10 Best Low Power Variable Optic – Top Picks and Reviews

Are you fond of AR carbines or tactical carbines? It would be important if you choose the best Low Power Variable Optic. The best Low Power Variable Optics have emerged as the ideal combination of accuracy and speed. There is no doubt it will be an effective solution whether in self-defense or any competition.

Additionally, the right Low Power Variable Optic will be helpful in turning your rifle into a short or long range solution. You will have an alternative that can act better than a red dot while at the same time benefiting from a convectional scope. Do you know that you can trigger the targets effectively and increase the magnification faster? In this article, we will discuss the best Low Power Variable Optics and how you can choose the right optic for your needs.

Best Low Power Variable Optic

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Reviews of the Best Low Power Variable Optic

Trijicon Vcog Riflescope 1-8*28mm, 34mm Tube 

The manufacturer tops the list when it comes to reliable optics production. This product is a typical example of their brilliance. Have you been searching for an ideal optic for competition shooting? Kindly be assured that there is nothing better than this. The versatile optic is perfect for both home protection and hunters.

Unlike other optics in the market, you have the freedom to choose between the red and green reticle options in this scope. Additionally, you can use the scope similar to the red dot at 1x for closer targets. The top optics maker has made this scope to use a CR2032 battery. The battery is useful for the 11 illumination settings. This means that you will have a run time of about 31 hours of non-stop use.

What if the illumination in this optic fail? The reticle is uniquely crafted into the glass. It will never go away. It is considered one of the most useful features of all Low Power Variable Optics. People who have been lucky to use this optic has praised it as one of the best for lighting with extremely high visibility and brightness. The most notable features in this optic include a 28mm objective lens and a 34mm tube.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 1 Trijicon Vcog Riflescope 1-8*28mm, 34mm Tube 


  • It is manufactured with numerous brightness settings.
  • The reticle is uniquely crafted in the glass.


  • Expensive.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Riflescopes

This optics comes with the speed and versatility you have been searching for. Besides having a low magnification on the low, this optic will adapt in a wide range of scenarios. As a shooter, you will be in a position to rapidly engage targets from point blank to extended ranges.

The maker has updated the magnification of this scope. Unlike in the older version, this optic includes a thread in the throw lever. You can easily see the magnification indicators without coming off the scope. Additionally, the new illuminated reticle will be crucial in focusing the shooter’s eye to the target faster. On the other hand, the presence of hold overs means that this optic can be used in 650 yards for targets of known distance.

How is the fast focus function helpful? This feature allows quick and easy reticle focusing. Furthermore, this product boasts of anti-reflective coatings. The coatings are located on the air to glass surfaces. The role of these coatings is to provide an increased light transmission. This is beneficial for better clarity and low light performance.

Last but not least, for fog proof performance, nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed have been incorporated in this optic. Moreover, it joins other top optics in the market that are constructed in one piece of aircraft grade aluminum.  Finally, the 30mm aluminum tube is shockproof.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 2 Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Riflescopes


  • This product is defined by speed and versatility.
  • It features nitrogen purged and O ring sealed.


  • The maker should correct on the zoom range.

Steiner Optics T Series Tactical Riflescope

Do you want to benefit from the ultimate accuracy? You should not leave this optic behind. Additionally, the 24mm tactical scope will provide precision through its one piece tube. The tube will also increase strength and reliability.

The best thing about this top scope is the special competition reticle. The reticle will provide users with an extended illumination area. The mil ranging brackets allow for precise ranging. Furthermore, the function of the throw lever is for quick and easy magnification changes. On the other hand, the lens cover will protect the lenses from dust and moisture.

The mil numbers in this scope are very unique. The numbers on the scale will automatically change. This will prevent you from getting lost on the dial. When it comes to the warranty, the manufacturer is known to stand behind their products. They are willing to replace your defective scope at no charge. However, keep in mind that the warranty in this product does not cover damage, loss or theft.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 3 Steiner Optics T Series Tactical Riflescope


  • Heritage warranty.
  • It comes with a second rotation indicator.


  • Short eye relief.

Sig Sauer Sosbdx32111 Sierra3bdx Rifle Scope

Are you aware that the maker has incorporated BDX XCHANGE? Additionally, the automatic hold over dot is located on a Digital Focal Plane. The digital focal plane combines second focal plane stadia with an OLED Illuminated reticle. Also, the Motion Activated Illumination present in this optic will sense motion. It will power down when it does not sense motion.

Other notable features that make this scope unique from the rest is the coating and wide broadband. The anti-reflection lens coatings will reduce surface reflections.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 4 Sig Sauer Sosbdx32111 Sierra3bdx Rifle Scope


  • It has been made with the highly regarded Motion Activated Illumination.
  • The anti-reflection lens coating will reduce surface reflections.


