Aimpoint Pro Review: is it for you?

Aimpoint is popular for manufacturing the most durable and reliable red dot sights in the market. There is no doubt that they are the pioneer in red dot technology. However, you need to have a price tag to match if you want to have the best.

You might be aware that Aimpoint instruments have been appreciated by most recreational shooters and hunters for quite a long time. The maker’s aim is to satisfy the needs of military professionals. That is the main reason why they consulted a distinguished group of former tactical shooters to come up with this amazing masterpiece.

The highly regarded Aimpoint PRO comes with numerous features that you would want in a rugged optic. These features will maximize sight performance even in the most challenging weather conditions. You can get this optic without breaking the bank. It is good to know that this optic combines a battle tested design with long lasting red dot technology. Be guaranteed that it will be worth every dollar.

Aimpoint Pro Review

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Should you get an Aimpoint PRO?

Do you know that red dot sights are manufactured for faster target acquisition? You will always have an easy time aiming at your target. All that you need to do is to align the dot. Aimpoint red dots are specifically constructed for reliability in all hunting operations. In case you have been looking for an optic for shooting at close range and fast target acquisition, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Keep in mind that home defense application is also viable. Are you aware that you won’t be using this optic all the time? However, you should ensure that it does not fail you in emergency situations. Before discussing more on this optic, let us look at the instrument design.

The design

This optic is manufactured with hard anodized aluminum. Additionally, it boasts of a sophisticated matte black finish. Also, the highly regarded optic is constructed in a durable housing tube. The tube has a diameter of 30mm. This tube will protect the extremely efficient circuit. This means that the sight will remain turned on for more than three years. Besides that, the tube will protect the front present in the optic.

It is by no doubt that the unique design prevent the sight from any kind of external damage. The lens system will not be scratched. In this way, the optimal performance of the sight will be guaranteed. The modular QRP2 mount with a removable spacer is another interesting element of the design. Users will be able to index the sight at the optimal height with ease.

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When it comes to the overall design, the red dot sight uses the latest and advanced technology. The red dot in this technology is for easy target aiming. In a red dot sight, you should expect that the lens does not present magnification. What does it mean? The instrument will be parallax free. It also comes with extra-large eye relief.

What about the physical characteristics in this optic? The popular sight can be used with multiple ranges of rifles. Thanks to the manufacturer for coming up with compact dimensions. It is one of the lightest sights you will ever come across in the market. In fact, it weighs about 11.6 oz. This includes a mount, spacer, and lens cover. Also, it measures 2.18 inches in circumference.


The possibility of leaving the targeting dot without worrying about the lifetime of the battery is arguably one of the most important features in this sight. Additionally, you will be guaranteed that the battery in this scope will be in operation for up to 3 years. Therefore, your tactical instruments will always be ready to use. Without further ado, let’s look at the most notable features in this sight.

Multiple Compatibility 

It is important to note that this sight is specifically manufactured for AR15 rifle types. However, it does not mean that the popular sight can’t be used with other rifles. SIG516 is another rifle model that is compatible with this sight. This rifle has emerged as one of the most popular sights among police officers.

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The presence of an adaptable mounting system in this sight means that it can be used with almost all shotgun types. Besides being compatible with many shotgun types available in the market, it can also be used with other optical instruments. This is facilitated by the special band pass coating of the front lens. This feature allows the sight to be used in a wide range of magnifiers and night vision devices.

Ready to mount

Another top feature that the sight manufacturer could not forget is the fact that the instrument comes with a QRP2 mount. The standard spacer is perfect for AR15 rifles. This makes the instrument ready to mount.

Modular mount

The best thing about this sight is that you have the full freedom to remove the mount spacer. This allows it to be used with multiple types of shotguns. As you can see, you can use this optical instrument in a wide range of rifles.

MOA Red Dot

You might be wondering why people prefer purchasing this sight. It is manufactured with a 2 minute of angle red dot. Therefore, users will easily shoot their target. This will happen at all distances. This feature will change even the toughest situation into a game. Furthermore, this feature makes this sight suitable for professional use.

Transparent rear cover

Do you know that having the red dot on all the times is not enough? Kindly be aware that you need to maintain your tactical equipment for all circumstances. That is why the top sight maker has incorporated a transparent rear cover. This rear cover will protect the lens from scratches. Therefore, you will be in a position to aim the target in the most unexpected situations.

