What Size Dehumidifier Rod For Gun Safe? Things to know

What size dehumidifier rod for gun safe? The right choice can bring the best efficiency while the wrong one will damage your stuff. So, how to determine?

It is not that you can place a dehumidifier of any size inside the gun safe. With the low moisture absorption capacity, the safe’s large internal can reduce its efficiency. So, what size dehumidifier rod for gun safe?

We have an answer to this question right below.  Read on!

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What Size Dehumidifier Rod For Gun Safe?

The reasonable size of a dehumidifier that you use to remove moisture in the gun safe depends on which types of devices it is.

There are two types of dehumidifiers on the market these days, including electric dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers. The dehumidifier rod belongs to the former.

For better understanding, let’s take an example:

Assuming that your dehumidifier rod is 12 inches long. This length often can work well in the gun safe up to 100 cubic feet. On the other hand, a 24-inch rod will be suitable to cover up to 300 cubic feet.

How To Determine Electric Dehumidifier Sizes?

As we mentioned above, the dimension of the gun safe will decide the size of the electric dehumidifier. The bigger the container is, the more powerfully the device needs to work. Hence, the first step is to know exactly about your gun safe’s size, and then we turn to the dehumidifier rod.

The process requires a calculation for the correct measurements.

For instance, your gun safe gets a length of 7 feet, a width of 6 feet, and a height of 4 feet. Then, its size will be 168 feet in total (7 x 6 x 4). The next step is to choose the dehumidifier rod based on the specification that manufacturers provide.

What Happens If You Choose The Wrong Size Of Dehumidifier Rod? 

With the wrong size, it becomes more challenging for the dehumidifier rod to absorb moisture in the gun safe effectively. As a result, the high level of humidity can damage all of your stuff inside the container.

So, how severe can the damage be?

  • Humidity is always a good condition for mold to grow fast and stick to your weapon as well as the gun safe’s wall. For days, weeks, or months, problems like rust come and damage your possessions.
  • Not only damaging your weapon, but humidity also takes a lot of your time. Due to moisture, you need to remove water from the firearms and grease their parts regularly. Well, this process is such a time-wasting one.
  • If your weapon collection contains several wooden pieces, it is also a big concern in humid conditions. The moisture can increase the risks of breaking when these pieces absorb too much moisture over time.

Moreover, a combination with the wrong size of the dehumidifier rod and some other factors can also worsen the effects. When you open and close the safe’s door frequently, more moisture will get trapped into the container.

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The risk can hit the same if your place always experiences a humid climate.

In addition to insufficient capacity of moisture absorption, an excessive one can also damage the firearms. When the humidity runs below a reasonable level, it becomes easier for the weapons to get corrosion.

Where To Place Gun Safes For The Best Effectiveness Of Dehumidifier Rod?

Having a dehumidifier rod with the right size is not enough. For better effectiveness, the position you place the device is placed also holds the key.

The humidity level in the room is nearly similar to the one inside the gun safe. Among options of placement, the basement tends to be an ideal location for the safe. Shrill, you still need to control the humidity level to reduce the risks of damaging your stuff.

If your basement is in a flood zone, it is no longer the best choice to place the gun safe. Instead, you can try to consider the first floor as a replacement in this case.

Another note is that placing the gun safe along with the dehumidifier on the higher floor may drive you insane. Assuming that the safe is more than 1000 lbs. heavy, you will hardly handle that weight.

Which Dehumidifier Rods Should You Choose?

On the market, the dehumidifier rods are available in numerous sizes and features to meet your requirements. If you are still in consideration, we have two suggestions below.

1. LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod 

The first star of recommendation is the GoldenRod dehumidifier rod by LOCKDOWN. Honestly, many people view this product as one of the best options for gun safe.

The rod looks significantly compact in the tube shape. Furthermore, the brand offers this dehumidifier rod in four different sizes, including 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches. They can work effectively in a 100, 200, 300, and 500 cubic feet gun safe.

LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod 

After warming up, the heating process of this dehumidifier rod can perform the absorption up to 50% of humidity. Plus, as an electric device, the product requires you to drill holes on the safe’s wall for the wire to pass through.

2. Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod 18 inches

Another idea also from LOCKDOWN is a dehumidifier rod model 222010. Because it is available in sizes from 12 to 18 inches, the product offers a capacity of moisture absorption varying between 100 and cubic feet. This dimension corresponds to a safe for around 35 guns.

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod 18 inches

Like the GoldenRod, this dehumidifier rod also needs some pre-drilled holes so that you can plug the cord conveniently.


Now, if someone asks you, “What size dehumidifier rod for gun safe?” then you can surely have an exact answer after determining the dimension of your gun safe: It depends on which types of devices your dehumidifier is!

For any further help, don’t forget to ping us a message. Then, we will be back as soon as possible for a more interesting discussion.


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