10 Best Scopes For 17HMR – Top Picks and Reviews

Do you know that the 17HMR is a chambered firearm that was introduced in 2000? Typically, this type of rifle serves as a substitute to the popular .22 caliber rifle. This rifle boasts of higher velocity upon firing.

Best Scopes For 17HMR
Best Scopes For 17HMR

In the last couple of years, this type of rifle has been gaining a lot of popularity for its perceived superiority. It is loved by both hunters and target shooters. Have you been searching for the best scopes for 17HMR? You can consult the list below to ensure that you end up choosing the right scope for your 17HMR.

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Reviews of the Best Scopes For 17HMR

Hawke Riflescope Vantage IR

The red and green illuminated riflescope is a notable feature in this scope and you will realize the reason why. Additionally, this scope is constructed for both middles to long range shooting. It boasts of a wide magnification range.

One thing I would like to note here is that this scope will provide excellent performance even in low light conditions. This guarantees you superb image quality regardless of the weather condition. It is also important to note that this scope is manufactured with multi coated optics. Besides being useful in absorbing light, this scope will provide you with a clearer view of your target. Also, you have the full freedom to reset your desired wind-age and elevation levels.

There is no doubt that you would want a scope that has been designed with superior optics. This offers you minimum glare on all surfaces. The 40mm objective lens is adjustable. Therefore, there will be room for parallax correction.

You should not worry about hold-over. The highly regarded aiming points offer you different aim points. The precise space that features 4 mil dot will supply you with standard readings. This enables you to find targets without any hassle. Although it is one of the best scopes for the 17HMR, it does not come without downsides. It is not the perfect choice for close or long range targets.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 1 Hawke Riflescope Vantage IR


  • It boasts of great elevation.
  • It comes with durable construction.


  • It is not ideal for spring air guns.

BSA 3-12*40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope

It is another offering that you will never regret purchasing. This riflescope is manufactured by a trusted brand. Additionally, it is one of the most loved rifle scopes by tactical operation professionals. It comes with superb build and performance.

Normally, this type of scope utilizes bullet drop compensation. Keep in mind that it is used by military personnel. It has emerged as an excellent choice for those looking for an easy to change turret system. You will also love the versatility of the rifle scope.

This scope is designed for varying calibers. All that you need to know is that it is one of the most precise for multiple grain weights. That’s why it is said that it is the finest scope for 17HMRs that are in a decent price range.

You might also be aware that this rifle scope is designed and calibrated with a reliable bullet drop compensator. The main function of this feature is to provide a drop ranging from 300 yards. You will be able to see your target clearly during the last minutes of the daytime. Similar to other rifle scopes on this list, this product boasts of a good wind-age and perfect elevation.

The nitrogen filled makes this scope weather resistant. You will be guaranteed of generous eye relief for safer recoils. Last but not least, you should not worry about your scope developing some problems. You are given a limited lifetime warranty. Overall, it will be worth your hard earned cash.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 2 BSA 3-12*40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope


  • This scope is weatherproof.
  • It is the ideal choice for various types of calibers.


  • Some customers have been complaining about fogging issues.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane

If you have used this scope, then you must attest that it is the best scope ever manufactured by the United States of America based scope maker. Additionally, it is an ideal scope that you can use for hunting or even shooting at varying ranges.

The most notable features that the maker could not leave behind is the long eye relief and ultra-forgiving eye box. You will have a chance to get a sight picture while at the same time acquiring your target with great ease. How is the fast focus eyepiece useful? This feature allows quick and easy reticle focusing.

From a close look, it is by no doubt one of the best scopes that offer long and short range shooting. You will like the flexibility that makes it perfect for shooting at different ranges. Are you a hunter or a professional who loves working in tactical operations? You should purchase this scope in that case.

You will notice that this scope is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum. This ensures that this scope is shockproof and with a strong performance. The Dead Hold BDC reticle makes this rifle good for shooting and hunting at different ranges.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 3 Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane


  • It is designed with Dead hold BDC reticle.
  • It is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum construction.


  • It might end up disappointing you at short range.

Bushnell Engage Riflescope Matte

Do you prefer a scope with the maximum objective power? You should not miss this great scope. The extra-long eye relief is for better precision. It will be very helpful when focusing on your target. The multi-x reticle included by the manufacturer is one of the best on the market.

You can rely on the objective lens for a better hunting experience. The high quality optics in this scope will provide you with a clear and stunning vision. This helps you to focus without any issues. You will like this scope simply because it comes with a beautiful design. It looks aesthetically pleasing.

