10 Best 1-6x Scopes: Top Picks and Reviews

It is always advisable to decide on exactly why you need your scope when choosing a rifle scope. Do you aim in fast target acquisition? You should go for a low magnification scope. This enables you to get a wide range of views. You will have an easy time taking fast moving targets. If you want something that can shoot greater distances, then a higher magnification scope will be excellent. Does it sound like what you need? We will look at the best 1-6x scopes for your shooting needs. These are the most popular choices available in the market.

Best 1-6x Scopes

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Reviews of the Best 1-6x Scopes

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Plane Scope

It is one of the most durable 1-6x scopes you will ever come across in the market. Additionally, the frame in this scope is manufactured with aerospace grade aluminum. Also, the reticle is an illuminated glass etched. Unlike in other scopes in the market, the reticle in this scope is positioned in the second focal plane. How useful is the Bullet Drop Compensator? You have the full freedom to pull shots constantly even at considerable distances.

As a scope user, you can easily tap the targets from a distance. If that is not yet enough, the centered halo helps beginner shooters to shoot close range targets swiftly. Furthermore, this product boasts of numerous brightness settings. The brightness settings will not run into rough weather in broad daylight.

It joins other highly preferred scopes in the market with fully multi coated lenses with extra low dispersion. This ensures superior clarity even in low light conditions. Moreover, the manufacturer has included other features that make this scope compatible with different weather conditions. It is good to know that this scope is fog resistant and impact resistant. Last but not least, the fast focus eyepiece is a part of the larger arsenal.

Best 1-6x Scopes 1 Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Plane Scope


  • The eye box in this scope provides ample eye relief.
  • The zero holds tight.


  • Expensive.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

This scope is more modified when compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the reticle in this scope is positioned in the first focal plane. If you have used this scope in the last couple of years, then you can agree with me that it is matchless.

Also, the turrets in this scope utilize the zero stop mechanism. It features three locking screws that are utilized. Another notable feature that we can’t forget in this scope is the fiber optic. You will find the radius bar on the elevation knob.

Furthermore, the knob zero position is aligned to the radius bar. This is very helpful in low lighting conditions. To match ambient conditions, the reticle is illuminated with ten degrees. The presence of a VIP warranty in the package means that the manufacturer believes in the quality of their products.


  • The glass presents a high quality field of view.
  • The turrets are easy to rotate.


  • It will not perform well in the exact spot.

Monstrum G2 1-6*24 Riflescope

The best thing about this scope is the pocket friendly aspect. Additionally, the first focal plane scope has been manufactured with a 24mm objective lens. The image produced by this amazing scope is not only clear but also brighter too. Also, this scope has been designed to provide enormous eye relief. The 4.5 inches will keep the view in focus and the target in range. You should never mind flirting with this scope.

When it comes to the brightness levels, they are customizable. It is not a surprise to see an illuminated reticle at this price range. People have vouched for this scope for its durability. It is intended for rough use. The consistent gun recoil does not affect the user as it is shock resistant.

You should be guaranteed that the weather conditions will never affect the scope performance. It is made to be water and fog resistance.


  • This scope is made to be water and fog resistance.
  • The brightness levels are customizable.


  • The reticle is not all that clear.

Trijicon 1-6*24 Vcog Riflescopes

In history, this scope has been defined by earth shattering and battle proven VCOG. Additionally, this scope is much favored by the United States of America military. Also, you will like this amazing long range scope. Over the years, it has been used for tactical engagements and all-purpose expeditions.

You will have the full freedom to choose from a wide range of reticles. The extra high magnification makes this scope the perfect choice for close quarter engagements. The illuminated reticle in this scope allows it to be used in poor light conditions.

It is worth noting that the lenses will boost clarity. This is facilitated by special coatings. For brightness control and parallax counteraction, the scope maker has included turret. Furthermore, the knob will make things tight and compact. The frame in this scope is both durable and weatherproof.


  • It comes with numerous brightness settings.
  • The knob will keep things tight and compact.


  • It is impossible to grade the reticle.

Simmons 655124 1-6*24 Riflescope

It is the most overlooked scope by hunters. Additionally, this product is both waterproof and fully fog proof. It is the right scope for you if you have been looking for a reliable product for short and medium range hunting. Also, this product is accurately calibrated and has fully multi coated lenses.

Away from that, the highly regarded optic has true and clear colors. The illumination is also bright. Similar to other top scopes, the reticle in this scope has 11 levels. Furthermore, the popular scope is manufactured with lightweight aluminum. This makes it quite durable.