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The manufacturer was aware that users have different requirements when making this sight. Additionally, you are free to customize the optical instrument according to your needs.


This sight has proved to be very durable and reliable. Most of the manufacturer’s optics are known for their durability. This is not different with this product. It was designed to be an affordable sight that police officers can efficiently use on their patrol rifles.

From the start, this sight was constructed for hard use. The sight housing is constructed with high quality and durable aluminum material. This makes it pretty sturdy. Away from that, this product features wind age and elevation adjustments. Besides that, it boasts of protective caps that are attached to the sight. Usually, they sit relatively low into the sight housing. You can agree with me that indeed it must be an important feature simply because it is easy to bump the adjustment dials.

They could snap off in case they are not rugged built. This is not the case with this sight. As we had said earlier, they will sit relatively low. How can you make adjustments to the reticle? You need to have a screw driver or the rim of a spent cartridge. Unlike in other low quality optics, the adjustment clicks in this sight are crisp and positive.

The extra size and weight in this sight makes it much more robust when compared to a micro red dot. You will notice later in the review that having a large red dot will be an advantage. Furthermore, this sight is waterproof up to 150 feet. This means that you can use it in rainy and wet conditions without any issue at all.

That being said, the PRO Patrol is up to the standards in terms of durability.

Durability and warranty

Do you know that this optic can hold zero to any rifle? You should not worry about it whether you own a shotgun or a springer gun. Being air gun rated means that it is also designed to withstand the unique two directional recoil of springer air guns.

Additionally, it is rated for 160 degrees. This allows it to be used in extreme weather. Furthermore, you can clean and wash it. The shockproof performance in this sight is very similar to top sights ever manufactured. Also, this product joins other sights in the market with chemical and vibration resistance. If that is not yet enough, it is constructed to be rugged. The reliable red dot will only be inferior in higher aiming points.

Last but not least, the manufacturer believes in the quality of their products. That is the reason why they provide their customers with 2 years warranty. While 2 years warranty is for professional use, 10 years of use is for normal use. Keep in mind that the warranty in this sight is applicable to the original owner only. From a close look, the warranty is considered as valid and very acceptable.

The battery life of the optic

Have you ever used this sight in the past? You can attest that the battery in it is pretty good and reliable. Firstly, it is designed with more than 11 brightness settings you can choose between. The most useful settings include night vision settings and those to be used for daylight conditions. Additionally, it boasts of a unique feature that can be used for shooting in extremely bright conditions.

Typically, this sight utilizes one Lithium battery. You can leave this battery on for a period of 5 years. It all depends on which brightness setting is left on. To many people, having a sight with ultra-long battery life is a must. What is the reason behind this? You can leave your optic turned on at all times. Therefore, your rifle will be ready to go in a moment notice.

You don’t need to worry about pressing the buttons. The only thing you have to do is to grave your rifle and get to work. All these features make it a simple optic that is easy to zero in and forget about it. Although this optic can be left for a period of up to 5 years, it is advisable to replace the battery once in a year. When you do that, you will never run into any problem no matter what settings you are using.

Reticle and clarity 

It is worth noting that the reticle and clarity are both fantastic. The most notable thing about this sight is that the lenses are very clear. You will easily see through the sight with a good amount of contrast. Additionally, the size of this optic will be a great advantage. That is the reason why it has a 38mm objective lens.

Why is it advisable to have a large objective lens? It ensures a much larger viewing area when compared to a micro red dot sight. But it does not mean that you should avoid micro red dot sight. It will be a definite advantage to have an extra-large objective lens, although it adds size and weight. It is very crucial when it comes to the amount of area you will be able to see through the optic.

The reticle on this sight is 2 MOA. From many people’s attestations, the 2 MOA dot is a fantastic reticle for a red dot sight. The reason why many people love it is that it is quite easy to pick up especially when you are trying to make quick shots at targets close.

The perfectly sized reticle allows users to aim with precision at targets off in the distance. At the end of the day, the 2 MOA dot will be perfect. It will be your favorite on this type of optic. Last but not least, it will deliver a clean sight picture.


