10 Best Scopes For M1A: Top Picks and Reviews

The M1A is one of the most versatile rifles in the world. It is known to deliver incredible performance to its owners. Do you want to maximize the performance of this rifle? It will be ideal if you look for the most reliable scope for M1A. Although it is quite expensive, the M1A is loved by many. That’s the reason why you should do something to ensure that it continues to deliver the best performance.

Best Scopes For M1A
Best Scopes For M1A

The best scope for M1A will boost the rifle accuracy. Additionally, the right scope for M1A allows it to showcase its inherent positive qualities. Be guaranteed that your shooting range will be maximized with the following scopes. Are you interested in finding the best scopes for M1A? This review article will enlighten you on the most reliable products in the market.

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Reviews of the Best Scope For M1A

Visionking Optics 1-8*24 Long Eye Relief Scope

It is one of the best scopes for M1A that is manufactured with relatively high magnification. Additionally, the distance between the middle turrets to the power ring is about 49mm. Also, the excellent optic is fully waterproof and fog-proof. Therefore, you can use it in any kind of weather conditions. There is no doubt that you would want a scope with a parallax of 100 yards.

Furthermore, the optics coating in this scope is fully multi coated. This means that you will always have maximum light transmission. Moreover, the exit pupil is about 3.2mm. Finally, you are free to return this product to the manufacturer if it turns to be defective. In that case, you will be provided with a full refund.

Best Scopes For M1A 1


  • It is shock resistant.
  • High magnification.


  • It does not come with a battery.

Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk And Dawn Riflescope

The most notable feature in this scope is the fingertip wind-age and elevation adjustment. Additionally, the low light riflescope is designed with 12x magnification. Also, it is equipped with a 40mm objective lens. The dusk and dawn multi coated lenses are for clarity and brightness.

The O-ring sealed will always be dry. You should not worry about them getting wet. Furthermore, the argon filled optics will remain stable regardless of the ambient temperature for the ultimate fog proof protection. This product has gained a lot of praise in the last couple of years simply because it has eye focus, range focus, and 12x zoom.

Best Scopes For M1A 2


  • It is manufactured by the best budget line.
  • Longer relief distance.


  • It is hard to adjust for elevation.

Simmons 8 Point 3 9*50mm Rifle Scope

You will love the many robust features included by the manufacturer. Additionally, the coated optics in this scope are designed in a unique way to provide bright and high contrast images. When you compare this scope to other products in its class, it has state of the art features. The elevation adjustments are for effortless adjustment. Furthermore, the QTA eyepiece is for easy target acquisition.

The eight point scope is popular with many scope lovers since it delivers admirable precision. If you have used this scope in the past, then you can agree with me that it comes with waterproof and shockproof specifications. The matte black finish means that you will not be observed by the target when shooting. From all these amazing features, you can attest that this product must be incredible.

Best Scopes For M1A 3


  • It delivers outstanding precision in a basic riflescope.
  • It is easy to mount on the rifle.


  • Expensive.

Truglo 4*32mm Compact Shotgun Scope Series

This scope features fully multi coated lenses that provide maximum brightness and extreme clarity. Additionally, you should be guaranteed of high contrast and bright images when you purchase this product. Also, it features a durable and scratch resistant finish. The duplex reticle features mounting rings that have emerged as the perfect choice for people who use air rifles.

Furthermore, the diamond reticle model has been designed with weaver style mounting rings. It is good to know that the reticle is specifically manufactured for shotgun hunting. This means that it is the ideal choice for turkey and deer.

Best Scopes For M1A 4


  • The fully multi coated lenses provide maximum brightness and extreme clarity.
  • The diamond reticle is designed with weaver style mounting rings.


  • The rings will often slip on the rail. You might be dissatisfied with the ring arrangement.

Leupold VX 3I 3.5 10*50mm Riflescope

This is the right time to see bright and clear images in a wider variety of low and bright lighting conditions. Do you know that the combination of edge to edge clarity will provide you with an extra 20 minutes of shooting light? It has been one of the most popular models for decades. This scope will work in almost any hunting environment.

Be assured that long shots will never be an issue. What do hunters love most about this scope? It is designed to be plain. You will benefit from the scope of outstanding performance in low light conditions. Besides that, it comes with a lightweight design. You will have a rare chance to see details that other scopes can’t work in low light situations.

Best Scopes For M1A 5


  • It works in almost any hunting environment.
  • It delivers bright images.


  • The durability of this scope is questionable.