The reliable scope that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years will provide you with extreme durability and long term use. You should not leave it behind for hunting and shooting adventures.

If that is not yet enough, this scope will operate even in low lighting conditions. That being said, you should expect that it will perform better when compared to other scopes available in the market. The objective lens in this scope makes it a favorite to many. The multi coated lenses will provide brightness and clarity.

The extreme versatility makes this product recommendable. Be guaranteed that this scope will provide you with the brightness you have been looking for. The only downside in this scope is that the field of view is narrower. Therefore, the manufacturer should improve on this.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 4 Bushnell Engage Riflescope Matte


  • Solid and durable construction.
  • Waterproof construction.


  • The view field is very narrow.

6-18*40mm, Duplex Reticle Scope

This scope is specially designed for 17HMR. Additionally, it boasts of parallax from 10 yards to infinity. The elevation turret is accurately calibrated. This scope is designed for serious game hunters who are tirelessly looking for powerful magnification.

The best thing with this scope is that it can deal with shocks even when utilized with muzzleloaders. The popular 17HMR scope has a consistent and generous eye relief of 5 inches. You can agree with me that indeed this must be a safe distance that will definitely protect your eyes life. That is quite important since you will always be assured that your eyes are safe from any kind of harm. The tough scope is suitable for a wide range of applications that include hunting and tactical operations.

Another important feature in this scope is the multi coated lenses. This feature makes this scope adaptable for light absorption. This allow you to see your target clearly and with no obstruction. You can rely on the maximized clarity when the light is not much available in the forest.

What’s more in this scope? Hunters and tactical workers will appreciate the shockproof and weatherproof features in this scope. It will deal with extreme tension and shock. The double spring tension will facilitate this. This is the right time to purchase this scope and rely on excellent magnification. You will definitely have a good experience with the solid construction that is of steel. Besides providing users with a clear lens for clear vision, this product will not wear out.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 5 6-18*40mm, Duplex Reticle Scope


  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Heavy duty steel turret.


  • The field of view in this scope is a little bit limited.

Trinity Force Rifle Scope

The top scope manufacturing company was founded in the year 2014. Since then, they have been specializing in providing superior firearms optics. They are dedicated to providing their scope customers with reliable scopes with outstanding performance.

It is the most suitable scope for shooting during the night. The night vision IR illuminator will make the most of that capability. This means that you don’t have to use lamps to illuminate targets at night. You will be stealthier in your pursuit of game and vermin. Finally, you will benefit from the latest technology included by the scope maker.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 6 Trinity Force Rifle Scope


  • This product is backed up by a warranty.
  • It features an IR illuminator.


  • It is an expensive product.

Simmons 5111039 3-9*32mm Matte Black Riflescope

The high quality fully multi coated optical glass makes this scope one of the most preferred products in the market. Additionally, the parallax correction can be set from 50 yards to infinity. The package includes mounting rings that will be very useful.

The lens coating in this scope ensures a clear sight picture. You will be assured of a stunning game on game performance with this scope. In case you are not satisfied with what you get, you are free to return this product to the manufacturer.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 7 Simmons 5111039 3-9*32mm Matte Black Riflescope


  • The lens coating in this scope ensures a clear sight picture.
  • High quality optical glass.


  • The rings are not reliable.

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

The day and night mode provides full color viewing for day use. Additionally, the maker has included a powerful 850nm. The removable flashlight allows up to an additional 200 yards of detection during the night. You will be able to add additional accessories with the Wraith HD.

The easy menu operation has a simple button mapping. The interface in this scope is easy to follow. It makes sure that everything dialed is correct.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 8 Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope


  • It ensures that everything dialed is just correct.
  • The easy menu operation has a simple button mapping.


  • High power consumption.

Simmons Whitetail Classic Black FmcWpBlack Granite

It is a decent scope for the price. Additionally, the proved and tested scope for 17HMR is far much better when compared to other scopes on this list. When it comes to the glass, it is clear. The adjustments in this scope are labelled MOA, and no tool is required to adjust.

Unlike in other low quality and cheap scopes, the magnification on this scope is smooth. It has enough resistance to know it will hold. Also, the fit and finish are nice overall. In fact, it will be better than you would expect. Last but not least, the eye relief is the best. It is much closer to 1x when compared to other cheap and unreliable optics out there.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 9 Simmons Whitetail Classic Black FmcWpBlack Granite


  • Great value for your hard earned money.
  • The eye relief is reliable.


  • The clarity in this scope is questionable.

Simmons Truplex Mag Rifle Scope

The one tube construction is for lighter handling and greater strength. Additionally, it is manufactured by skilled and dedicated craft-men to ensure durability. The fully coated high quality optical glass ensures that you get sharp images and high contrast.