  • The support is not very friendly.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective Riflescope

There is no doubt that it is one of the most trusted configurations ever to be made by the renowned optics maker. Additionally, it features the latest V-reticle. Usually, this reticle uses the V-PLEX format with battery powered electronics. It illuminates the center dot for hunters and shooters especially during extra low light conditions.

The extra-long eye relief allow the optics users to get a sight picture within seconds while at the same time acquiring your target. Last but not least, the fast focus in this optic allow reticle focusing.

What’s more in this optic? The lenses provide bright and clear views for the user. The reset turrets can easily be adjusted using fingers. Away from that, the turrets come with MOA clicks. These clicks can be reset to zero.

If that is not yet enough, it is constructed on a single piece of tube. The tube is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum. The aircraft grade aluminum guarantees you strength and shockproof performance.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 5 Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective Riflescope


  • The aircraft grade aluminum guarantees you strength and shockproof performance.
  • It boasts of O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged.


  • This scope will lose zero for a few shots.

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Plane Riflescope

Are you planning to go for three gun shooting competition? This will be the best option. The manufacturer is known for its quality production. Additionally, the reticle in this optic is perfect for accurate holds at extended ranges.

The extra low dispersion and fully multi coated lenses bring excellent resolution and color fidelity. Also, it comes with XR coatings that provide the desired light gathering capability. The coating will also protect the lenses.

The exposed target turrets in this optic are manufactured for precise and repeatable finger adjustable clicks. You have the freedom to return to zero. While the zoom provides extra magnification, the side adjustment will provide image focus.

The presence of fast focus eyepiece allows you to properly adjust the reticle to your eye. Last but not least, the one piece tube is O ring sealed. This guarantee the user waterproof and fog proof performance. The simple and versatile riflescope can be used in hunting or target shooting.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 6 Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Plane Riflescope


  • The simple and versatile scope can be used in hunting and target shooting.
  • The 4x zoom provides magnification versatility.


  • It has parallax issues.

Truglo Tru Brite 30 Series 1-6*24mm Dual Color Illuminated Reticle Scope

It has become one of the best options for low power variable optics. One of the major aspects of this optic is the Advanced Combined Sighting System. Additionally, the manufacturer has included numerous principles into a unified framework. All that you should know when purchasing this product is that it is very flexible for different calibers. Besides the reticle, this product comes with other several different characteristics.

It is said that this optic has the highest edge to edge visibility, Away from that, it has an unbelievable field of view. The optic durability has made it to be used by Law Enforcement and Special Operation Community. Therefore, you should be guaranteed it is tested for battle. It can manage many waves of abuse.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 7 Truglo Tru Brite 30 Series 1-6*24mm Dual Color Illuminated Reticle Scope


  • It is a durable optic.
  • It can manage many waves of abuse.


  • It will not hold zero all along.

UTG 3-9*32 Bug Buster Riflescope

For optimal aiming and shooting performance, the manufacturer has included range estimating mil dot reticle. Additionally, the adjustable objective lens can be used from 3 yards to infinity. Similar to other highly preferred optics on this list, this scope features red and green illumination. This is for versatile applications. Other crucial features in this product are a large field of view and the most accommodating eye relief.

Last but not least, it comes with quick detachable rings. There is no doubt you would want to have a scope that is built on a true strength platform. It is good to know that this scope is completely sealed and nitrogen filled. This makes it shockproof and waterproof. You will get maximum light transmission with this scope. Finally, the turrets are lockable and resettable.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 8 Utg 3-9*32 Bug Buster Riflescope


  • It is shockproof and waterproof.
  • The coating ensures maximum light transmission.


  • The overall quality of this optic has been questioned by many users.

Bushnell 1-4*24 Riflescope With Illuminated BTR

Do you want a scope for short to mid-range shooting? This is the perfect versatile scope. The optic that comes with variable magnification is constructed with waterproof material. This means that it can be used in rugged conditions. The adjustable length throws lever in this scope is for fast magnification changes.

You will have a bright and clear view of the targets when you consider purchasing this product. Last but not least, the 6 settings adjustable illumination is for perfect reticle brightness. Finally, you can return this product to the manufacturer if it turns to be defective. The support staff is customer friendly, and they are willing to answer any questions.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 9 Bushnell 1-4*24 Riflescope With Illuminated BTR


  • Excellent customer services.
  • You can return this product if it stops working.


  • The adjustment knob will develop issues after sometimes.

Trinity Force Legacy 1-6*24 Scope

It is another popular name when we talk about quality scope production. The best thing about this product is that it is considered to be one of the best and battle proven. The foremost feature you will love is the visibility power. It is designed with a large view field and eye relief that competes for head to head with Vortex.

Last but not least, the optic body is nitrogen purged. Besides being fog resistant, it is water resistant. It is worth knowing that this scope will stand up to the toughest of environments. Moreover, it will keep your rifle on target at close quarter engagement distances.

