10 Best 3 Gun Scopes: Top Picks and Reviews

Do you want to put your shooting skills to the test? Engaging in three gun competitions is one of the greatest ways. Nowadays, many types of competitive shooting require expertise in a particular shooting discipline. You should be proficient with multiple guns. The best 3 gun scopes will perform exemplary on any hunting conditions and situations.

Best 3 Gun Scopes

Besides having a sleek design, it should have rugged features. We have compiled the best 3 gun scopes. All these products are tested and proven reliable for heavy punishments. The 3 gun scopes on this list will make sure you have the perfect equipment to help you succeed.

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Reviews Of The Best 3 Gun Scopes

Hawke Airmax Airgun Scope

This 3 gun scope is specially designed for air rifles. Additionally, it is rugged and durable to withstand the air rifle double recoil. Also, the highly regarded 3 gun scope is ideal for air gun shooting. Furthermore, the manufacturer has included notable features such as fully multi coated optics. This is to provide users with exceptional clarity.

Away from that, the reticle is glass etched. It has multiple points for air gun pellet trajectories. This will improve accuracy. Moreover, the integrated adjustable objective lens is to improve accurate focus while at the same time eliminating parallax error to infinity. Last but not least, the manufacturer provides customers with a lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer is a reputable scope maker that was established in the United Kingdom. They have been operating for more than 15 years. Their aim is to provide customers with innovative products that are tailored to meet their specific needs. Normally, they work with industry professionals. This helps them integrate features that are rich in benefits and excellent value for money. Finally, this 3 gun scope is backed up by exemplary customer service.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 1 Hawke Airmax Airgun Scope


  • It is backed by exemplary customer service.
  • The maker has proved to be reputable and trusted.


  • The accurate focus adjustment is very stiff.

UTG 3-9*40 Hunter Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot

This scope has the best features for predator hunting. Additionally, it is manufactured on a true strength platform. Also, it is among the best 3 gun scopes that are completely sealed and nitrogen filled. Furthermore, this product boasts of an illumination enhancing system. You will definitely love the red and green dual color mode.

Have you been searching for a 3 gun scope with one click high tech illumination memory? You should just click the link above and purchase this product. The coated lenses in this scope enable it to achieve maximum light transmission for the best clarity. The parallax in this 3 gun scope is adjustable from 50 yards close range to infinity.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 2 UTG 3-9*40 Hunter Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot


  • It features one click high tech illumination memory.
  • It boasts of red and green dual color mode.


  • It does not have elevation.

Barska Mil Dot Airgun Scope

The high precision 3 gun scope features several MOA click adjustments for precision accuracy. Additionally, this product boasts of high quality construction. It comes with fully multi coated optics. They are well known to provide impressive viewing clarity.

Away from that, the mil dot will help you target with great ease. What is the main role of the objective lens? Usually, they provide adjustments for multi range parallax error. Unlike other cheap scopes out there in the market, this 3 gun scope is specifically constructed to withstand the reverse recoil. Kindly keep in mind that air guns produce the reverse recoil. Besides that, this scope is waterproof and shockproof.

Last but not least, the manufacturer has included all the necessary accessories in the package. The presence of the full money back guarantee means that you can return this product to the manufacturer if it turns to be defective. With that in mind, what are you waiting to purchase this amazing 3 gun scope?

Best 3 Gun Scopes 3 Barska Mil Dot Airgun Scope


  • It is specially designed to withstand the reverse recoil.
  • The manufacturer has included all the necessary accessories.


  • It is an expensive product.

Burris Handgun 2-7*32mm Plex Reticle Pistol Scope

Do you plan to compete in the Factory Division of 3 gun scopes competitions? You should look no further than this reliable 3 gun scope. Additionally, this 3 gun scope has been manufactured with multiple brightness levels. Also, you can use the battery for numerous consecutive hours. This can be co-witnessed to iron sights.

It is by no doubt that the 2 MOA red dot reticle is the ideal size for both precise shot placement and rapid target acquisition. Furthermore, a transparent flip up lens cover has been included. You will have a parallax free scope that is equipped with a threaded front lens. The front lens opening means that anti reflection devices can be installed.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 4 Burris Handgun 2-7*32mm Plex Reticle Pistol Scope


  • It is equipped with a threaded front lens.
  • It boasts of multiple brightness levels.


  • It does not lose zero easily.

UTG 3-9*32 Bug Buster Scope

Do you know that there are counterfeit products that are shipped directly from China? This 3 gun scope is completely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled. For maximum reliability, this scope is shockproof and rainproof. Why is this 3 gun scope a no brainer for all shooters who find themselves in the most diverse environments and weather conditions? It is manufactured with dual red and green illumination.