Cvlife Hunting Rifle Scope With Free Mount

You can move the adjustable objective using the parallax dial at the end of the scope. Why is this adjustment useful? Typically, it allows for a sharper target image. It also eliminates parallax and range estimation.

The highly regarded eyepiece with a dioptric adjustment lens eliminates most of the image aberration. Furthermore, the well designed and constructed turrets allow consistent and precise wind-age. Moreover, it is quite an easy task mounting this scope on your M1A rifle.

Best Scopes For M1A 6


  • The adjustable objective lens can be moved using the parallax dial at the end of the scope.
  • It features well designed turrets.


  • The turrets are very long.

ATN X Sight 4k Pro Smart Day Rifle Scope

It is the newest breakthrough from the manufacturer. This scope will bring you a digital hunting experience. Additionally, this product blends in the latest technology with the more traditional scope form. It will bring you one of the best from both worlds. Usually, this scope is powered by a dual core processor. The rifle scope that comes with the latest smart features will provide you with unprecedented image performance.

From a distance, it looks and feels like a traditional optic. The unique thing from cheap and low quality scopes is the long eye relief and high resolution. The presence of the ballistic calculator in this scope means that you will be able to hunt responsibly by making sure that your shot always hits the target. When it comes to the ATN ABL range finder, it will help you determine longer distance targets. It normally sends the data to the ballistic calculator via the Bluetooth.

You can use the ATN battery pack for continuous 22 hours. You will have a chance to use all features of the device without changing batteries. If that is not yet enough, the batteries are easy to recharge and can power other devices. Moreover, the recoil activated video will take care of all your worries. You only need to relax and watch your game. Another notable thing you will appreciate in this scope is that it automatically starts to record a video before and after you take a shot.

Best Scopes For M1A 7


  • You can use the battery for 22 continuous hours.
  • It will automatically start to record a video.


  • Every advertised feature came with issues.

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

The day and night mode enable full color viewing for day use. Additionally, the high resolution imaging allows video recording in 1080p HD. Also, you will be happy with the multiple reticle options on this scope. The ten reticle options have nine different colors. This is for easier aiming and accuracy. The five weapon profiles will save zeroes for different firearms and calibers.

This is the time to see the future in high definition with this amazing and incredible riflescope. Moreover, the easy menu operation boasts of simple button mapping. Last but not least, the user interface is extremely easy to follow. This makes sure that everything dialed is just right.

Best Scopes For M1A 8


  • It features day and night mode.
  • Multiple reticle options.


  • Very short eye relief.

Night Owl Optics Digital Night Vision Scope

The excellent range in this scope is typical for nighttime environments. Additionally, it boasts of high resolution and perfect display. This scope is the best for use with rifles up to 30 calibers. Furthermore, it is constructed with an engineered thermoplastic. If that is not yet enough, you will get a reliable scope with built in infrared illuminator.

Being weatherproof means that you can use this scope in any kind of weather. As you click the above link to purchase this scope for M1A, be assured that it will never disappoint you. You have the full freedom to choose between three different reticle types. You can easily configure each of the three reticles in white and black. This allows you to adjust the reticle type and color that will best suit the current shooting environment.

Best Scopes For M1A 9


  • You can choose from three different reticle types.
  • Affordable.


  • Some people have been complaining that their products arrived broken.

UTG 4-16*44 30mm Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot

There is no doubt that you would want a scope that is equipped with turrets. This is the ideal product for your needs. The adjustment in this scope will only take seconds. Additionally, the 30mm tube provides generous room for a wide range of wind-age and elevation adjustment. The 35 color illumination is accomplished through both environmental and lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the one click illumination memory provides numerous reticle illumination. The magnification range will maximize your performance at various distances with the versatility of a magnification range.

Best Scopes For M1A 10


  • This scope is manufactured on a true strength platform.
  • It is shockproof and waterproof.


  • The mil dots are too small to be usable.

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Things to consider when purchasing the best scopes for M1A

You should pay attention when looking for technical details of the scope when deciding for the right scope to buy. It is important to note that all these details will make a huge difference. Kindly remember that no scope is the same. Not all scopes in the market are compatible with an M1A rifle. If you are not keen on what you are purchasing, you will end up losing your hard earned cash, and the scopes are not that cheap. Therefore, you should not overlook the important aspects when buying a scope.

Size and weight

You will basically be looking at the size of the objective lens when it comes to the size of the scope. There is no doubt you would not want to go for a scope that is designed with an extremely large objective lens. A scope with a large objective lens is not the perfect choice for short range hunting or shooting.

