10 Best Muzzleloader Scopes – Top Picks and Reviews

Have you been searching for a good muzzleloader scope? Do you feel confused about which one to choose? There are multiple options available in the market. Choosing the best muzzleloader can be a challenging task. In the last couple of years, muzzleloader scopes have been gaining a lot of popularity. We have been witnessing more people purchasing more scopes and other related accessories.

There are many reasons why people prefer purchasing muzzleloader scopes. One of the primary reasons is that each shot is special and crafted by you. The recent advancement in technology can be attributed to an increase in the muzzleloader rifles shooting range. Do you want your rifle to be accurate at a range of 300 yards? In that case, you should purchase the right scope for it.

To help you determine the right muzzleloader scope for your needs, we have compiled the top ten products in the market.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes

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Reviews of the Best Muzzleloader Scopes

Leupold VX Freedom 3-9*40mm Riflescope

It is arguably one of the most outstanding muzzleloader scopes you will ever come across in the market. Additionally, the manufacturer has made numerous changes to their lines of products. This product is the latest from the manufacturer. Also, it comes with all features you have been searching for. If you have used this scope in the past, then you can agree with me that the few added improvements are great.

Similar to other muzzleloader scopes in the market, this product is manufactured with a high quality glass. The role of the high quality glass is to maximize light transmission while at the same time minimizing glare and reflection. It is good to know that it is the best quality glass out of all the scopes on this list.

Furthermore, this product has emerged as one of the toughest and most durable muzzleloader scopes out there. This means that it will deliver accurate results after many years of hard use. If that is not yet enough, the reputable scopes manufacturer has included an illuminated reticle. What is the function of the reticle in this scope? Usually, it provides the right hold over points for a typical muzzleloader. Finally, you will never go wrong when you Consider purchasing this muzzleloader scope.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 1 Leupold VX Freedom 3-9*40mm Riflescope


  • It features an excellent glass that minimizes glare and reflection.
  • It is durable and the toughest muzzleloader scope in the market.


  • Flimsy looking adjustment turrets.

Bushnell Banner Dusk And Dawn Riflescope

Do you want to do a lot of shooting and hunting in low light conditions? You are definitely in the right place. Additionally, the high quality muzzleloader scope boasts of stunning HD clarity. Away from that, it comes with 100% percentage quality materials used and tested extensively. Besides the beautiful design, this scope is Constructed to serve you for many years.

Furthermore, the low light rifle scope has been made with 9x magnification levels. Moreover, you will love the 40 millimeter objective lens. The multi coated lenses are included for clarity and brightness. Other impressive features you will like in this muzzleloader scope include wind age and elevation adjustments. Last but not least, the fast focus eyepiece in this product measures 12 inches long.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 2 Bushnell Banner Dusk And Dawn Riflescope


  • The multi coated lenses are for clarity and brightness.
  • It is 100% waterproof and fog proof.


  • It is pricey.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Scope

This is the perfect muzzleloader scope for your needs if you have been looking for a high quality scope that is both affordable and performs excellently. Additionally, you will love this muzzleloader scope because of its multi coated optics. The multi coated optics allow light coming inside the chamber as much as possible. This enables you to see crisp and more detailed images.

When it comes to the adjustment controls, they are easy to use. Away from that, the reticle is clear enough. They will be of great help if you want to zero in on your target smoothly. The top maker has used high quality Construction materials when manufacturing this product. The aircraft grade aluminum ensures that the chamber is safe even during recoil.

Last but not least, the waterproofing and fog proofing features in this muzzleloader scope are remarkable. The fog proofing features will not allow your sweat to blur your vision while aiming at your target. Moreover, you will feel confident using this scope even if you are a complete beginner. Finally, you can return it to the maker if it is below your expectations.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 3 Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Scope


  • Long eye relief.
  • It comes with fully multi coated lenses that provide bright and clear views.


  • You will have a hard time mounting this scope on some rifles.

Simmons 8 Point 3 9*50mm Riflescope

There is no doubt that this scope will look great on both modern and muzzleloader rifles. Additionally, this scope features a low profile design. Also, it joins other muzzleloader scopes with QTA eyepiece. This feature ensures rapid target acquisition.

The 50mm objective lens diameter allows a tremendous amount of light through the fully multi coated optics. The fully multi coated optics provide high contrast and bright target images. Unlike other muzzleloader scopes, this scope allows users to gain a few extra minutes of shooting light. Keep in mind that this can be the difference between a filled tag and a failed hunting session.

The primary function of the locking adjustable turrets in this muzzleloader scope is to provide audible MOA clicks. Furthermore, you will have a generous eye relief and a wide field of view at all magnification levels. As you can see, this scope must be very comfortable and safe to shoot. The fully waterproof and fog proof features make it an excellent choice for hunters and shooters.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 4 Simmons 8 Point 3 9*50mm Riflescope


  • It is fully waterproof and fog proof.
  • It provides users with generous eye relief and a wide field of view at all magnification levels.


