Do Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Work? Things you should know

Many people rely on dehumidifiers to keep their belongings in optimal condition. But do gun safe dehumidifiers work? Find the answer you need in this post.

A safe is a special appliance to store guns and valuable goods. To optimize its functionality, manufacturers come up with the dehumidifier. Although a significant number of users have developed a huge interest in the benefits of these machines, some still wonder, “Do gun safe dehumidifiers work?”. If you have the same question, here is your answer.

Do Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Work?

As an affirmation, we can declare that they definitely work. Sometimes homeowners consider it an indispensable item for their safes. Many people doubt its importance as they think the weather and humidity in their area are not so bad. Still, only a slight humidity amount can harm your containers and the things you’re storing in it.

Don’t hesitate to equip your safe with a dehumidifier. Without one, there will be the risk of deterioration for both the containers and the stuff it contains.

How Do Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Work?

The essence and functionality of these appliances are unquestionable. So, how does a gun safe dehumidifier work? Let’s find out.

We will divide them into two primary types: desiccant and electrical dehumidifiers.

The first one is desiccant dehumidifiers. Briefly, the desiccants found in this type will take out the air-moisture remains.

The common element of this type is silica gel. This substance works by absorbing the air moisture on the inside. After a specific amount of time, you have to detach this dehumidifier for recharging. You can determine this period based on what the manufacturers recommend, or the climate condition in your living area.

In the recharge process, you have to make the crystals free from the absorbed moisture. You can complete this stage just by connecting the machine with its mains. Then, the mains will generate proper heat to dry out the moisture. When you notice a change in the crystals’ color, you can unplug the unit from the heating piece.

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If the color is blue, the recharge is completely dry and ready for the next use. Yet, recharge it again if the color turns pink. This color indicates it has absorbed excessive moisture and needs a more thorough recharge.

Besides the desiccant dehumidifiers, you will have another great choice: an electrical one. Instead of drying out the moisture like the desiccant one, this type will prevent the water vapor’s condensation from happening. To accomplish this task, electrical dehumidifiers will adjust the temperature until the inner space is warmer than the outside.

Specifically, the electrical variants boost the inside temperature a few degrees higher than the outside environment. As a result, water vapor has no chance to condense. If there is no condensation, there won’t be mildew and rust.

Thanks to the excellent convection currents, the warmed air can reach any spot inside, even the most obscure one. Thus, your appliance will always be in the finest condition.

Despite the difference in activation, both of them point to the same purpose. That is keeping your gun safes in mildew-free and rust-free conditions. They are the highly recommended tool if you want to expand the durability of your appliance.

Generally, both of these dehumidifier types can meet your demand. However, the electrical one seems to gain a little advantage due to its ability to sustain constant use without recharging.

What Is The Ideal Humidity In A Gun Safe

Before deciding on which type to purchase, you have to measure the dimensions carefully and insult the manufacturers to determine which one will work best for you.

What Is The Ideal Humidity In A Gun Safe?

Preventing moisture doesn’t mean that you should keep its temperature too low or too high. You should follow the recommendation from the NRA.

Specifically, the ideal humidity ratio should be around 30 to 50% at 70 degrees (room temperature). Lower or higher humidity than this level will cause adverse effects.

Why Do You Need Dehumidifiers For Your Gun Safe?

In every region, especially the ones with moist and wet climates, the importance of a dehumidifier is apparent.

After a long time of use, water will gradually rust the metal components and the contained items. The destruction is more serious when you place it in a damp and un-lighted area. Mildew and mold will grow uncontrollably.

Why Do You Need Dehumidifiers For Your Gun Safe

Believe it or not, the harmful effects that a humid environment brings are inevitable. For this reason, a dehumidifier is a worth-investing item to improve the durability of your safes.

Where To Put The Dehumidifier In The Gun Safe?

There are two separate types of dehumidifiers with different working processes. They come in different locations as well.

If you have an electrical dehumidifier, the ideal spot for this type is on the floor of the safes. Before setting up the machine, check the safe’s width to see if you can mount a dehumidifier or not.

From the bottom position, the heated air can be evenly distributed all around your safes. This spot can also help you save energy and cut down on your electrical bill.

What about a desiccant dehumidifier? You can place it on any spot inside.

Where To Put The Dehumidifier In The Gun Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gun Arrangement Affect A Dehumidifier’s Performance?

YES, it does.

You should organize guns or ammo reasonably. Don’t try to save up the space by keeping the guns and ammo too close to each other. In contrast, you should leave gaps between these items. The airy situation will boost the performance of those appliances.

Can You Leave The Dehumidifier On Constantly?

YES, you can.

We recommend leaving the electrical dehumidifier on all the time for the best efficiency. Besides, you should put the desiccant variant back in immediately after recharging.

Bottom Lines

So, we have given you the answer to the question, “Do gun safe dehumidifiers work?”. They do work and function excellently. Along with the gun safes, this machine is a must-have to keep the optimal condition of your valuable goods.


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