It comes with numerous features that make it the choice of the military and most law enforcement agencies. You should definitely go for this product if you have to work in darkness when the duty calls. If that is not yet enough, the turrets are finger adjustable. It will pinpoint precision and rapid adjustments.


  • The turrets are finger adjustable.
  • The eye relief is abundant.


  • It is not a good scope for small game.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Illuminated Riflescope

There is no doubt that you have heard of the Bushnell brand. The reputable manufacturer has been making durable hunting equipment for a very long time. Have you ever owned a Bushnell product? You can attest that their products come at a specific price point. It is arguably one of the best scopes in the market. In fact, it is considered as the top of its class.

Furthermore, the high end scope is designed for very demanding and tactical use. The perfect tactical scope is designed for both close and medium range shooting. You will quickly get the target with the true 1x magnification. A 1x magnification is something that you don’t see on lower priced scopes. Do you know that there is no distortion in the scope magnification range? Nowadays, cheap and low quality scopes are manufactured with distortion at the end of the magnification.

It has received many praises as one of the clearest optics on the market. The coatings in this scope are uniquely designed in that every single element is perfectly optimized. Be assured that you will get brighter images. Last but not least, the multiple illumination settings allow you to use this scope with minimal ambient light.


  • It boasts of multiple illumination settings.
  • It produces brighter images.


  • There have been complaints about eye relief.

Sig Sauer TANGO6T Scope

The manufacturer is best known for making high quality pistols. Additionally, they have been offering a complete line of optics for a while. They might not be dedicated to making optics, but their products are of high quality.

The most notable feature in this scope is the MOTAC technology. It is a motion activated feature. When it senses movement, it automatically adjust. It usually powers down the optic when the device is not in motion. The illuminated reticle in this scope uses advanced fiber optics. This will adjust the brightness of the reticle central aiming point.


  • It features the MOTAC technology.
  • It can be used in the lowest light conditions.


  • There are issues with the warranty.

UTG 6-24*50 Hunter Scope With 36 Mil Dot

It is by no doubt the best scope for varmint and predator hunting. Additionally, this scope is constructed on a true strength platform. Would you want a scope that is nitrogen filled and completely sealed? This is the ideal scope for your needs. Besides that, it is manufactured to be shockproof and fog proof.

The coating on the lens allows the lens to achieve maximum light transmission. The parallax can be adjusted from 10 yards to infinity. Other amazing features in this scope include red and green color mode. The 36 color mode will accommodate all weather and light conditions.


  • The 36 color mode can accommodate all weather and light conditions.
  • The lens coating enables it to achieve maximum light transmission.


  • Poor clarity at higher magnification levels.

Sightmark Citadel 1-6*24 Riflescope

This product is situated on the high ground of close to long range optic performance. Additionally, this riflescope includes affordable plane tactical solutions. Also, it has proved to be the best for precision shooters and multi gun competitors. As a professional shooter, you deserve the peace of mind and reliability.

The highly regarded scope is specifically manufactured to help professional and recreational shooters. Furthermore, it boasts of a 30mm single piece and aircraft grade tube. You can use it in all weather conditions since it is waterproof and dustproof. Last but not least, the eyepiece is designed to rotate to adjust for diopter. The adjustment will stay the same unless you change it.


  • The manufacturer has included a diopter adjustment.
  • It is constructed with high quality aluminum material.


  • Not enough eye relief.

Hawke Vantage Riflescope

It is a durable and reliable scope that you can use regardless of the shooting terrain. Additionally, this scope will deliver high quality and clear images all the time. After all, it is the main reason people prefer going for this product. This is the right time to make shooting more rewarding. The popular sighting tool will make your naked eye see well than without it.

One of the many things you will like about this scope is that it comes with a 30mm tube. This makes it dependable for all season performance. You can mount this scope easily without any problem. It is also good to note that this tube allows for click and brightness adjustments. The click and brightness adjustments are ideal for plentiful uses and applications. That’s why we have featured it in our reviews. Overall, it will perform beyond your expectations.

Best 1-6x Scopes 10 Hawke Vantage Riflescope


  • It will perform beyond your expectations.
  • It is click and brightness adjustments that are ideal for plentiful uses and applications.


  • It is quite hard to adjust the knob.

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What is a 1-6x scope? 

It is one of the most flexible scopes you can ever purchase. This type of scope can be used in many situations. This scope has been gaining a lot of popularity with many hunters in the last couple of years. The 1-6x magnification is the perfect choice for long range shooting. As you can see, it comes with reasonable and variable magnification capacity. The extra 1x magnification in this scope allows the users to have a wider field of view. This will result in more accurate sighting and shooting.

