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Protecting gun safes is always a headache problem to gun owners since moisture can build up inside easily. When this happens, many people tend to choose DampRid as a preferred solution to control the moisture. However, some others still have concerns about this chemical product. Can you use DampRid in a gun safe? Dive into this post to find out the answer!

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Can You Use DampRid In A Gun Safe?

Yes, you can. As an ideal moisture absorber, DampRid can protect your gun safe by removing the moisture inside it

You can imagine DampRid as a humidifier working without electricity. It contains chemicals that help maintain dryness by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Once the humidity level gets reduced, there is no chance of condensation forming in your safe.

Now that you can use DampRid to control the moisture in your safe, but the other question you should be asking is – Is DampRid safe for gun safes? Scroll down to see more information. 

DampRid is not really suitable for gun safe. 

DampRid is not really suitable for gun safe

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using DampRid In A Gun Safe?

DampRid comes in a variety of sizes and types to fit the space inside your safe, but using DampRid in a gun safe can bring you both benefits and drawbacks. Let’s continue to find out its good and bad effects so that you can answer the question, “Is DampRid good for gun safes?”


Keep The Moisture Away

Does DampRid work in a gun safe? Absolutely yes. DampRid eliminates excess moisture from your air, preventing mold and mildew growth in your safe.

It’s calcium chloride crystals that attract moisture in the air to ensure it doesn’t get too humid inside. The white crystals turn into a solid form which absorbs all of the extra moisture until they dissolve away completely! 

DampRid can be used in a gun safe. 

DampRid can be used in a gun safe

Control The Humidity And Temperature In Your Safe

The main reason for rust is a sudden change of temperature, not the humidity level. DampRid will help control both the humidity and temperature in your safe, preventing rust inside it. 

If you store your gun safe in a basement or a garage, it will get colder overnight. When the ambient temperature soars too quickly the next morning, the thin air inside the safe will get warm faster than the thick steel in the guns can. This cold steel will absorb the moisture out of the air, and your gun will sweat like an iced coffee glass and rust. 

<a href=Protect your firearm from rust.” width=”512″ height=”384″ />

Protect your firearm from rust.

Consequently, maintaining a steady temperature inside the safe is more noticeable than moisture control, yet DampRid comes to help you solve both issues.


If you have a problem with high humidity but are unable to obtain a dehumidifier, DampRid is a good alternative. The length of use relies on the humidity level. They typically last about six months and are still good until you empty them! The container itself is reusable and can last for many years.


You can refill your jars with easy-filled DampRid bought from a hardware store. It is cheap and convenient!


Salt Ingredients Can Damage Gun’s Material

DampRid is just a moisture absorber, not entirely a desiccant. If DampRid gets saturated, you will get a bucket filled with salty water inside your gun safe! In fact, it’s used mainly in open spaces like a basement or a closet to lower the overall humidity.

Not Preferable In Safe

DampRid can control the humidity, but it’s not entirely a good idea to put it in a safe. It contains Calcium Chloride and is only used once. After absorbing humidity, it dissolves and turns into a pasty liquid that needs to be disposed of. 

How To Maximize The Use Of DampRid In A Gun Safe?

Let’s have a look at some suggestions to maximize the use of DampRid in a gun safe below:

Use Storage Bags

If you do not want to clean grease or extra oil off your guns, we would suggest using storage bags. They are reusable, don’t need extra oil or grease, and your guns are ready to use right out of these bags.

The bags can last for 5-20 years, depending on how frequently you change them. Storing your guns this way will prevent leaking solutions from DampRid from getting on them.

Use Damp Rid With Moth Balls

You can combine Damp Rid and Moth Balls. But keep in mind that Moth Balls can be toxic, so never touch it by hand. We recommend you wear gloves or tongs when working with it.

How To Absorb The Moisture In A Safe?

There are several things that can work as a dehumidifier to lower the humidity in a safe

Method 1: Using Calcium Chloride Crystal moisture absorber

Use DampRid or Moisture Absorbent to draw out the excess humidity in safe deposit boxes, leaving them dry and mold-free. You can easily find either of them in almost all grocery stores.

Method 2: Using Silica Gel Packets

Go to a craft and hobby store and buy some silica gel packets – a desiccant that can absorb moisture. 

Then, place silica gel packets inside your safe. Since they can be reused many times, you can remove them once a year and let them dry in the sun for 4-6 hours before putting them back.

Silica gel packets

Silica gel packets

Method 3: Using Dry Rice

Add a half-cup of dry rice into the jar and place it inside the safe. Rice absorbs humidity, and it does not contain any harmful chemicals! Just make sure you replace this every four or six months to sustain the state of dryness.

Method 4: Using Baking Soda

Mix baking soda with water in a spray bottle to create your own deodorizing cleaner. Or, place the box of baking soda inside the safe for added moisture absorption and odor elimination.

Method 5: Using Moth Balls

Place Moth Balls in a bowl or cup and put them inside the safe. Moth Balls can trap moisture, but they also contain chemicals that are harmful to you. Wash your hands after handling the moth ball to avoid accidentally taking them into your body. Unfortunately, some of the things in your safe may absorb this smell.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Is There Moisture In My Safe?

Anything in your safe can contain moisture, from air, wood, paper to any item that is sitting inside. Over time, the moisture vapor in the safe may congeal and form condensation. Not to mention the dark and humid environment is ideal for the growth of mold, fungus, and mildew!

What Is The Ideal Temperature And Humidity For A Gun Safe?

The NRA Firearms Museum recommends a temperature of 65-70 °F and 45% to 50% humidity. This should be the same all year round, not just an average.

Why Does My Safe Get Moldy?

Excess humidity and trapped moisture can turn a safe into an ideal environment for mold and mildew to thrive. They can also get wet if there is too much moisture.

What Other Dehumidifiers Can You Put In A Gun Safe To Keep Moisture Out?

You can use baking soda to protect your gun safe from moisture. 

You can use baking soda to protect your gun safe from moisture. 

Final Thoughts

Can you use Damprid in a gun safe? Yes, but we recommend buying the large container of DampRid to maintain a constant level over time. Make sure all air vents are clear and operational when using them as well! In case you run out of DampRid, consider some suggestions above to keep your firearms always safely and securely. Best of luck!


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