The innovative true strength platform is the scope construction platform. The joint like interaction is controlled by the Smart Spherical Structure. You will be guaranteed of long lasting reliability in these interactions. This ensures responsive elevation adjustment over time. It is good to know that this scope has been at the heart of many people for quite a long time.

Besides that, it has been tested on the scope of killer air guns. The maker performs its testing based on the actual users input. Usually, they gather usage intelligence from all deployment aspects. They also analyze their impacts which in turn ensure optimal performance.

This specific scope will achieve an impressive and unparalleled parallax free view. This will happen from as close as 3 yards out to infinity.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 5 UTG 3-9*32 Bug Buster Scope


  • Parallax free view.
  • It features premium lockable and resettable turrets.


  • There will be an impact shift at 25 yards.

Burris Handgun 3-12*32mm Ballistic Plex Scope

This scope features the Ballistic reticle. It is one of the most effective and simple compensating reticles you will ever come across for hunting. Additionally, this scope has specially been manufactured for long range accuracy in a simple design. You will be having an easy time using this 3 gun scope.

Furthermore, this scope can be matched with any caliber or bullet weight. The compact designed 3 gun scope is for handgun hunters. Do you need a robust scope to handle the harshest recoil? This is the right scope that will never disappoint you.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 6 Burris Handgun 3-12*32mm Ballistic Plex Scope


  • It can handle the harshest recoil.
  • It can be matched with any caliber.


  • Short eye relief.

Winchester By Daisy Outdoor Products Scope

The best thing about this 3 gun scope is the adjustable objective lens. Additionally, users can easily adjust the elevation and wind-age. The full sized scope with one body tube is best suited for an adult air gun or rim rifle.

There is no doubt you would want to save money on your optic while at the same time having something that is going to give you an advantage. This is the right 3 gun scope for your needs. It is important to note that this 3 gun scope comes with features that make it compete with more expensive optics.

Unlike in other scopes where the reticle is projected, the reticle is etched into the glass in this 3 gun scope. This type of reticle will provide you with more options. It is not complicated when compared to other reticles on the same price range. Furthermore, this 3 gun scope features a battery life measured in years. Although the overall durability of this 3 gun scope is yet to be fully proven, customers who have been lucky to use this product have reported excellent performance.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 7 Winchester By Daisy Outdoor Products Scope


  • People who have used this product have reported excellent performance.
  • It is a durable 3 gun scope.


  • Some customers have been complaining that it turned to be defective after a while.

Simmons 8 Point 3-9*50mm Rifle Scope With Truplex Reticle

It is quite hard to find a reliable and durable 3 gun scope at an affordable price. Fortunately, Simmons has got you. The coated optics in this 3 gun scope will provide bright and high contrast images. The most impressive features that the maker could not forget include audible click wind-age and elevation adjustments.

The elevation adjustments in this 3 gun scope are unique in that they stay locked through strenuous conditions. Furthermore, the QTA eyepiece enables easy target acquisition. Overall, the manufacturer offers you one of the best 3 gun scopes that will serve you for many years.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 8 Simmons 8 Point 3-9*50mm Rifle Scope With Truplex Reticle


  • The QTA eyepiece enables easy target acquisition.
  • It features elevation adjustments.


  • There have been complaints about the overall quality of this product.

Hawke Vantage Riflescope One

The classic mil dot features numerous aim points for the hold over and under. Additionally, this product boasts of accurate mil spacing on 10x. Also, the glass etched has five brightness levels of illumination in both red and green.

The manufacturer is known to make high end and consumer grade optics at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the lens quality is better than their prices. If that is not yet enough, the adjustments will track well and accurately. The extra high magnification in this 3 gun scope will help you compete with others in the practical division without having to break the bank.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 9 Hawke Vantage Riflescope One


  • It boasts of five brightness levels.
  • Extra high magnification.


  • The quality of the lenses can’t be compared to those of Simmons.

BSA 3-12*40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope With Multi Grain Turret

This series features side parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. Additionally, the top 3 gun scope is fully multi coated. This guarantees the users maximum light transmission. The multi grain turret is well calibrated. Furthermore, you will get a shockproof and waterproof 3 gun scope. This means that you can use it in weather conditions.

Best 3 Gun Scopes 10 BSA 3-12*40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope With Multi Grain Turret


  • It is waterproof and shockproof.
  • It is well calibrated.


  • It is very heavy.

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Things to consider when purchasing the best 3 gun scopes

Are you looking for great 3 gun scopes? You will be making an excellent move simply because you will be getting more of the competitive three guns that are very popular when it comes to competitive shooting. Before making up your decision, there are several crucial things you should not forget. Keep in mind that you need to have a scope that will be flexible. It should also work well in all kinds of situations. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing your dream 3 gun scope in the market.


You might be aware that most 3 gun competitions involve mid-range and close range targets. That is the reason it is advisable to choose a 3 gun scope with an adjustable magnification range. You should always be prepared for anything. The reason behind this is that you are not aware of what the course will be like.