The presence of nitrogen filled means that this scope will be waterproof and shockproof. The hydro shield will be useful in maintaining a clear picture no matter the weather conditions.

Best Scopes For 17HMR 10 Simmons Truplex Mag Rifle Scope


  • This scope is waterproof and shockproof.
  • It is useful in maintaining a clear sight picture regardless of the weather conditions.


  • The adjustment knob is quite hard to adjust.

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Things to consider when purchasing the best scopes for 17HMR

What makes a great 17HMR scope? There are many things that make a great scope for a 17HMR rifle. The best scopes for 17HMR are manufactured with excellent magnification power. Such types of scopes are used for hunting games and varmints. The right 17HMR should have a good objective lens diameter.

This will be quite useful more so if you love hunting during the last minutes of the daytime. The overall scope construction and the materials used to manufacture the specific scope are some of the crucial things that differentiate great scopes from the rest of the pack.

Additionally, they are designed for tactical purposes. You will be guaranteed that such scopes will never wear out. Also, they are manufactured with durable aluminum material. We can’t forget that the best scopes for 17HMR provide users with superior performance. Besides that, they are made to be waterproof and shockproof. All these translate that these scopes are durable. This means that they will provide you with several years of service.

Being shockproof means that the scope will perform exemplary even with rough and frequent use. All these heavy duty features will be important especially if you hunt frequently. High quality lenses and multi coated features are some of the most useful features you will never lack in the best 17HMR scopes. They will offer admirable light transmission and glare reduction. Better lens quality means a better field view.

There are numerous scopes for 17HMR in the market. Choosing the right model for your needs can be a tough task. Fortunately, we have compiled the most crucial things you should look at. You can agree with me that we all have preferences. That is the reason it is important to compare. By the end of this guide, you will be able to visualize the right scope with the best characteristics.


There is no doubt that magnification is arguably one of the most important things everyone needs to consider when purchasing a scope. What is the reason behind this? We just don’t require a good vantage position to target something. There is a need to see the target clearly. The right magnification power should be about 16x. This will be very fine if you are hunting a small game.

Would you want to keep that nice meat even when you are doing the headshot? In that case, you would want to pinpoint and zoom into it precisely. Actually, that is how magnification power is important. Besides the light transmission, the nice viewing field allows you to scan the perimeters.


It is another relevant thing you should look at. What is a reticle? It is the lines and cross hairs at the center of the scope. Additionally, reticles will help you find accurate target placement. Usually, they lead to direction on where the bullet will go. There are different types of reticles available out in the market.

The most common types include duplex and tremor. Before making your decision, you should try to compare and find that which will be easy on the shooting eye. After all, you would want to feel comfortable using the scope with the right reticle type.


Besides looking for a scope with multi coated lenses, you should consider a scope with adjustable turrets. Wind-age and elevation knobs are located on these adjustable knobs. You have the full freedom to adjust these knobs to move the crosshair left or right. Do you want to use the scope for the short and long range target shooting? In that instance, you should go for a scope with an adjustable turret.


Scopes manufactured with parallax adjustment have proved to be the most reliable. It is advisable to purchase such scopes since they are perfect for close and long range targets. You will easily reduce the necessity to align your eye perfectly with the right adjustment. This enables you to raise the odds for accurate shots.


We would all want something that can last for many years. After all, purchasing a 17HMR scope is a huge investment. You can choose which withstand bumps and shocks. The specific scope should be compatible with different weather changes such as cold and heat.

The most popular scopes for 17HMR are well known to deal with vibrations. It should have been manufactured with durable aluminum material or steel. This ensures that it lasts long. Heavy duty features allow long term use. Overall, kindly shop for a scope that has compact and solid components. This will provide you years of service.


It is all about your peace of mind. You should look for a scope that is backed up by a good warranty. It is another thing that makes a good scope. Therefore, you should select that scope which comes with a generous warranty when trying to compare scopes.

While some of these scopes come with a limited lifetime warranty, some of them will only cover scope damage as a result of dropping. In some cases, you can purchase a 17HMR scope that is backed up by a transferrable warranty.

Objective lens and glass coating

Scopes with a good objective lens and glass coating are very popular. Additionally, 17HMR scopes with a different zoom will significantly contribute to light transmission and image quality. The coating will improve on the durability of the scope. This is because it can resist scratch while at the same time improving waterproofing.

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It can be a challenging task to decide on the right scope for your rifle. But if you know the things to look for such as lens coating and magnification, you will easily make a better decision. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!



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