10 Best Scopes For 300 Blackout – Reviews and Buying Guide

It is no brainer finding the best scope for 300 Blackout. The challenge comes when wading through the low quality and unreliable models to find the best one. The specific scope for 300 blackouts should fulfil all your personal needs and even your budget. Originally, the 300 blackouts were used in the United States of America.

Since then, it has emerged as one of the most popular assault rifles. This rifle is well known to fire supersonic rounds without even making any sound.

Best Scopes For 300 Blackout

It is also important to know that this rifle can deliver accurate shots at more than 200 yards. In this article, we will discuss the best scopes for 300 blackouts. Besides being the best performing scopes of all the times, they come at an affordable price. Choosing a better scope means that you will have more chances of landing a shot. You can agree with me that indeed there is no better feeling than hitting your target from a distance.

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Reviews Of The Best Scopes For 300 Blackout

UTG 3-9*32 Bug Buster Scope

The popular scope for 300 blackouts will give you maximum illumination. Additionally, you will like it when shooting in low light conditions. You will be guaranteed a good view of your target whether the sun is going down or coming up. Unlike in other scopes, the reticle in this scope is mil dot. This reticle ensures that you always have the best shot. When it comes to the parallax, it goes from 3 yards to infinity.

The objective in this scope is usually measured at 32mm. You can easily adjust the objective lens. This means that you will get the best sized field of view. You might be aware that a large field of view is recommended in hunting. With a large field of view, you will never experience any problem scanning the field and picking up a target.

As a scope user, you will benefit from plenty of views. How is the eye relief in this scope? It is arguably one of the greatest more so if you will be using it in CQB situations. All in all, it has proved to be a high performing and durable scope. Furthermore, it is shockproof and weatherproof. With that in mind, you can see that indeed this scope is manufactured to last. Have you been searching for a blackout 300 scope with rugged looks and top notch in performance? This scope is worth a look.

best scopes for 300 blackout 1 UTG 3-9*32 Bug Buster Scope 


  • The eye relief in this scope is great.
  • It is an affordable product.


  • It is not as good as other brands.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

It is arguably one of the best brands in scopes. The manufacturer has gained a good reputation for making the most durable scopes in the market. Additionally, the maker is very confident in their products. You can see this since all their products come with a lifetime warranty. And this Strike Eagle Scope is no different.

People have been praising it as their best friend in the field. You will efficiently work with this scope regardless of the weather condition. This scope will be protected if you are hunting and it is raining heavily. Do you know that no water leakage will damage this scope? It is designed to be shockproof. The manufacturer has used high quality aluminum to make this scope.

As you hunt, you should be guaranteed of the best speed and reliability. Usually, the magnification power in this scope ranges from 1x to 6x. On the other hand, the reticle is illuminated. The reticle boasts of numerous illumination settings. This means that you have the full freedom to choose from a wide range of illumination settings whether it is dusk or dawn.

The presence of the fast focus dial in this scope means that the reticle will be lined perfectly. What if your battery dies? In such cases, you are provided with a place to store an extra battery. Similar to other top scopes on this list, the compartment is located in the wind-age cap. Kindly don’t forget to have an extra battery if you purchase this product.

best scopes for 300 blackout 2 Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes


  • Numerous illumination settings.
  • It is the toughest scope in the business.


  • It needs an extra battery.

Sightmark Wolfhound 3*24 HS 300 Weapon Sight

There is no doubt that this amazing scope deserves a top place on this list. There are numerous reasons why we have reviewed this scope. This scope comes with all features to be crowned a tough scope. The best thing about this scope is that you can not only use it for hunting, but also for any purpose.

With this scope, you will have more chances of hitting a target at long distances. If that is not yet impressive, then we don’t know what to tell you. You can attest that you would want to have a scope with a red and green reticle. These types of reticles come with different illumination settings. You will easily use this scope in any light condition. Also, the reticle is shaped like a horseshoe. The outer circle in the reticle helps you to acquire your target with speed and precision.

Furthermore, the lenses on this scope are fully multi coated. This ensures that they provide a clear view. This puts other scopes in the market to shame. Last but not least, this scope is Constructed with durable and high quality aluminum material. If that is not yet enough, the rubber armor makes it a tough scope. Moreover, the lenses are designed to be scratch resistant.

Do you know that no amount of shock will bring this scope down? This is the right time to have a reliable scope that can handle any temperature. You don’t have to worry when it is freezing or during extremely high temperatures. Finally, this may be just your dream scope.

best scopes for 300 blackout 3 Sightmark Wolfhound 3*24 HS 300 Weapon Sight


  • It can handle any temperature.
  • It is made with high quality aluminum.


  • Expensive.