Over the years, we have witnessed most experienced 3 gun shooters preferring 3 gun scopes with low power magnification. Extra high power magnification scopes can be distorting especially when you are trying to shoot fast. With that in mind, you can go for a 3 gun scope with a 1x magnification. You should be guaranteed that it will never cause any kind of distortion.

Looking through the scope should be quite similar to looking with plain eyes. It is ideal to consider a 3 gun scope with 8X magnification. This level of magnification allows you to magnify targets that are farther away.

Focal plane

Just like magnification, the focal plane is always subjective. While some 3 gun shooters prefer going for the first focal plane, other shooters like the second focal plane. Your preferred choice should be the one that makes you feel more confident and comfortable at the end of the day. In most cases, the reticle becomes enlarged with the first focal plane. This will happen when the magnification settings are increased. That is not the case with the second focal plane. The size of the reticle will always be the same regardless of the magnification.

Most of the shooters who often engage in long distance shooting make use of the highly regarded first focal plane. However, you will find most of them complaining about the reticle covering much of the target when it is being magnified. For this reason, many people go for the second focal plane.

Illuminated reticle

Are you aware that a sighting tool can either be illuminated or not? Choosing between an illuminated or non-illuminated reticle all depends on your personal preferences. Why do some shooters choose an illuminated red shot? It is very crucial during the shooting competition. A scope designed with an illuminated red shot will help you see in any kind of lighting conditions. From there, you can draw your eye from the center.

Additionally, you will be in a position to sight quickly and accurately if you are using an illuminated red shot. Whether you are shooting during dawn or dusk, you will always see better on any situation with a well-designed illuminated reticle. Using an illuminated reticle regularly will make you better during the shooting competition.

Eye relief

It would be better if you consider eye relief when choosing a riflescope. It is very useful when it comes to the safety of the shooter. It is said that eye relief is important when using lightweight rifles that are manufactured with heavy recoils. What if you end up purchasing a 3 gun scope with a short eye relief? In that case, you should always be close to the lens to see. On the other hand, you will have the full freedom to view your target even when it is at a further distance with long eye relief.

You should choose a 3 gun scope with consistent and generous eye relief. This will increase the overall safety of the user. This is the right time to get started by referring to the reviews we have featured in this article.

Eye box

In simple words, the eye box is the space where the users can move their heads around. This part gives you the full freedom to move up and down or side to side. You will still be seeing through the scope even when you have moved your head in any direction.

There are scopes that require your eye to be in perfect alignment. On the other hand, others provide your head. An extremely large eye relief will be more important when you are moving. In such situations, you have more leeway for how you hold your gun. You have all the time in the world to correct a poor gun mount.

Size matters

It is the next thing you should settle on after you have determined how much magnification you will need. The role of the objective lens is to transmit the ambient light. This will focus on an image. More light will be transmitted when the objective lens is very large. In most cases, a larger objective lens is accompanied by higher magnification ranges.

A larger objective lens is ideal if you want to have extreme brightness and admirable clarity. However, you should keep in mind that a large objective lens comes with their problems too. You will be required to mount it higher over the barrel and action. This will cause many issues with maintaining a proper cheek. In turn, your shooting ability may negatively be impacted.

Fortunately, there have emerged several ways to compensate for this. You can buy a cheek riser or alternatively make one of your own. The size of the scope is one thing that can’t be compensated. A relatively large objective lens is heavier and bulky. This may not only affect the balance of a rifle but also it will accidentally knock into things.


MOA is the most common and stands for Minute of Angle. This term is commonly associated with linear inches. It corresponds to one inch at a distance of 100 yards. What is the main advantage of MOA adjustments? It allows for more precise zeroing. It will be quite beneficial if you want precise zero. What is the main drawback of MOA? You will have a hard time calculating at ranges other than 100 yards. Normally, the MOA adjustment works best when paired with the BDC reticle.

Some scopes come with MOA adjustments that are paired with mil dot reticle. All that you should know is that this configuration is not optimal. You will not use the mild dot efficiently.


Of course, it is the biggest consideration that should come into your mind before deciding on the specific scope to purchase. The best scopes are more expensive. In optics, you will get what you pay for. However, there are still other affordable scopes that will last and serve you for many years.  Choose a scope from a reputable brand.

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Warranty, size, objective lens, and price are the most important things to look at when purchasing the best 3 gun scopes. Additionally, you should consider the durability and magnification power. You should make your decision wisely simply because it will be a huge investment. You don’t have to keep purchasing a 3 gun scope each year.

It will be a waste of time and your hard earned cash. We hope that this detailed review article will help you make an informed decision in the future. Do you have any questions regarding the above products? Kindly reach out to our team for any questions. Thanks!


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