Best Varmint Scopes

10 Best Varmint Scopes – Reviews And Buying Guide

Have you ever spent your day varmint hunting? You can agree with me that indeed there is no better thing than that. This type of sporting combines the fast paced action of target shooting. Additionally, the bags limits are pretty generous. Besides being fun, varmint hunting is also necessary and important. This type of hunting is crucial in controlling large populations of unwanted pests. It protects not only crops but also property.

Best Varmint Scopes
Best Varmint Scopes

There are different types of rifles that are suitable for varmint hunting. Adding the best varmint scope will differentiate between success and failure no matter what rifle you choose. Here are the best varmint scopes in the market.

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Reviews of the Best Varmint Scopes 

Barska Varmint Mil Dot Riflescope

Do you really want a varmint scope that can make varmint hunting worthwhile? In that case, this is the right scope for you. The highly regarded scope has been manufactured with a mil dot reticle that allows for accurate shooting. Besides that, you will benefit from a scope that is easily adjusted. You will be able to shoot straight and on target. This will happen with every pull of the trigger.

Additionally, you will get an objective lens that gives you plenty of coverage. Unlike with other varmint scopes, you will get locked on much quicker. Furthermore, this product is specially designed to withstand the reverse recoil produced by air guns. Last but not least, the manufacturer has included all the necessary accessories. Finally, you are provided with a lifetime warranty after purchasing this product.

Best Varmint Scopes 1 Barska Varmint Mil Dot Riflescope


  • The manufacturer has included all the necessary accessories.
  • It is constructed to withstand the reverse recoil produced by air guns.


  • Low quality lenses.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

It is one of the most recommendable riflescopes when it comes to optics. Additionally, it is designed to give users a wide range of opportunities. This scope can be used for medium game to varmint hunting. Similar to other top varmint scopes in the market, the dead hold BDC is super convenient. It can be used in both shooting and hunting since it is easy to hold over. Other notable features included by the maker include V-PLEX.

If that is not yet enough, the lenses in this scope are multi coated. This ensures clear and fog proof optics. You will be guaranteed clear images in low light environments such as dusk and dawn. Moreover, this scope features a quick focus eyepiece. This makes it quick and easy to focus your reticle.

Last but not least, you will have an easy time sighting in with all metal on metal precision turrets. What is the role of the erector system? It is useful and precise in repeating the process. Finally, the O-ring sealed ensures that your scope will remain fog proof its entire life.

Best Varmint Scopes 2 Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes


  • It boasts of O-ring sealed.
  • It comes with a reliable BDC reticle.


  • Expensive.

Leupold VX 3i 4.5 14*50mm Riflescope

People have been preferring to go for this varmint simply because it does not disappoint. You should not expect it to disappoint you too. It is one of the greatest scopes you will ever come across for long range shooting. There is no doubt that you would want to have a scope that is manufactured with adjustable magnification.

This is the right time to land a scope that comes with the most useful features. The reticle in this scope is the duplex model. Be assured that it meets every standard. Furthermore, the popular traditional varmint scope comes with the most improved gadgets. You should not leave it behind if you really want a technologically advanced scope.

Best Varmint Scopes 3 Leupold VX 3i 4.5 14*50mm Riflescope


  • This scope is technologically advanced.
  • The duplex reticle model meets all standards.


  • The durability of this scope is questionable.

ATN X Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day And Night Scope

It is one of the best products manufactured by ATN. Additionally, this scope comes with the most advanced features. Do you want to be a perfect shooter? You are in the right place. This varmint scope will be of great help. The best thing about this varmint scope is that it can be used in the darkness. It features the most innovative technology to facilitate this.

Scopes manufactured with recoil support recording has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. Furthermore, the top scope is Bluetooth compatible. This means that you can use it with your phone to record footage. In short, it has all the fantastic features you would want a scope to have.

Best Varmint Scopes 4 ATN X Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day And Night Scope


  • It comes with the most advanced features.
  • This scope is Bluetooth compatible.


  • They have not included a memory card.

Simmons 8 Point 3-9*50mm Rifle Scope With Truplex Reticle

This is the ideal varmint scope for a heavier recoiling rifle. Additionally, it comes at an affordable price. Therefore, you can purchase it if you are budget conscious. Also, this product gives you great features for the price without breaking the bank.

The lower magnifications will be ideal for those closer range shots. Besides doing a perfect job, it will be ideal for long ranges. The elevation adjustments in this scope will stay locked to 0 through strenuous conditions. On the other hand, the QTA eyepiece enables easy target acquisition.

Best Varmint Scopes 5 Simmons 8 Point 3-9*50mm Rifle Scope With Truplex Reticle


  • It provides robust features set for the price.
  • It will give you high contrast images.


  • You might have issues with clarity.