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone Bdc Reticle Scope

The most impressive thing about this scope is the fully multi coated optics with extra high magnification. Additionally, it is compatible with a wide variety of hunting rifles. Also, the Drop Zone BDC reticle is accurately calibrated. Furthermore, it has aiming points of up to 500 yards.

The side focus parallax adjustment is for adjustable long range accuracy. If that is not yet enough, the target turrets are for precise adjustments. This scope ensures that you get the incredible brightness levels you have been looking for. Just like other top scopes available in the market, this product is manufactured with high durability aluminum. The main reason why the maker used this material was to protect the inside from weather elements.

best scopes for 300 blackout 4 Bushnell Optics Drop Zone Bdc Reticle Scope


  • It boasts of side focus parallax adjustment.
  • It is manufactured with high durability aluminum.


  • It is a bit heavy.

Nikon P Tactical 3-9*40 Matte MK1

This scope boasts of asymmetrical design. This feature allows for additional holdover. Therefore, you can use this scope to estimate range and target size. Additionally, it is a fully multi coated scope that is Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum. The main tube will brighten even in the most dismal environments. The role of the 3x zoom ratio is to provide the field of view at the low end the detail at the high. This means that most of your shooting demands will be satisfied.

You are free to reset the zero after sighting in. This is for easy reference when making field adjustments. Furthermore, the O-ring sealed will prevent moisture from entering the body. Moreover, they could not forget the nitrogen purged for total reliability against thermal shock.

best scopes for 300 blackout 5 Nikon P Tactical 3-9*40 Matte MK1


  • This scope boasts of asymmetrical design.
  • It is a fully multi coated optic.


  • It has no parallax adjustment.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Focal Plane Riflescopes

Are you aware that this scope is the intersection of precision and value? Usually, it delivers an impressive array of features and performance. Additionally, it is manufactured with extra low dispersion glass and fully multi coated lenses. This ensures that you get a bright sight picture.

Furthermore, the glass etched reticle will keep sub-tensions accurate throughout the 4x zoom. What are the functions of the erector system? They ensure that the scope users have smooth magnification changes. This will happen even in the harshest conditions.

Other notable features that are worth mentioning include the exposed tactical turrets and a side parallax knob. This provides you with the necessary tools for long distance shooting. Moreover, the fast focus eyepiece has been included to allow quick and easy reticle focusing.

Last but not least, the single piece tube is shockproof and rugged. Therefore, it will withstand recoil and impacts. Finally, you are free to return this product to the manufacturer in case it does not fulfil all your needs.

best scopes for 300 blackout 6 Vortex Optics Diamondback Focal Plane Riflescopes


  • It features exposed tactical turrets.
  • The single piece tube is shockproof and weatherproof.


  • It is a bit pricey.

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Scope

It has emerged as one of the best scopes in the Viper line. Additionally, many people love this scope for accurate holds at extended ranges. Also, this would be the perfect time to incorporate this scope in your 300 blackouts.

The extra low dispersion in this scope brings excellent resolution and color fidelity. On the other hand, the XR coatings will provide enhanced light gathering capability. Your lenses will be protected from weather elements by the coatings. The CRS Zero Stop allows for a reliable return to zero capability after dialing temporary corrections.

Furthermore, the one piece tube is O-ring sealed. Last but not least, the argon purged ensures waterproof and shockproof performance. Finally, it is a versatile and yet simple riflescope that is ideal for hunting and tactical shooting.

best scopes for 300 blackout 7 Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Scope


  • The exposed turrets are Constructed for precise shots.
  • It is shockproof and waterproof.


  • Short eye relief.

Bushnell Engage Riflescope

This list can’t be complete without featuring this great scope for 300 blackouts. What does this scope features? It includes a red and green reticle. The reticles have multiple different levels of illumination. Away from that, you can easily change the reticles to either crosshair or dot.

Another thing you will like about this scope is the objective that is measured to 50mm. This guarantees you a wide field of view. All that you should know is that you will never struggle to spot a deer or even a big game target. You only need to be in your field of view. From there, you will be able to lock on it with ultimate speed and precision.

Besides that, it has low power Consumption. You can use this scope continuously for many hours without the battery dying. The eye relief in this popular scope is measured up to 3.5 inches. Therefore, you can look through your scope. This allows you to view your target with both eyes.

What is truly awesome about this scope is that it will hold zero even after numerous rounds. What if you want to switch mount it on another rifle? In such instances, you are only required to dismount and attach it.

best scopes for 300 blackout 8 Bushnell Engage Riflescope


  • This scope will hold zero after numerous rounds.
  • Low power Consumption.


  • The manufacturer should improve on the reticle.

Aim Sports JTHR1 Locking Turrets Scope

This scope has been manufactured with fast targeting and precision even when it gets close and personal. Additionally, it is a perfect choice whether you are in close danger or dialing for distance. The illumination dials will give you a massive field of view. You will have accuracy iron sights when it is the time to sling the lead for distance.

