Car Safety Tips Every Trucker Should Know to Avoid Accidents

The sad part about road accidents is that you can never predict it. It’s an inevitability that we all have to be prepared for. However, you must follow the rules of the road and make sure you try to minimize any chances of an accident from happening. Many drivers still need to educate themselves on the dangers of the road. Whether they’re civilian or truck drivers. If you’re part of a fleet of trucks that continuously travels across the country, then read on to learn more about some of the safety tips that can prevent any accidents.

Car Safety Tips Every Trucker Should Know to Avoid Accidents

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Watch Out for Signals

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You must always keep your eyes open and watch out for signals from the other vehicles around you. Assuming the other drivers give you the appropriate hint, you should prepare yourself to slow down and adjust before another vehicle change lanes or take the next roundabout.

Trucks need some time to give other people the chance to switch lanes. This is why you should keep your eyes peeled and stay alert to check the car signals and understand/anticipate what the other driver will do. This will give you enough time to let them pass safely.

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Install Dashboard Cameras

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It wouldn’t hurt to install a dashboard camera in your truck for safety and reassurance. You never know what could happen on the road and some accidents might get a little ugly. The roads in Chicago, Illinois can get very crowded sometimes and it’s important to have a dashcam if any accident happens.

The Chicago truck accident lawyers at Curcio Law Offices understand how severe and dangerous truck accidents can be and there will be liability claims made against truck drivers. But sometimes those lawsuits and claims might be false because the other driver lied about what happened. The only way to protect yourself in this scenario is a dashcam to show the authorities what really happened. The footage will be extremely helpful for your attorney too when they’re building your case.

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Take Breaks

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A truck driver’s job can be quite tough and they need to take breaks occasionally. The long hours, traffic lights, and little to no human interaction can cause a lot of stress. You need to stay sharp and fresh because most shipments take a while to deliver because of the long distances. You should have enough rest periods to stretch, eat, and check on your truck. Breaks are good for you, but they are also great for your truck to make sure that you don’t have coolant or oil leaking and soft tires. Also, you should check on your shipment to make sure everything is secured and strapped safely.

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Avoid Peak Traffic Times

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You should avoid peak traffic times to minimize any possible collisions. Even though you might not do this every day depending on the shipment you’re delivering, you should try your best to stay clear from high volume traffic because you will drive easier. You will stay calm and focused because you can’t be stressed out too much as a trucker. Just remember that the more traffic you have on the road, the bigger the chances of a road accident. Try to check your map or GPS to see if there are different routes that you can take. You might need a few days to get used to it, but you would memorize the roads that most drivers tend to ignore and it’s adequately empty.

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Never Drive Fast

Car Safety Tips Every Trucker Should Know to Avoid Accidents Never Drive Fast

Every trucker should understand that they must never drive fast on the road. This is crucial for your safety and the safety of others around you on the road. You can’t compare yourself to a normal vehicle when it comes to speed. You will have an easier time taking ramps or corners if you drive slowly. You are considered as a big rig and any speed signs you see do not apply to you because you should be driving slower than what the signs say anyway. When you drive steadily, it gives you more control and focus. It allows you to be more aware of other vehicles around you. Driving with care can minimize any possible road accidents and that can save you such a hassle.

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Never Get Distracted

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Truckers should never get distracted because accidents will happen if you lose focus. Understandably, a trucker’s job can get very tedious and boring, but that is no excuse for you to do something that might distract you on the road. Don’t think that it’s okay to read a book or talk on the phone when you’re driving, even if you’re driving slowly as a truck driver. You cannot predict what could happen and you can’t afford to be held accountable for any accident you caused because you weren’t paying attention. Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times no matter what. If you want to do something, then pull over and take a break.

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Be Aware of Blind Spots

Car Safety Tips Every Trucker Should Know to Avoid Accidents Be Aware of Blind Spots

You must be aware of blind spots at all times. Trucks are very large vehicles and your blind spots are much bigger than a normal car. You can’t compare it because you need enough room. Whether you’re switching lanes or making a turn, you need to concentrate and calculate the distances between you and other vehicles. Try as much as you can to not be close to other cars because blind spots will prevent you from seeing them. This is very dangerous and could cause sudden collisions. Make sure you give yourself and others enough space to deal with blind spots accordingly.

Everyone should drive responsibly and we should all abide by the rules for the sake of our safety and wellbeing. It’s terrible whenever accidents happen. Vehicles can get damaged, people might get seriously injured, and a lot of liability comes with it on the driver that caused the accident. Driving trucks can be a little tricky, especially if you do it for many hours every day. Make sure you understand all the important safety tips for driving that might just save your life and the lives of others around you.

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