The knob in this sight is slightly big in size. Normally, it comes in the way of the left hand charging handle. The most unique thing with it is that you are free to flip the mount around. This enables the knob on the right hand side to work perfectly. Alternatively, you can consider using an optional mount with the Aimpoint PRO. This enables you to swap the Aimpoint PRO from the gun with great ease. There is no doubt you would want to do it quickly. Do you want a much sleeker option? This is the right time to go for this amazing sight.

Night vision

The brightness levels in this sight are compatible with night vision. The extra bright light may cause the halo in the optic unless you are among those few people who prefer viewing with a fully sunny background. In the process, the halo may be washed away. This means that you will see bright and crisp images in full light conditions.

The captured caps in this sight cover the turrets. The turrets have a wide and deep slot. They can be adjusted easily. Also, it can be used with a cartridge. The role of the adjustment cap in this sight is to ensure that all your pieces are safe. You will not lose them.


Have you been searching for a sight whereby the lenses are well recessed into aluminum housing? You won’t find any better sight than Aimpoint PRO. You will observe that the front section of the aluminum tube has been threaded in the internal part. The internal thread gives you the freedom to incorporate an anti-reflection device to your favorite scope.

Away from that, the bend coating in the front lens makes the device effective in the night and dark settings. You will get a sight that is energy efficient during the night. The energy efficiency is quite good when compared to conventional night vision devices.

Accurate shots

The dot in this sight allows you to shoot at long range. You will make the most accurate shots even when you are shooting small objects. It is said that it is much better to use a small dot with a magnifier. Target engagement will be accurate with the two minute red dot angle. Moreover, this sight does not have parallax. Therefore, you can move around as much as you want behind the sight. You only need to see the dot inside the sight. In that case, it will remain on the target. Besides providing an increased probability of 1 st shot hit, you will notice an improved speed on target compared to magnified scopes and iron sights.


There will be an excellent choice in terms of balance. A small optic may be the best if you want one for recreational purposes. It should be lightweight and not so pricey. Will you be tacking important jobs? Aimpoint PRO will be an ideal choice. The ease of use and the adaptability of this sight is on another level. Indeed, it is the perfect optic when combined with the right night vision and magnifier.

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Extra features that come with this optic

Similar to other well-known optics in the market, this product comes with really cool accessories. The most useful accessories in this optic include a high quality mount. It will be useful in tough conditions. It is different from the cheap mounts available in low quality and Chinese manufactured sights.

You will have an easy time using this mount. How can you mount this sight on your rifle? You are required to attach it to your rail. From there, you can turn the side knob. Ensure that it have snapped three times. Additionally, the mount comes with a riser. It will set for an absolute co-witness. At the end, most people will use this sight on an AR 15. It was a smart choice for the reputable manufacturer to include that in the package.

The riser will sit closer to the bore in case it is removed out of the mount. Therefore, you can still mount the optic in a low position even when you are using it on a shotgun. It makes a lot of sense for any gun you would want to use with this optic.

Would you want to get a mount from a different manufacturer to save on the weight? There are numerous quality and reliable options out in the market. I would advise you to use the included mount from the manufacturer. You don’t have to replace it with any of the aftermarket options.

What makes this sight so good?

Before deciding to come up with this sight, the manufacturer knew that they had a leg up on most of the optic industry. They had a great connection with a number of military and law enforcement organizations. Over the years, they have been receiving positive feedback on ways to improve the design and functions. Therefore, the top sights maker was only required to improve on existing technology and other design features. This would enable them to advance their dominance of the red dot industry.

What is under the hood? 

Although it is one of the most affordable optics in the market, this sight comes with numerous features that put it in front of most of its competitors.

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The popular Aimpoint is a bargain. After purchasing it, you should be guaranteed that it will withstand abuse from an external force. In the past, it has been used in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you can use it in the harshest conditions without a doubt in your mind. Kindly consider that the durability in this sight is on the par. Away from that, the reticle and the accurate shots will make you fall in love with this amazing product.

I am sure that you will live to praise its performance many years to come. After perusing this review article, you can see what you will be getting. Be assured that your shooting and hunting experience will greatly improve when you have this product. We hope that this article will help you make an informed decision on whether you should purchase the high quality Aimpoint PRO. Kindly reach us if you have any questions. Thanks!


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