Additionally, this scope is manufactured with other magnification settings. Therefore, you will easily sight and shoot far away marks. The variable magnification has proved to be useful in any hunting situation. These scopes are known to be lightweight and compact. This means that you will have an easy time carrying them around. The small build will not distract and slow you down.

What makes a great 1-6x scope?

There have emerged numerous 1-6x scopes out in the market. Therefore, it can be a daunting task when purchasing one. You might have heard that the 1-6x scope is a popular scope in the hunting community. It can be confusing on what to look for due to a variety of models and brands. A great scope should be durable and lightweight. Kindly look for a scope that is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum. Besides that it should be waterproof and shockproof. Also, ensure that the scope mount is compatible with your gun.

Second, a great scope should have been made with long eye relief. This improves precision. A proper eye relief will give the user a wider field of vision. This is quite useful in sighting and shooting. Lastly, ensure that the scope is manufactured with a high quality lens. Besides giving it clarity, it ensures that your scope serves you for very many years. Many people consider coated lenses as the best.

Important things to consider when purchasing the best 1-6x scopes in the market

Do you know that shooters often purchase a high magnification scope on guns that don’t need that kind of power? However, 1-6x scopes will work just fine when it comes to these types of firearms. For one, magnification is variable making it flexible and versatile. In fact, it can be used in gun competitions and hunting games. You will be assured to get more accurate shots while at the same time supplying the required magnification to shoot targets that are at a distance.

This scope is great for both beginner and veteran hunters. It can suit all their needs. Because of all the mentioned factors, this scope is quite popular in the hunting community. We have compiled some crucial factors you should look at when purchasing the best 1-6x scopes in the market. These factors will ensure that you get the right scope for your needs.


The 1-6x scopes can be mounted onto different gun types. They should be durable and rugged. This enables them to withstand different scenarios. Also, the right scope should be waterproof and shockproof. You can choose that which is constructed with high quality and aircraft grade aluminum. It should feature O-rings and resistant coatings. The aluminum material is not only sturdy but also lightweight. The durable mounting system should keep your scope zero intact and accurate.

Eye relief

Generally, many people prefer purchasing scopes with long eye relief. In most cases, these scopes are used on rifles and other high caliber visions. As a scope user, you will easily find the target quicker and easier. This will be more ideal when hunting moving targets.


When getting accurate shots, scopes will be very influential. The best scopes in the market will give users clear and crisp images. You should consider purchasing a scope that is made with coated lenses. The coated lenses ensure maximum light transmission. It also improves glare reduction. Moreover, such types of lens are durable and even scratch resistant. You should decide well on whether you want fully coated and multi coated.


Although it is not always the case, some 1-6x scopes come with reticles. You will come across numerous reticles available in the market for this scope. Choosing any of them should be a personal preference. You can look for one with a BDC or illuminated reticle. In this part, we will look at the list of their strength and weakness. This will help you make your choice.

Scopes with crosshairs reticles are the best for small caliber guns. Hunters who love simplicity should go for them. This will increase not only the range but also accuracy. This makes it highly preferred for varmint hunting. However, they might not be very helpful in defense and tactical situations.

Over the years, MOA reticles have been used for small caliber guns such as .22. You might be wondering why it is very popular. This reticle gives a reasonable bullet drop. This is perfect for large game hunting. However, scopes designed with these reticle types are not the best for high powered guns.

Are you aware that illuminated reticle can be used for hunting and defense scenarios? The illuminated reticles make it a versatile scope to use in dim and low light conditions. The only downside here is that not all scopes come with this type of reticle.


Although this factor might seem secondary, you should examine it before anything else. The choice of your scope mainly depends on where you will be using it. It is all about the nature of your activity. Do you want to use a bipod while you remain motionless? In that case, the scope weight does not make a big impact. What if there is enough movement in hunting sessions? In such a situation, there will be a significant effect. There are more possibilities of a heavy rifle wearing you out.

Elevation and windage adjustment 

Wind age is simply the horizontal movement. On the other hand, vertical tracking is elevation. You will be able to track the point of impact with this angle. This might need regular adjusting.

Focal plane

Usually, the focal plane comes in two forms that include the first and second focal planes. While the first focal plane is found in the front part, the second focal plane is located behind the reticle. The final choice should depend on your preference. It is advisable to go for the first focal plane since it allows quick adjustments.

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Purchasing the right 1-6x scope will make all the difference in the world. The best scope should provide you with admirable clarity and accuracy. Additionally, it should be easy to adjust. After perusing through this detailed article, you will have an easy time choosing the right scope for your shooting needs. Kindly get back to our team if you have any questions. Thanks!



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