  • The durability of this muzzleloader scope is questionable.

Burris Optics Droptine Riflescope

It has emerged as one of the best value muzzleloader scopes currently in the market. Additionally, the manufacturer has included everything you would expect a top muzzleloader scope to have. Also, it is made to be fog proof and waterproof. This means that you can use this amazing scope in all weather conditions.

The multi coated lenses in this scope ensure maximum light transmission. Away from that, the highly regarded muzzleloader scope features a duplex reticle. The flip up caps will protect the lenses from the elements when not in use. Furthermore, the trusted maker has priced this product competitively. After purchasing it, you will be provided with a lifetime warranty. All in all, you will benefit from a reliable muzzleloader scope that will serve you for many years of hunting use.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 5 Burris Optics Droptine Riflescope


  • You will be provided with a lifetime warranty.
  • The multi coated lenses ensure maximum light transmission.


  • It does not hold zero for a long time.

Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator BDC Riflescope

It is important to know that many hunters and shooters Consider this scope to be one of the best muzzleloader scopes. Additionally, it is Constructed with high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Besides being durable, this scope is lightweight. The fog proof and waterproof scope can be used in a variety of weather conditions.

Furthermore, the multi coated lenses are for maximum light transmission. The excellent glass incorporated in this scope will assist users in making accurate shots. You can do this even in low light conditions. Have you ever dreamt to own a scope with generous eye relief and quick focus eyepiece? In that case, you should not leave this muzzleloader scope behind. All that you should know when purchasing it is that it is durable enough to stand up to the heavy recoil of magnum loads.

Last but not least, it boasts of a BDC reticle. Are you aware that this unique reticle is designed to match the trajectory of inline muzzleloaders? Actually, it is designed to account for bullet drop all the way out to 300 yards. What’s more in this muzzleloader scope? It is designed with a ballistic calculator. This tool enables you to get correct hold over points when using the exact hunting load. Be guaranteed that it will be an essential tool. As for now, it has no real competitor.

Moreover, you should not look beyond this muzzleloader scope if you want to get the best performance when shooting at either moderate or long range.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 6 Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator BDC Riflescope


  • It will give you the best performance if you want to shoot at a moderate and long range.
  • It boasts of a BDC reticle.


  • People have been complaining about eye relief.

Konuspro Plus Series 6 Riflescope

This is the right time to improve the accuracy of your rifle with this scope. The most notable feature in this scope is the lateral hash marks. This means that the reticle will provide good compensation when there are crosswinds.

Additionally, this muzzleloader scope comes with multi coated lens. The coated lens provides a clear and crisp view. Away from that, the reticle feature reference lines. These lines enable you to aim precisely at the target. Besides that, this lens is fog proof and water proof. That being said, you have the freedom to use this scope in all types of weather conditions.

The adjustable finger turrets are some of the easy and smooth adjustments in this scope. Furthermore, the adjustment is of click type. On the other hand, the turret height is medium. How useful is the fast focus eyepiece? It will help you make focusing easier.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 7 Konuspro Plus Series 6 Riflescope


  • This muzzleloader is shockproof and waterproof.
  • It features smooth adjustments.


  • The clarity in this scope is poor.

ATN X Sight 4k Pro Night Rifle Riflescope

The role of the dual core processor is to bring you cutting edge technology. Additionally, it has a higher resolution and millions of vivid colors. Away from that, the ballistic calculator in this muzzleloader scope allows you to hunt responsibly. Therefore, you will hit the target each and every time.

The presence of Dual Stream Video Recording gives you the freedom to stream videos to your mobile device at HD resolution. It is also worth noting that you can record to the SD card inside. You don’t have to worry about your batteries dying in the field. The battery will serve you for more than 18 continuous hours. Last but not least, the package comes with a user manual. Moreover, this scope offers enhanced HD night vision mode. Finally, it is waterproof and weather resistant.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 8 ATN X Sight 4k Pro Night Rifle Riflescope


  • The Recoil Activated Video will take care of all your worries.
  • The battery can be used for more than 18 continuous hours.


  • Every advertised feature came with an issue.

Hawke Vantage Riflescope 1” 

For hold over and hold under, the manufacturer has included a classic mild dot. Additionally, the glass etched reticle has numerous brightness levels of illumination. The reticle is designed to be exact at 10x. Also, the half mil spacing ensures that you always have an aim point available.

Furthermore, the popular muzzleloader scope is Constructed with high quality aluminum. This makes it durable and reliable. Which are the most impressive features that the manufacturer has included? This product boasts of fast focus eyepiece and fingers settable turrets. The turrets in this scope will dial up and down. When it comes to the adjustable objective lens, they will adjust to about 15 feet.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 9 Hawke Vantage Riflescope 1” 


  • It has been made with an adjustable objective lens.
  • It is Constructed with high quality aluminum material.


