How Many Guns Fit In A Gun Safe? Things you should know

A gun safe seems to be the best place to store your guns that every gun user needs to have. However, it comes as a big question to many of us: How many guns fit in a gun safe? If you are also clueless about this topic, keep reading our article to find out the answer!

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How Many Guns Fit In A Gun Safe?

Before directly jumping into discussing the number of guns fit in a gun safe, there is a term that we need to clarify to you: Safe gun counts.

Gun safes with internal hinges are not easy to crack.

A Gun Safe

Safe Gun Counts 

Almost all safes will have a clear list of how many guns they could hold. Some producers even give detailed instructions on typical guns that your safe could contain. So is this number accurate? How do manufacturers determine them?

Normally, your gun safes will come with gun racks to hold your “pew pew” possessions. The safe gun counts number is determined by how many slots are in the gun racks. Unfortunately, this number doesn’t seem to reflect well the number of firearms you could fit in the safe.

The reason for incorrectness is that you could only make full use of the rack by taking every slot into it. Each gun has its shape and size, so that some guns may take much more space than others.

You could imagine it like a parking lot but at the shooting range. While your Pirus fits nicely into a stall, your overcompensating truck could take you up much more space.

Can you change the combination on a Field and Stream gun safe?

Mid-Size Gun Safe

To simplify the matter, we would like to give you a small example of a mid-size gun safe to simplify the matter. When you look at a gun’s specifications, you will find its gun capacity, which is 12-19-31+2.

And several questions may arise to your mind: “What is the exact meaning of these numbers?” Or you may feel surprised, like: “Wow, this safe seems to hold so many guns? Is this true?”

These numbers sometimes are quite misleading, too. Let’s figure it out together! To begin with, you should take a closer look again at the gun capacity detail: 12-19-31+2. The sum of the first 2 numbers is amazingly equal to the third one.

That is why you should pay more attention to the third number because it is the total capacity your safe can hold. Still, the first 2 numbers will respectively describe the storage capacity of the left side and the right one of your safe.

What about “+2”? It represents the number of guns you could put on your safe’s door organizer. So generally, the meaning of these three numbers is respectively: the left side, right side, total storage capability, and additional door organizer capability.

The Maximum And Minimum Capacity Of A Gun Safe

Thousands of gun safes with various shapes and sizes are available on the market. Nonetheless, there are just three main categories of guns according to their storage capacity: high, medium, small.

Recently, a new extra-large gun-safe version has been released with the capacity of up to 64 long guns. At the same time, there is also a gun safe with an extremely small storage capacity.

It even just holds one rifle or a shotgun with accessories attached.  This design is suitable for those who want a portable and convenient gun safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some typical questions related to the topic that you should take into consideration. Let’s take a look!

Can I Ignore My Gun Cabinet And Wall-Mount My Guns?

Of course you can. It may not be an absolute requirement to keep guns in a cabinet for most people. Yet, it is a practical solution for you.

An alternative option for you is to put your guns in a proper gun room. You should appoint a meeting with your local police to discuss the possibility of your office turning into a room.

Can I Store My Guns In The Attic?

Yes! An attic may be an ideal place for you to install the gun cabinet, but you still consider some more factors. For example, aloft is prone to temperature and humidity. This danger may adversely affect your firearms’ performance.

If your cabinets were made after 1992, there would be many strict requirements to your locks, the thickness of the steel, etc. It then will conform to BS 7558.

How Many Guns Can A Mid-Size Gun Safe Hold?

As an example above, a mid-size gun safe could technically hold up to 31 guns. Your guns are to the bare minimum, or they are slim rifles with no extra attachments.

However, most guns often come with one or even several attachments, which will decrease the safe capacity. Gun accessories are everything along with them, including scopes, grips, lasers, or sensors,…

Gun Accessories

Gun Accessories

Normally, the total number of guns you could store is half the number labeled on the safe. Hence, if the storage capacity in the instruction is 31, you could just store around 15 to 16 guns.

Luckily, some accessories could help you keep more guns. These extra gun storage accessories are rifle rods, handgun hangers, or pistol racks.

How Much Secure Storage Space Do You Require for Your Valuables?

The most common gripe about most gun users purchase is that they should have purchased a larger safe!! The safe’s storage capacity quickly depletes.

It’s inevitable that family members may hope to store their precious things in the safe. So invest in a safe that can hold the additional valuables that you and other family members will amass in the future.

Should I Buy A Small Gun Safe Or A Bigger One?

In my opinion, a big gun safe is worthier investing. We have encountered tons of safe owners who chose a small gun safe to save their space and money. But the outcome quickly falls short of their expectations.

Why? As normally, your gun collections tend to increase over time. That is not mentioned the number of your valuables such as jewelry or some essential documents.

The Bottom Line

Now we bet that you have got your desired answer! There is no specific number to the question of how many guns fit in a gun safe. Instead, the answer depends on the kind of your gun as well as the gun accessories. Nevertheless, normally, you could store half the number of the gun capacity written on the label.


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