifle scope without drilling

The rifle’s scope is an integral part of this device to help you aim more accurately. Currently, most types of guns have a pre-drilled position for mounting the rail, but if your fig is not installed yet. What do you do?

Let’s immediately refer to the following article to understand better how to mount a rifle scope without drilling. Indeed, our detailed step-by-step process will be helpful to you.

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How To Mount A Rifle Scope Without Drilling

1. Mount A Range Without Drilling

Mount A Range Without Drilling

With a rifle that does not have a built-in rail, you need to prepare yourself to add a scope to observe at a longer distance. You can have different options for mounting a range.

However, this article will show you how to do it without drilling. Please note the following information for safe and effective viewfinder installation.

Necessary things

First, we would like to introduce you to the necessary items you should prepare before mounting a rifle scope. These items include:


Indeed, a rifle is the first and most important piece of equipment you need to prepare.

Your Scope

Next, you should determine your range of choice in advance so that you can position the viewfinder installation accordingly.

Mounting rings and rails

To mount the binoculars and position them, you need to prepare additional mounting rings and rails for yours.

A good shooter

Most importantly, it would help if you chose a professional installer. This person must be knowledgeable about the structure and the process of installing the parts correctly.

You should find out and ask them to install binoculars for your rifle. Because, with the precise and professional operation, they will work more efficiently and safely.

Besides, you can refer to other necessary tools based on advice and support from professional artisans.

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What you should keep in mind

Because rifles are quite a dangerous piece of equipment, you’re better off choosing a reputable gunsmith and address to ensure accurate and effective scoping. That is, you should not perform this operation to build a house yourself if you are not knowledgeable about assembling and firing techniques.

Leave your rifle to be experienced and reputable artisans so they can help you get the most out of it. It may cost you a bit of money to hire them, but with their problem-solving capabilities, we’re sure it’s a worthwhile investment.

The professional workers will help you prepare the necessary tools, and they will probably advise you to adjust the viewfinder’s position most suitable.

2. Implementation process

Implementation process

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Implementation process

To help you better visualize how to mount a range without drilling, let’s immediately refer to the following specific procedure:

Step 1: Check

The first step that you need to take is to check your device. After bringing them to a professional shooter, they will check the overall equipment before proceeding to the next operation.

Step 2: Tap and Mark

The mechanic needs to determine where to mount your baseplate and scope. They then marked this location and used tools to secure other components before mounting the scope tube.

Step 3: Install the base plate

Next, you need to install the base plate for the viewfinder. To ensure a permanent position and reduce moisture under the stand, add a little Loctite.

Step 4: Attach the rail

Depending on the type of viewfinder, you should choose the right kind of rail. You should install the fence on top of the platform fixed in the previous step.

Step 5: Define range and loop

Then you need to add the viewfinder and top rail, and you’re done. You now have a complete viewfinder and can test it out.

Step 6 – Boresighting

Finally, the mechanic will place a laser down the barrel and examine the range. They will help you adjust your sights and align for the best fit.

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What Is A Tip Off Scope Mount?

3. Tip Off Mount

Tip Off Mount

An issue that you may also be interested in is the off-scope mount. You can immediately apply the following tips to perform this operation most accurately.

When you turn off the tube, the mount pulls upwards or is removed from the rail vertically. It is then necessary to pull one end of the chuck out of the rail in the broadest position for a mounted head-type pipe.

In case you use a spool, you need to roll to the side from the rail or ponytail. You should pay attention to your viewfinder model so that you can apply the most appropriate and effective shutdown.

Note that you should keep an eye on it, as most snap-stops on the mounting head or spool are available.

For more mistakes, you can check out this video:

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Fix Scratches

Mount a range

You can use either the coil-type or the head-mounted viewfinder, as mentioned above. However, both styles are onto the rails on your rifle.

It means you need to assemble the scope tube into the gun to use it. It helps you determine the shooting range accurately and limit errors in the shooting process. Thanks to this, you can ensure safe and effective use of the gun.

In addition, you can also use the scope viewfinder that is not with the rifle. However, this type of external viewfinder will have a different way of determining the distance and position of view, and you need to pay attention to manipulate it most accurately.

Better yet, assemble a shotgun with your gun as this is both quick and convenient and ensures high accuracy.


As such, installing a scope for a rifle is an important issue that you should pay attention to. Hopefully, you have understood how to mount a rifle scope without drilling with our shared information.

To ensure the most accurate and safe operation, it is better to ask for the help of professional shooters. We hope you have a great experience using your rifle!

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