How Easy Is It To Break Into A Liberty Gun Safe?

How easy is it to break into a liberty gun safe? If you are clueless about this problem, then this site is for you! Our article will provide you with the best answer ever!


Apparently, the security level is an essential aspect that we have to prioritize when considering a gun safe. This is why the majority of people always opt for Liberty products when it comes to gun safe – The brand provides the most durable and high-quality safe.

Yet, how durable are these items in specific? How easy is it to break into a liberty gun safe? The following article will reveal the answer. Keep scrolling through our article to discover!

How Easy Is It To Break Into A Liberty Gun Safe

Liberty gun safe

How Easy Is It To Break Into A Liberty Gun Safe?

In fact, the Liberty gun safe is not easy at all to break into. Although we could break into most gun safes if we had the proper techniques and tools, Liberty has optimized its design to prevent this situation.

No gun safe can make thieves impossible to unlock in today’s market. The best version they could make is just the safe that is incredibly difficult and time-consuming to break into. Liberty is a good example to name. So how hard is it to break into a liberty gun safe?

Generally, the Liberty gun safe is quite small, which is suitable for handguns. You can put these safes right next to your bedside table or hide them easily in a wardrobe. This feature is great, as it brings a wide range of convenience to the users.

Besides, many people have this same question “Though the thieves can’t get into my liberty gun safe, can they steal the whole liberty gun safe?” The answer to this question is: Yes, there is a chance of the Liberty gun safe being stolen!

In short, the Liberty gun safe has great advantages in its security by being hard to break into, but the thieves could easily steal the entire safe. This is why people tend to choose heavier safes to avoid the safe being stolen.

Security Features Of A Liberty Gun Safe

As mentioned above, it is extremely difficult to break into a Liberty gun safe.  What is the reason behind this?

The key point lies in the hard plate lock protectors. Hard plate’s main component is steel processed by heating, which makes it much tougher and more durable when it comes into use. The hard plate as a lock protector in the Liberty safe is right in front of the lock to protect it from being punched or drilled.

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Why is it hard to cut through a gun safe?

There are two types of hard plate lock protectors in a Liberty gun safe.

  • Triple-layered steel hard plate in Centurion, USA, 1776, Colonial and Franklin models
  • Ball-bearing hardplate in Lincoln, classic selection, National Magnum, and Presidential models, containing various steel ball bearings within hardplate.

How To Check The Security Of Your Safe?

How good are liberty gun safes? To completely check the security of your safe, we would like to recommend several methods below.

  • Pry attacks
  • Torque attacks
  • Peel attacks
  • Cutting a safe open
  • Safe bouncing

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Gun Safe Is Better –  Cannon Or Liberty?

cannon gun safe

Which gun safe is the most efficient?

When comparing Cannon (known as the big three of American gun safe manufacturers), this has been a common question and Liberty.

There are hardly any significant differences between these two brands, except the price. These brands release the utmost design and great engineer safes to reach the final goal: Protect your guns and keep them safe.

Still, the final winner tends to be Liberty. People seem to be in favor of Liberty due to its optimal gun protection.

Do Liberty Safes Worth The Money?

If you take a look at the whole sales process of Liberty, you could be amazed at the unbelievable rise in the sales figures after the notoriously difficult time. The testament in customers’ level of satisfaction speaks for everything. Liberty now has built a name in the gun safe market and gained a great reputation among gun users.

Besides the reputation, what is the main reason that makes the Liberty gun safe worth your money? It is the safe’s material. Liberty is well-known for the quality of the material that they use in creating the safe – Liberty safes are made from solid steel, contributing to their lifetime warranty. This material pushes the price of Liberty to the point that most of its competitors can’t match them.

Moreover, the company always finds innovations to improve the quality of its products. The technology that the brand is based on is archaic – the one that never appeared when the steel safes were last made in the nineteenth century.

Liberty Safe Logo

Liberty Safe Logo

About the origin of the steel, they are all American’s and were checked carefully by the UL-rated fireboard. This proves that Liberty gun safe could be far more resistant to fire than most competitors. Therefore, from the entry-level centurion to the top of the presidential magnum, all gun safes are certified by the California DOJ (Department of Justice)., except for the centurion.

What also makes this brand stand out is its refund policy. If there are any mistakes in design or products that do not live up to your expectation, Liberty will be willing to compensate with another safe or even refund you. This policy of Liberty has gained a lot of beliefs among customers.

In other words, although the price is a bit higher than others in the market, Liberty gun safe is definitely worth your budget. With a hundred percent of customer satisfaction, we highly recommend you try this product.


So, how easy is it to break into a gun safe? We bet you have got the answer to this question. It is nearly impossible for thieves to break into your gun safe due to its great lock security system!
However, you should watch out, as there is still a chance of the thief stealing the entire gun safe due to its small design.


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