Will you be taking a long range shot? In that case, it makes a lot of sense purchasing a scope with a relatively large objective lens. This should only happen if you don’t intend on moving around much. You might be aware that scopes manufactured with the large objective lens are large and heavy.

Can you imagine mounting an already heavy scope onto your heavy rifle? You will have a hard time carrying that much weight over long distances. With that in mind, you should strictly stick to scopes that are small and lightweight.


You can attest that scopes are very expensive. Usually, the price mainly depends on the scope design and other crucial features. Premium multi coated lenses have proved to be more expensive when compared to single coated lenses. The same thing applies to scope designed with extra features such as infrared reticles. The scope that you can afford mainly depends on your pocket. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a scope that is manufactured with all bells and whistles. However, you should be ready to give out a huge chunk of your hard earned money.

Additionally, you might be wondering why people prefer sticking to popular brands such as Vortex. It is one of the most reputable scopes brands of all time. Normally, such reputable brands reasonably price their products. Away from that, most of their scopes come with great features. You will definitely appreciate these features if you are a dedicated hunter or shooter.

Kindly remember to check on the warranty. The most reliable scopes come with a warranty. It is very important since you can return the product to the maker in case it gets damaged.


Magnification is taken as a major priority more so by those people who often do long range shooting. It is impossible to have sight of the target that is 100 yards if your scope does not have a good magnification. The only way you will be able to see your target is by increasing the magnification of your scope.

It has been discovered that you need a scope with more than 10x magnification if you want to hit a target that is more than 1000 yards. What if you will be aiming at a target less than 1000 yards? In such instances, you can purchase a scope with 6x magnification. It will ensure that all your shooting needs are fulfilled. You can see that it depends on the type of rifle you use when we talk about magnification power.

Objective lens

You will be guaranteed of clearer and sharper images when you purchase a scope with large objective lenses. Scopes manufactured with large objective lenses allow more light into the scope. However, such scopes are large and cumbersome. It will be difficult to carry them around.

Scopes with an extremely large objective lens are more expensive. With that in mind, you should consider the size of the objective lens when purchasing a scope. Will you be moving a lot to catch your prey? It would be better if you go for a scope with a small objective lens.

Lens coating

Nowadays, most reputable manufacturers are making their scopes with anti-reflective coatings. The main reason behind this is to minimize glare. You will have better light transmission when you consider purchasing a scope with more number of coatings. The better light transmission will ensure sharper and clearer visuals.

So, you should not forget to check whether the lenses are coated. Usually, lenses are labelled as fully multi coated and fully coated. Lenses manufactured with a single layer of coating are labeled as coated. Keep in mind that they don’t work well when compared to the multi coated lenses.

Eye relief

This is simply the distance between your eyes and the ocular lens. The crucial distance will help you get an ideal viewing comfort. You will come across scopes with varying eye reliefs. Therefore, you should carefully check the most suitable eye relief for your needs. Do you wear eyeglasses or lenses? Eye relief of 15mm will be ideal.


We have different types of reticles. Mil dot and duplex are the most common reticles. What is the main function of the reticle? It provides you with an aiming point. The different types of reticles are designed for specific purposes. While some of the reticles are designed for hunting wild game, some of them are made for tactical shooting. It is important to look for a reticle that suits your needs and purpose.

Some of the reticles available in the market are illuminated. Such types of reticles are ideal for people who love hunting during the night. You will have an added advantage when you purchase a scope with these types of reticles. Finally, they add to the cost of the scope.

Ease of use

Are you a gun guru or a beginner? You will always want to have something you can easily use. That is the reason you should look for something that is easy to use. In case it is your first time using a scope, you should go for that which is easily zeroed. The specific scope should be well calibrated. The right scope for you should be easy to mount of the rifle. This will not only save your time but also hassle.

Strength and durability

It is arguably the first important thing that will always come into your mind when you want to buy anything. The scope should be able to stand up to anything that you throw at it. That is what will keep your scope going even when the weather conditions are no favorable. What you require in that case are multi coated lenses. Multi coated optics are scratch resistant. Besides that, they come with strong housing and durable structure.


There are numerous scopes for M1A models in the market. While some of these models are manufactured by reputable companies, some of them will not fulfil your shooting needs. It is important to go for scopes from well-known manufacturers. Most popular scopes manufacturers from the United States of America believe in the quality of their products.

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The right scope will make a huge difference in the kind of experience you will have every time you go out hunting. That is why you should always take your time when picking the best. All the above products are manufactured with adjustable eye relief and durable materials. They also come at an unbeatable price. And now that you have known the best scopes for M1A, you will have an easy time making an informed decision.

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