Best Low Power Variable Optic 10 Trinity Force Legacy 1-6*24 Scope


  • It is fog resistant and water resistant.
  • It will keep your rifle on target at close quarter engagement distances.


  • It does not have an illuminated reticle.

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What is a Low Power Variable Optic?

In simple words, we can describe it as a scope that bridges between traditional scope and red dots. Additionally, this type of optic is manufactured with a magnification range of 0 to 10 times. It all depends on how you want to utilize it. Nowadays, most of the Low Power Variable Optics are in the range of 1-4. This will be beneficial in terms of increasing the accuracy and range of a rifle. Besides that, they are manufactured with the latest technology. Upcoming advances have also been included in it.

It is also good to know that most of the Low Power Variable Optics have an illuminated reticle. It depends upon the size of the reticle. That’s the reason why such types of scopes are used in a competition like three guns. You will have an easy time aiming at the target that is less than 50 yards. You will hardly come across any other optic in such competitions than an LPVO.

Things to consider when purchasing the best Low Power Variable Optics in the market

Have you been working hard to ensure that you pursue your hunting or shooting hobby? If that is the case, you should look for equipment that does the job right. This is the right time to go for a high quality Low Power Variable Optic if you really want to do with fewer hassles.

There are numerous Low Power Variable Optics in the market. How can you identify a scope that suits all your needs? What type of shooting are you doing? What kind of gun do you like using? These are some of the crucial questions that should always come into your mind. To help you land the right Low Power Variable Optics for your needs, we have compiled the most important things to consider when purchasing an optic. Let’s go deep into these factors.

Optical quality

It is considered as one of the most relevant things that people overlook when purchasing an optic. It is important to know that the scope of optical quality is very crucial just like its ruggedness. You should cautiously choose the lens. Additionally, the scope should meet all the optical requirements as outlined by the optical engineer.

Furthermore, kindly ensure that the glass is carefully polished. This will keep it away from scratches. You might be aware that scratches may interfere with the passage of light via the lens. The best optics of all the times come with a special multi coating compound on the lens. That being said, you should always consider optical clarity when purchasing your optic.


Are you comfortable with more brightness and clarity? If so, you should purchase an optic with a large objective lens. Do you know that the objective lens transmits the ambient light? This enables you to focus on an image. The larger the objective lens means that the more light it spread to your eye. More light means that you will have a clear view of your image.

Furthermore, a scope manufactured with a large objective lens is bulkier and heavier when compared to a smaller one. With that in mind, it is advisable to make a wise decision. This ensures that you get a scope that adequately suits all your shooting and hunting needs.

Type of hunt

Are you aware that as a hunter you need a pleasant and full view of your target? That’s why you should consider the optical triangle when purchasing a scope. What does the optical triangle consist of? It features a field of view, eye relief, and magnification. Are you a close range shooter? It is advisable to consider a large field of view. It will make your shooting session enjoyable and accurate. Hence, you will be required to have a lower magnification. Therefore, consider the type of hunt to purchase the best scope.

Exit pupil

You can change the exit pupil as you alter the magnification. How is the exit pupil obtained? It is obtained by dividing the diameter of the objective lens by the magnification of the optical scope. That being said, the exit pupil should be exactly the same as the increase of your eye pupil. Therefore, your eye will receive as much light as possible.


Turrets allow scope users to make adjustments to zero. Most of the variable scopes in the market are manufactured with externally adjustable turrets. You will be able to dial in elevation changes and wind age. This will be helpful especially if you want to run this scope on a precision rifle. The easy to adjust turrets allow you to solve your problems quickly.

Remember to look for Low Power Variable Optics with a zero stop. Such models enable you to make adjustments. You will easily reverse all the way back to your zero. On the other hand, the exposed turrets will be quite tall. You will catch your gear more readily when compared to cap turrets. People like capped turrets simply because they allow users to make adjustments to the scope when the cap is removed. You can make any changes without taking the cap off once you are zeroed. Keep in mind that capped turrets may lack a zero stop.

First Focal Plane and Second Focal plane

The first focal plane will keep the reticle consistent with the size of the target. It allows the reticle size to stay consistent relative to the target. It is not affected by the magnification. On the other hand, the second focal plane keeps the reticle the same size at all magnifications. You will not be able to range a target. In that case, you should have the manufacturer recommended magnification.

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Final Thoughts

Reticles, warranty, and price are considered the most crucial things to look at when purchasing the best Low Power Variable Optics. Additionally, consider the magnification and the construction of the specific scope. And now that you have read the detailed review article on the best Low Power Variable Optics, you can now purchase your preferred optic from the above list. You can get in touch if you have any questions regarding the above products or any other products. Thanks!


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