  • It does not have a smooth focus.

Steiner Optics GS3 Game Sensing Waterproof Riflescope

The color adjusted transmission in this muzzleloader scope will amplify contrast in peak human vision sensitivity range. Additionally, the molecular coating creates a lens surface. This coating will smooth dirt and dust. The snow and fingerprints are repelled for easy cleaning and a clear view.

Furthermore, the reticle will be helpful in determining hold over for distance. Do you know that this scope is waterproof up to 33 feet? Besides that, it is O-ring sealed. The nitrogen filled Construction will provide moisture free performance. Last but not least, the maker stands behind their products. Therefore, they will repair and replace defective products at no charge. However, keep in mind that the manufacturer will not cover damage and theft.

Best Muzzleloader Scopes 10 Steiner Optics GS3 Game Sensing Waterproof Riflescope


  • It has been made with nitrogen filled Construction.
  • They will provide you with a lifetime warranty.


  • The power ring feels cheap.

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What is a muzzleloader scope?

You will definitely have a difficult time when hunting without a proper scope mounted on your muzzleloader. As a good hunter, you might be aware that you should be equipped with a good scope if you want to have a good chance to take down your target. You might have heard that a muzzleloader is quite different from a rifle. You should expect it to respond faster if you have the best muzzleloader scope. It will also enable you to have great performance when shooting hunt far away from you.

This is the right time to know that every shot count. This means getting your hands on the best muzzleloader scope will bring ultimate accuracy by a large margin. You will be assured that your next reload will be a lot more satisfying.

What makes a great muzzleloader scope?

You can attest that every hunter should have a reliable scope. A great muzzleloader scope will guide the shooter to victory whether it is for competitive shooting or hunting. The right muzzleloader scope for your needs should provide you with crisp and colorful images. Additionally, it should be able to withstand the stress of recoil no matter the rifle you are using.

Away from that, the overall Construction of the scope has emerged as an important element.

Things to Consider when purchasing the best muzzleloader scopes in the market

Once you have made your decision to purchase a muzzleloader scope, you need to go through some of the most crucial things you want in that scope. Nowadays, muzzleloader scopes come with many variations and features. Here are the things you should look at when purchasing your dream muzzleloader scope.


Everyone would want to bring a scope out on the field for lengthy periods of time. That is why it is a requirement to have a hefty scope. Fortunately, the most reputable manufacturers in the market have this in mind. However, you should keep in mind that the weight of the scope will mainly depend on the level of abuse the scope can take.

Do you want something to fit your personal needs? In that situation, you should make your decision on a specific scope to purchase. Your final decision should be based on the materials the scope is made from. The right scope is that which can withstand long term outdoor usage. At the end of the day, you don’t want a broken scope. Kindly keep durability into Consideration if you don’t want a product that can hinder you from firing an accurate shot.


Most scope makers have invested in building scopes with built in measures against poor visibility. Poor visibility can be caused by fog or rain. That being said, the scopes you purchase will be ideal even if the conditions are not at their best. However, you will come across some scopes which are better to deal with. With that in mind, it would be better if you take a good look at the Considerations. From there, you can get some information about the weather in your hunting area. This ensures that you are going with a scope that will be fully operational. You will rest assured that it will perform well in those given parameters.


It is by no doubt that everyone hunts differently. While some prefer for the game that needs to be dealt with from afar, other people love getting close and personal. It is important to check on the specifications of your scope if you have the requirements. If you do that, you will be in a position to hunt down the targets from a respectable range.

Is the scope compatible with your gun? If you have a scope with good magnification, you can easily hunt down your targets from hundreds of meters away without any concern for missing it.

Eye relief

Many people often overlook this factor when purchasing muzzleloader scopes. It is Considered to be one of the most important contributors to your comfort. Are you aware that you need to be glued right to the scope when you have a scope with poor eye relief? In the process, your trip will become uncomfortable. That is no different with muzzleloaders. You will end up having a black eye from the recoil.

A good eye relief enables you to be a good distance from the scope. This will not cause any kind of discomfort. You should look for this particular aspect if you usually wear glasses. It will be an absolute necessity.

Ease of use

It is said that scopes manufactured with many features are harder to use. It is important to choose a scope that fits all your needs. You may not want to have any problem with the scope settings. The perfect customizability can either make or break your hunting trip. You will have an easy time catching your game if you are an expert user.

Customer services

You would want to meet a good and responsive seller. Good sellers will help you in case your product develop issues. You don’t have to worry about the overall product quality if you find a seller with good customer service and product warranty.

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The products we have mentioned on this article are Considered as the top muzzleloader scopes being sold in the market today. All these muzzleloader scopes have thoroughly been tested and rated by many professional hunters. We hope that you can now make an informed decision on the best muzzleloader scope for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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