What Is The Best Dehumidifier For A Gun Safe? – Detailed Review

What is the best dehumidifier for a gun safe? Elements to consider include strength, recharging methods, the time between charges, and sizes. Let’s take a look.

The use of gun safe has been popular among homeowners who want a secret place for their goods. Though it seems bulky and expensive to own one, it comes in multiple functions. Not only can it secure your guns, but it can also keep your valuable belongings.

One of the most concerning problems of a gun safe is the humidity of its interior. Too high humidity will worsen not only your safe but also your stuff inside of it. To solve this problem, many people often apply a dehumidifier there. Then, what is the best dehumidifier for a gun safe?” Is there any one-size-fit-all appliance that suits your container?

There are some important elements you must consider before choosing this type of appliance. Let’s take a look and choose your best one!

What is the best dehumidifier for a gun safe

What Is The Best Dehumidifier For A Gun Safe?

It depends on your preferences. The best option is the one whose strength, recharging method, time between charges, and size can satisfy your expectation.

Strength (In Cubic Feet)

Manufacturers usually recommend a range of cubic feet of space in which their dehumidifiers can work effectively. In other words, the cubic feet metric comes as an indicator presenting the strength of the device. The higher the cubit metric is, the better it can absorb moisture.

Recharging Method

Regardless of the electric dehumidifier with the cord attached, products with silica gel often feature rechargeability. When it comes to non-electric ones, there are three methods of recharging as follows.

Wall Socket Recharge

This method requires the device to have an internal heating element. Plugging the appliance into the wall will help the heating element heat up. During the recharge, the heat will get rid of moisture from the gel inside. When the process finishes, the dehumidifier can keep doing its job well to protect the gun safe.

Oven Recharge

Unlike the wall socket recharge, this one gets recharged by the heat of the oven. You only need to place the product in the oven and turn the oven on. The high temperature will expel moisture from silica gel. However, you have to make sure that there is no easy-melting substance inside of it.

Microwave Recharge

We appreciate the high convenience of this recharging method. It takes only four minutes at the level of 600W to recharge. The drawback of this option comes in case of overheating, which can damage the product.

Time Between Charges

Most manufacturers have the same recommendation for the time between recharges. The range commonly varies from 3 to 4 weeks for each charge. Nevertheless, if you invest in a powerful one or only place it in a small space, the time could be a bit longer.


The storage capacity of the safe is usually not too large. Thus, putting any additional items inside can take up spaces and become a burden for the container. People tend to choose those with compact designs that they can hang on the safe’s wall or shelves easily to save space.

Which Dehumidifiers To Choose?

If you still have no idea how to choose a suitable one, refer to the recommendations below.

1. LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod 

As the name implies, it comes in the “goldenrod” design, which makes a fantastic look.

This electric appliance is suitable for those with small internal space. It will work effectively within a 100 cubic feet area. Plus, with the USA quality, the LOCKDOWN rod does not require any maintenance during use.

2. Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

The next suggestion of the list relates to the Eva-Dry mini dehumidifier without any wire needed.

eva dry

According to the manufacturer, this silica gel appliance can lower humidity for the space around 300 cubic feet. Plus, it can last around ten years with a warranty that covers five years.

There is an indicator including blue and yellow parts. When the device reaches its capacity, the light will turn yellow.

3. LOCKDOWN Rechargeable Silica Gel 

Due to the small size, this LOCKDOWN variant can help to remove moisture in those safes with up to 57 feet. And it does not take up too much space inside the container.

LOCKDOWN Rechargeable Silica Gel 

In terms of recharging, you can do this process in an oven for sure. When it achieves its limit of moisture absorption, the silica beads will change color to let you know.

Is There Any Alternative For A Dehumidifier?

Besides dehumidifiers, it is possible to apply other ways to keep the gun safe dry, and clean. Here they are.

  • Placing it in a dry area of your house: Not only that, you need to make sure to keep the container away from too hot or too humid conditions. Among numerous options, the basement is not a bad idea as long as it does not have any issue regarding dampness.
  • Checking the interior regularly: Only examining the outside won’t let us know whether the internal humidity is escalating.
  • Using a fan: When the level of humidity rises, a fan can keep it from the problem. Yet, it is not the best solution for the long run.
  • Putting packs of desiccant silica gel inside: Just like the desiccant variant, this method can somehow lower the moisture level. Nevertheless, you need to place the pack out of reach of both children and pets.

Silica Gel Packages Can Absorb Water Particles In The Air

  • Using charcoal, baking soda, and coffee grounds: Many people believe that these materials can function as moisture absorption. Also, this method requires a regular replacement for better effectiveness.


No one can deny the benefits these alternatives can bring. That said, they are only temporary alternatives to a dehumidifier. In other words, investing in a dehumidifier for the gun safe can help to save a lot of time with high effectiveness.

So, what is the best dehumidifier for a gun safe?

It could be an electric model, silica gel bags, or something. The consideration is, undoubtedly, up to you after analyzing the elements listed above. Hopefully, all information we provide can work. If you are still on the fence, feel free to drop us a line for further explanation.


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