Bushnell Engage Riflescope Matte Black

You might want to look at this varmint scope whether you are searching for an expensive scope or the best budget varmint scope. You might be aware that in hunting you lose some and win some. But that will not be the case if you increase the frequency of your success catch. It would be better if you get yourself this mighty riflescope. That being said, you can take this moment to know its advantage and disadvantages.

The manufacturer has been building its reputation for many years when it comes to making great shooting equipment. Most of their products are worth spending for. And this scope is no exception. The most impressive thing this scope will bring is that you can clearly see your target from a distance.

It is also worth noting that this scope is multi coated. You will be taken further by the quality of this great scope. Do you know that the maker has added amazing quality to its lens? These optics are manufactured with anti-reflective coating for eye protection and extra bright illumination. Therefore, you can use this scope even in dark conditions.

This varmint scope is very competitive in terms of resilience. You should expect that the frame will be sturdy since it is manufactured with durable aluminum material. It is patterned to aircraft quality. So, you can know that it will always be resistant to impacts and water.

Best Varmint Scopes 6 Bushnell Engage Riflescope Matte Black


  • Capped reset turrets.
  • It is toughly built.


  • You might struggle to adjust the reticle in this scope.

Gamo Air Gun Scope LC4x32 With Rings

This varmint scope has a 32mm diameter objective lens. Additionally, it is fully multi coated. There will be no sweet escape to varmints if you have a nice scope like this one. The manufacturer never stops to amaze their customers with high quality products. It is good to know that they have no room for overrated brands. You just need to click on the above link to purchase this scope.

The very first attention you will capture is the large magnification range. You can attest that it is quite hard to have a vision through the scope that can multiply the size of the image to 18 times. The presence of wider eyesight will increase the chance of hitting the target swiftly. Away from that, this varmint scope features fully multi coated lenses. Usually, the lenses in this scope contain series of anti-reflective lens coats. Moreover, the reticle is a type of Multi-X. This type of lens will make sure that the shooter has a brighter resolution even on a longer range.

The entire body in this scope is constructed with O-ring. This allows water to penetrate easily. Finally, you are given a full money back guarantee. In case your scope develops any kind of defect, you are free to return it to the maker.

Best Varmint Scopes 7 Gamo Air Gun Scope LC4x32 With Rings


  • This scope is durable.
  • The entire body is constructed with O-ring sealed.


  • There will be an error in elevation adjustment.

Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk And Dawn Riflescope

The extra-large magnification in this varmint scope makes this scope ideal for long range varmint. Additionally, it can be used for target shooting. Also, the popular varmint scope features the Multi-X reticle that offers classic sight picture. Furthermore, this product boasts of waterproof construction. The O-ring sealed optics will keep the optics dry inside even when totally immersed in water.

What are other notable features in this varmint scope? It comes with multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings. You will love the bright and high contrast images delivered by this scope. When it comes to the argon filled optics, they will remain stable regardless of the ambient temperature for the ultimate fog proof protection.

Best Varmint Scopes 8 Bushnell 614124 BANNER DUSK AND DAWN RIFLESCOPE


  • Waterproof construction.
  • Fully multi coated lens.


  • The lens will crack after a while.

UTG 3-9*40 Hunter Scope With 36 Colors

Adjusting this scope and retention will only take seconds. On the other hand, the illumination enhancing system will face both lighting and environmental conditions.

Furthermore, the illumination memory provides users with numerous brightness intensities. Other bonus features that the maker has included are flip open lens caps and Max Strength detachable scope.

What are you waiting to maximize the performance at various distances? This can be achieved with the versatility of a 9x magnification range. Besides that, this varmint scope comes with a sealed main tube equipped with multi coated lenses. You should expect exceptional clarity and performance with this scope.

Best Varmint Scopes 9 UTG 3-9*40 Hunter Scope With 36 Colors


  • This scope will maximize performance at various distances.
  • It is equipped with multi coated lenses.


  • They should correct the short eye relief.

Burris 6.5-20*50mm Fullfield Rifle Scope

This review article could not be complete without featuring this rifle scope. Additionally, it is the ideal choice for long range target shooters and varmint hunters. Also, the traditional mil dots can be used for estimating range and target size. This will compensate for the wind drift. Furthermore, the 50mm objective lens allows for maximum light collection.

Furthermore, the parallax adjustment is for improved accuracy at long distances. It is arguably one of the most popular traditional hunting riflescopes that come at an affordable price.

Best Varmint Scopes 10 Burris 6.5-20*50mm Fullfield Rifle Scope


  • It is a reliable traditional hunting scope.
  • It is the ideal choice for estimating range and target size.


  • The glass is blurry at 50 yards.

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Important things to consider when purchasing the best varmint scopes in the market

What is a Varmint scope? It is a common type of scope that is used in hunting. In the last couple of years, it has been considered one of the best predator scopes in the industry. What is varmint hunting? In simple words, we can describe it as the practice of hunting small mammals. Typically, varmint scopes come in bigger sizes when compared to regular riflescopes.

