How To Keep Important Documents Safe At Home

Do you agree with me that there are some certain documents that need to be kept properly in the home?

Birth certificate, Results and Report sheets, Institutional certificates, and other essential documents. We’ve heard of different stories of water and fire outbreak destroying life and properties. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most rampant disasters in homes today.

So how do we avoid losing our important documents when there is an unavoidable issue? That’s why this article was written.

In this article, we’re going to be enlightening you on how to keep important documents safe at home.

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Some Essential Documents That Need to Be Safeguarded at Home

Let’s take a moment to recall all the important documents that we keep in the home. Majority of people keep these documents carelessly at home not having it in mind of what could happen. It’s best to take precautions, right? Some of these important documents include:

  • Financial Records- Any document that has to do with finances such as tax document, income records, bank statements, pay stubs, Cheques and so on.
  • Work Documents- Some people keep sensitive documents from work at home. It may be dangerous because if damaged, lost or stolen, may lead to serious problem at work.
  • Legal Documents- Are you a lawyer for a big company or currently working on an ongoing court case? Keeping confidential and sensitive documents at home puts you at risk. Other legal documents may include wills, wedding and funeral documents and so on.
  • Automobile Documents- The Documents of your vehicles needs to be kept properly. Your driver’s license and other car documents.
  • Real Estate and Insurance Paper- You don’t want to lose the documents of your houses as well as your insurance documents. Without them, you have no proof of ownership.
  • Medical Records
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These are the few critical documents that needs to be safeguarded properly at home. Most times you overlook the consequences having in mind that it’s safe where it is. Don’t learn from your mistakes!

Apart from the fact that there’s a possibility that your documents get damaged in a water or fire outbreak, it could also get lost or stolen depending on how critical the document is.

So this article was composed to ensure that this never happens. So stay alert as we go through the various ways on how to keep important documents safe at home.

Consider using a Safe

Have you considered using a safe to keep your important documents at home instead leaving them exposed? Safes or file boxes are unique accessories developed for keeping and safeguarding important files and documents.

Instead of having to go to the bank to store your critical documents in the safe deposit box, you can just get a safe at home. Storing documents in the bank Isn’t a bad idea at all but banks are not always available.

What if you needed the documents urgently and the bank isn’t available. What are you going to do? It is best to keep documents often used at reach at home where you can get access to it easily without any stress. Safes are of different types and quality. It’s advisable to purchase safes with password lock, fireproof and waterproof.


Consider Using Technology

I remember back in the days when people only kept records in paper. Now, things are a lot different since we can store everything on a computer. Another effective way of keeping your critical documents at home is by duplicating them on a computer or storing it on a hard drive. Since you’re trying to store documents, it shouldn’t be too heavy.

Backing your documents up digitally on a computer or hard drive keeps you above the challenge of losing the document to water or fire.

Also, this means of storing essential documents could be exposed to the risk of theft or burglar. Another technological option is storing them on an iCloud. Ever heard of cloud computing? iCloud is a simple digital database.

It’s not good for safeguarding sensitive files that the original is always required such as birth certificate and so on.

However, other crucial records can be backed up there. What is most fascinating about this option of safeguarding your critical documents is that you can refer to it after a very long time easily without any complications. Even when the computer is destroyed or stolen, you can get access to it on another computer.

Consider using Plastic Bags

Let’s go simple! Are you living in a flood prone area? If you don’t know, it’s best you check and confirm. It’s possible that you don’t have the right or enough resources to get a safe at home.

So peradventure you live in an area that is usually disturbed with flood and heavy rainfall, consider keeping all essential documents in a plastic bag which are waterproof. However, this simple method does not save your documents from fire outbreak.


Be cautious

Above all, majority of fire outbreaks occur as a result of carelessness and negligence. We have heard stories of homeowners who make use of gas cookers and fail to turn it off before leaving their home for work.

One thing led to another and then fire! So be cautious, take the necessary precautions to avoid this kind of disaster. Before leaving home everyday make sure you put off every electrical appliances in the home and of course your gas cooker.

Peradventure, there is fire outbreak save your self and not the critical documents. Life is more important!


We have talked about five different ways you can keep your documents safe at home. All these options are very effective but however, the most effective and advisable are the first two- Safe and Technology. Most people make use of the latter option. Instead of keeping paper trails, they shred the paper records and store using a digital database such as iCloud, external hard drive, and so on. I hope this article has solved the problem of losing your critical documents to fire or water outbreak.

Source: Safetyhub


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