Furthermore, this scope is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum. This means that it will withstand Constant heavy recoil. Moreover, the angle cut sunshade reduces glare under bright light conditions.

best scopes for 300 blackout 9 Aim Sports JTHR1 Locking Turrets Scope


  • The angle cut sunshade reduces glare under bright light conditions.
  • It is manufactured with durable aluminum material.


  • The manufacturer has issues with warranty.

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope

The two built in sensors will detect the surrounding lighting conditions. The sensor will automatically adjust the brightness of the dot to these conditions. It is unique from the many scopes that require manual adjustment. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the brightness. The quick shot is arguably one of the most versatile illuminated sights ever produced.

best scopes for 300 blackout 10 Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope


  • It is arguably one of the most versatile illuminated sights ever produced.
  • You don’t need to worry about manual adjustments.


  • The knob is hard to operate.

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Things to Consider when purchasing the best scopes for 300 blackout

What makes a great 300 Blackout Scope? What do most professional hunting game lovers love when searching for the most top notch scope? They look for maximum performance more than anything else. It is taken as the top Consideration when it comes to what makes a good scope for 300 rifles.

What do you intend to use your 300 Blackout Scope? Will you be using your scope for law enforcement or comprehensive activities? Will you be using your rifle to enhance the target shooting or other recreational shooting skills? What’s more make a scope great for everyday use? It should be something that is perfect for close and mid-range shooting. Also, it should be designed with numerous brightness settings and the right zooming capacities.

HD technology and ballistic calculator are other specifications that will make your scope a great investment. The recent HD technology will provide more clarity. It should allow users to hunt during the day or night time. You should be able to adjust the points of impact. This should be done in an automatic mode after the distance is set.

What magnification do you need? 

You will never find any single scope that suits every individual. Your first trip into the field will make you know the level of magnification power you will require.

Close range

The close range covers up to 150 yards. You are more likely to hunt a small game. This is where this caliber will normally shine. You will notice a Considerable improvement when you employ 4x magnifications.

Long range

It is 300 yards and beyond. With this range, you will be assured that you will never be let down because of this range penetration. If it makes a lot of sense to you, then you can go for a magnification of 9x and higher.

Medium range

It ranges from 150 to 300 yards. Do you wish to make your land free of awful creatures? In that case, this will be the perfect range. It is advisable to utilize roughly 9x magnification

You will have a lot of regrets when you purchase something that is straight off the shelf. You can agree with me that you would want to be a smart shopper. This will help you get real value for your hard earned money. There are several important Considerations you should never forget when looking for the best 300 blackout rifles. Here are the major Considerations.


Do you know that the most sophisticated brands could impose the quality and the price of the scope? When it comes to value, the reputation of the manufacturer plays a major role. What if you can’t afford to purchase high end brands? In that case, there are several reasonably priced brands. These brands have similar quality and features.

Usually, the warranty of the specific brand shows you how the manufacturer believes in the quality of their products. Top scopes manufacturers especially from the United States of America provide their customers with a lifetime warranty.


It is the most important thing that should always come into your mind when looking for anything. You should not overlook this crucial factor. The durability of the scope will ensure that you have worked so hard to ensure that your rifle sighted is just intact. Can you imagine the shot becoming defective when you are in an important competition or a hunt? It is quite hard to question whether the scope will be durable especially for people who have never owned any scope. It is important to have a scope that holds zero under all forms of circumstances.

Another thing in durability that you should never take lightly is the waterproof and the overall sturdiness. You can use a weatherproof scope in any weather conditions.

300 Blackout range

It is good to know that this scope was not specifically manufactured for distances that are beyond 300 yards. There is no doubt that having a scope of up to 300 yards must be a great advantage. Besides this, the speed of the scope is very crucial. On the other hand, extra high powered scopes are exceptional for up to 300 yards. Before making your decision, kindly meditate on what you will be using your scope for.

Furthermore, it is advisable to figure out the range that you will be shooting in. This will help you come up with a well thought decision. This is the right time to search for a scope that can easily be adjusted for each range.

The quality of the light filtration and lens

This factor will make a serious distinction in low light situations and late evening scenarios. If it is possible, you should purchase a 300 Blackout scope with multi coated lens. It will use the lens to magnify light transmission and brightness.

Scopes with variable types of reticles

Reticles serve as the aiming point in your isle. There are different types of reticles. The most common reticles include duplex reticle and BDC reticles.

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Value, durability, and warranty are arguably the most important things to look at when purchasing the best 300 Blackout scopes. Additionally, you should not forget to look at the price and reticles. We hope that you will have an easy time making an informed decision. Do you have any questions? You should feel free to ask our great team. Thanks!



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