The success of your varmint hunting mainly depends on how well your varmint scope is. Also, it is determined by how well the varmint rifle fit together. What is best for your needs depend on the place you will be hunting.

What makes a great varmint scope? The best varmint scope will help you get the job well done no matter what time it is. It will not be affected by the weather conditions.

You might be aware that living with varmints can be dangerous especially to your livestock and other domestic animals. Varmints are known to spread diseases while at the same time causing great destruction to your crops. At times, it can be quite hard to get rid of the varmints. All that you need is the right rifle and the best varmint scope. There are numerous different types of varmints available in the market.

With the right varmint scope, you will be able to focus on a distant target before shooting. If you don’t have such a scope, it will be difficult to tell whether the subject is in a perfect position. You will have a rare chance to determine the varmints during the day or even night. This must be very helpful more so if you are the kind of person who loves hunting during the night.

The greatest varmint scopes should be weatherproof. This means that you will continue hunting even when it is raining. You will be guaranteed that any weather conditions will never affect your hunting session. Shockproof varmint scopes will be very handy. You are not aware when your rifle and scope can slip from your fingers.

Furthermore, the most reliable varmint scopes should have an objective lens. This will help you capture light while hunting. Last but not least, you will get pretty amazing pictures if you go for a varmint scope with multi coated lenses. This will make your target clear through the scope.

It is also necessary to purchase a fog proof varmint. Kindly keep in mind that you will be hunting animals in different weather conditions. And you can attest you would not want anything to block your view.

You should be aware of some of the best features when choosing the best varmint scope. We have compiled some of the most important considerations that you should always keep in mind:

The kind of rifle you have. 

The specific type of rifle will determine the scope you will purchase. You will come across scopes that are manufactured for use on certain rifles. Are you aware that you cannot install any scope on any type of rifle? You should shop for a varmint scope that will fit and work perfectly with your rifle.

The quality of the glass. 

Do you know that the quality of the glass is what gives you clarity? This makes it an easy task to find varmints. The glass should be clear at a distance. This will help you determine the exact location of the varmints. Besides being extra clear, the high quality glass will give you a fresh imaging capability.

An illuminated scope. 

When compared to a standard iron sight, this varmint scope will provide you with an immediate improvement. This will be noticed if the shooters are shooting in poor light. Scopes with illuminated scopes will provide you with a more significant advantage. You should look for scopes designed to draw the eye and make acquiring targets much more comfortable. Such types of varmint scopes also feature adjustments on the turf. This will change the brightness of the reticle.

A Duplex. 

Normally, the duplex is manufactured with crosshairs that are thicker step down.  These crosshairs are more extensive than the finer crosshairs. This specific type is very popular in hunting. You will be able to acquire targets faster and with great ease.

Magnification power.

It would be better if you purchase a scope with a wide range of zoom power. This scope will bring your target closer. It is possible to find a scope with a perfect magnification depending on the scope you want to cover. Remember to choose something that suits all your needs.

Light and objective lens. 

These are some of the most important things to a hunter. If you are an experienced hunter, you can bring attestations that indeed varmints are hunted at low light conditions. After the scope has transmitted enough light, you will be able to see your target easily.

Scope weight. 

Weight will be an important consideration depending on your style and preferences. Are you a hunter with extensive hours of full hand hunting? A relatively lighter varmint scope will be a good option. What if you will be using a bipod most of the time? In such instances, you should look for a scope with a bigger objective lens. It is stronger and heavier.


The most common adjustments with scopes include elevation and wind-age. It is advisable to adjust the wind-age to position the left right impact of the bullet point. Usually, these adjustments come in mill radians. They play a fundamental role in accuracy. With that in mind, you can consider these adjustments features before purchasing the right scope.


It is another fundamental factor that is overlooked by many people. How is the optical coating useful? It will help you deal with reflection issues. It is indeed a great function to keep the light in the lenses. It will preserve the clarity and brightness of your scoping vision. The best light transmission comes from optical coatings. There are different types of optical coatings that include fully coated, and multi coated.


Varmint scopes come at different price ranges. While there are expensive varmint scopes available out in the market, there are still other affordable scopes. It all depends on your budget. Expensive varmint scopes have proved to be more reliable. In most cases, they come with more features. It is said that you get what you have paid for. However, there are some reliable varmint scopes that come at a friendly price. Kindly don’t break the bank to purchase a varmint scope. Choose what you can afford.

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Budget, coating, and magnification power are arguably the most important things you should consider. Additionally, you should look at the warranty and reticles. And now that we have reviewed the top ten varmint scopes in the market, we hope you will have an easy time making an informed decision. We hope that you will find this information helpful. Kindly ask any questions you might be having. Thanks!


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