How To Keep A Rifle Scope From Slipping? Useful Tips You Should Know

You’ve installed a new scope for your rifle, but it no longer stays at its position after some shots. How to keep a rifle scope from slipping? Let’s see!

0. Scopes need to get secured on rifles

Scopes need to get secured on rifles

Riflescope slip or creep is a common problem that most shooters have experienced once. It not only affects the accuracy of the shots but may also cause damages to your weapon. If you wonder how to keep a rifle scope from slipping, here are some solutions.

  • Check the rings and bases
  • Use rails
  • Lap the rings
  • Use tape
  • Shim the scopes
  • Apply some adhesive

We will find more details about how to keep rifle scope from moving in this article. Let’s explore!

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How To Stop A Rifle Scope From Moving

There are many causes of riflescope movement, but the main reason is the shock of firing or recoil.

When you make a shot, all the parts of your gun will move together, and the recoil keeps the weapon backward. As a result, the gunsight will move a little bit forward.

Over time, the scope will gradually slip and lead to inaccuracy when shooting. Besides, if this issue occurs for a long time, screws may fall off and crack your gun. You can consult the following methods to remedy riflescope creep.

Check the rings and bases.

If you notice your telescopic sight slipping, you should first check the rings and bases. The cause may be the improper alignment of the rings and bases. You need to check the manufacturer’s specifications for mounting rings and bases and follow them.

Each base will require torque to set it in the right place. If you can’t use the correct torque settings for the bases, many problems, including slip, may occur. Thus, remember to check the factory’s recommendation carefully.

Another problem with the ring is that they are too old. Old rings can have some rust and can’t hold the gunsight properly. In this case, you can buy new rings for substitutes.

1. The gunsight can keep its position when rings and bases align properly together

The gunsight can keep its position when rings and bases align properly together

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Use rails

A simple method you can try when encountering riflescope movement is using a rail. You will attach this rail on top of the gun and fit the telescopic sight mount into it.

The rail’s ridges will stop the mount from moving and prevent gunsight creep. When choosing a rail, it’s essential to check if it works with your scope mount or not.

Lap the ring

Another effective way to stop your gunsight from moving is lapping its ring. You will coat a layer of abrasive substance between the gunsight and its ring. It will adhere these two parts together and create friction.

Lapping will help improve the alignment between the rings and the tube of the telescopic sight. You can lap the rings yourself with lapping kits bought online or from the rifle manufacturer.

This video will give you a better visualization of how to lap the rings:

2. Lapping the ring is also a way to secure riflescopes

Lapping the ring is also a way to secure riflescopes

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Use tapes

Taping is also a practical solution for gunsight slip. You can cover the inside of the ring with rifle tape. The gauze or cloth finish of this tape will make the inside surface of the ring abrasive.

However, some tape is not applicable for this method, such as electrical tape, because it will melt.

3. You can use tapes to stop gunsight movement

You can use tapes to stop gunsight movement

Shim the scopes

Many rifle users suggest shimming to stop scopes from moving. To eliminate the space, you will line a thin sheet such as an aluminum sheet, cardboard, or card paper between scopes and the rings. However, this method seems unsuitable for modern gunsights as their tolerance is very tight.

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Apply some adhesive

If you intend to attach gunsight to your weapon for a long time or permanently, some adhesive can help eliminate riflescope movement.

You can easily find adhesive for rifles such as Loctite in firearm accessory stores or buy it online. This adhesive is available with three levels of strength marked by three different colors.

If you don’t want to remove scopes from guns, you can use the red one. Sometimes, if you still want to use your weapon without a scope, the blue one with medium strength is for you. You can heat the adhesive whenever you intend to take out the riflescope. The purple one features a quicker setting period.

Before applying any thread lockers, don’t forget to ask the manufacturer for recommendations. Using adhesive arbitrarily may cause unwanted damages or void your rifle’s warranty conditions.

4. Loctite adhesive

Loctite adhesive

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gone through some popular methods to prevent riflescope slip. Now let’s see what people often ask about this issue.

How tight should a scope base be?

Scope bases have recommended torque settings that you need to follow. If you use an adjustable torque wrench to tighten the base, only tighten mounting screws from 15 to 18 inch-pounds.

If there is no torque wrench, you can use a T-15 for replacement. Tighten the screws until you see that they can keep the short end of the wrench.

What does it mean to slip rings on a rifle scope?

To slip rings on a rifle scope means that you haven’t got the rings tightened enough, so they creep out of the gunsight. Securing them is the simplest solution for this issue.

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Should I use Loctite when mounting a rifle scope?

Loctite is a kind of rifle adhesive. Before applying it when mounting scopes, you should ask the rifle’s manufacturer to maintain your warranty.

What is a scope stop?

A scope stop is a device that helps you keep the gunsight and its mount from slipping backward when shooting. Depending on your mount, there will be different positions to attach the scope stop.

Final Thoughts

Above are all our suggestions to keep riflescopes from moving. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure a suitable solution no matter what method you choose.

If you have any other methods to prevent riflescope movement, you can share them in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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