10 Best Thermal Scopes: Top Picks and Reviews

Do you know that we are living in the Golden Age of technology? There is no doubt that the hunting industries have benefited from some significant technological advancements. Nowadays, many shooters have access to night vision optics. However, it is quite a hard task finding the best thermal scope that you can mount on your firearm. That is the reason why we have compiled the best thermal scopes in the market.

Best Thermal Scopes

All these thermal scopes on this list will fulfil your shooting needs. We have reviewed them based on product value, durability, and customer satisfaction.

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Reviews of the Best Thermal Scopes 

ATN Thor 4, 640*480 Thermal Scope

Have you ever seen this thermal scope? You can agree with me that indeed it has the classic look of a traditional riflescope. Additionally, the highly regarded scope is jam packed with modern high technology features. The manufacturer has included an internal dual core processor. This reduces image pixilation. In the process, thermal sensitivity is increased. It is good to know that this scope produces high resolution images. This will happen even in darkness.

Furthermore, you will like the ballistic calculator included by the maker. Usually, this calculator reads temperature and humidity. With this calculator, you will have an easy time calculating the angle to target adjustments. Keep in mind that you don’t require a separate calculator or even a paper.

Would you want to get precise readings every single time? You will achieve this regardless of the weapon you are using to shoot. You should be guaranteed that it will work perfectly on those tough long range shots. What’s more in this scope? This scope will record video internally. You will have a rare option to stream high resolution video to your mobile device. From there, you can store the video on your SD card.

Last but not least, this scope has proved to be durable. This means that it can be used in rough hunting and tactical conditions. Moreover, it boasts of low profile and long battery life. Finally, it is arguably the best affordable thermal scope you will ever come across in the market.

best thermal scopes 1 ATN Thor 4 640*480 Thermal Scope


  • It is an affordable product.
  • It allows you to stream high resolution videos.


  • They should try to rectify the reticle.

IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640 60hz Rifle Scope

This scope features high quality optics and recent technology. Additionally, it will deliver super crisp and sharp images. You should never worry about the battery power simply because it comes with low power consumption. Also, this product features an OLED micro display. This makes it easy to get crosshairs on both fast moving and long range targets.

The sleek modern design makes it unique from most low quality and cheap optics in the market. You will definitely feel at home in harsh weather and tough shooting conditions. Furthermore, the controls in this scope are quite similar when compared to those on a traditional riflescopes.

It is worth mentioning that the push button controls can be used efficiently during the daytime. In short, it has everything you would expect the best scope to have. Actually, it is this feature that makes this scope easy to use in all lighting conditions.

best thermal scopes 2 IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640 60hz Rifle Scope


  • It is easy to use in low lighting conditions.
  • It will deliver super crisp and sharp images.


  • Expensive.

The Optic Guru Thor LT Thermal Scope

Are you just getting started in thermal optics? Keep in mind that the price tags on these high technology devices are very scary. This scope might be expensive when compared to other scopes on the market, but it will do a nice job.

The most high end features in this scope include Wi-Fi streaming. It will achieve a fine job of focusing on what really matters. Typically, it detects body heat through dense vegetation and total darkness. Besides being rugged and dependable, this scope will serve you well for many years. The affordable thermal scope is manufactured with hardened aluminum alloy. It is recoil resistant to higher caliber weapons.

It is the best value you can find out in the market when it comes to thermal technology. Finally, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty that allows you to return the product in case it develops some defects.

best thermal scopes 3 The Optic Guru Thor LT Thermal Scope


  • The manufacturer provides you with a warranty.
  • It is manufactured with hardened aluminum alloy.


  • It does not come with a scope mount.

Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Digital Night Vision Scope

The technology included in this scope will take down varmints or dogs either during the day or night. For nighttime detection, the manufacturer has included a sensor bonded display. This sensor display can detect up to 550 yards.

Additionally, this product features pictures in picture zoom with continuous and stepped options. Also, it boasts of a wide field of view and more than ten reticle options. Another notable feature included in this scope includes a removable modular IR illuminator. You can use the Digital sight to record your hunts with the built in recorder.

For remote viewing, you can use the Stream Vision Application to connect this scope to your mobile phone. You have the full freedom to hunt late into the night with this scope. Moreover, the package includes all the necessary accessories such as a carrying case and cleaning cloth. Finally, you will never regret purchasing this scope.

best thermal scopes 4 Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Digital Night Vision Scope


  • The package includes all the necessary accessories.
  • It comes with a Stream Vision Application.


  • The features in this scope do not work advertised.

Accushot Bubble Level UTG 4-16*56 30mm Rifle Scope

This scope has the best coatings for maximum light transmission. Additionally, it comes with vibrant clarity. Also, you will get a scope that is manufactured on a true strength platform. This scope is specifically designed for people who enjoy long range shooting. All that you need to do is to take great care and plan when taking the shot.

Furthermore, this scope was designed for the shooter who takes shot preparation a step further after already making the required firing adjustments and calculations. The manufacturer introduced the mil dot reticle from as early as 2003. What is the main function of the built in bubble leveling system? This feature is found at the lower quadrant of the reticle. It has proved to be a great scope for precision scope installation and crosshair alignment. From there, it will deliver the most prominent shooting accuracy.

Last but not least, this scope is completely sealed. It is nitrogen purged making it shockproof and rainproof. The true strength platform provides long lasting reliability in these interactions. This guarantees precise and responsive elevation adjustment.

best thermal scopes 5 Accushot Bubble Level UTG 4-16*56 30mm Rifle Scope


  • It is built on a true strength platform.
  • It is completely sealed.


  • It is a bit pricey.

Pulsar Helion XQ Thermal Scope

The reliable rangefinding reticle makes determining precise distance fast and easy. Additionally, the highlight of this scope is the ability to link via Wi-Fi with Android mobile units. This is the right time to benefit from the Stream Vision Application. This application enables you to receive footage in real time mode.

The user friendly thermal scope is designed for quick and easy operation. The interface in this scope is simple and easy to figure out. Furthermore, the menu items are displayed on a contrasting gradient that allows the user not to lose sight of their object while at the same time navigating through the interface.

You can use this scope to detect big game size heat signatures of up to 2000 yards away. Capturing still and high quality images will be seamless when using this great scope. Moreover, the popular scope provides comfortable viewing throughout the rapid motion.

best thermal scopes 6 Pulsar Helion XQ Thermal Scope


  • It is built in video recording.
  • High image resolution.


  • They should improve on eye relief.

UTG 4-16*44 30mm Thermal Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot

You will love the maximum light transmission from coatings. Additionally, this scope joins other popular scopes in the market that have been manufactured on a true strength platform. Away from that, this scope is nitrogen filled and shockproof.

How useful is the quick power selector ring? It is perfect for target acquisition and zooming in. You will have easy access to your favorite color. The premium zero lockable and zero resettable target turrets are other most notable features. For the most optimal aiming and shooting, this product comes with built in integral sunshade.

best thermal scopes 7 UTG 4-16*44 30mm Thermal Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot


  • It features a mil dot reticle for optimal aiming and shooting.
  • Premium zero lockable and zero resettable target turrets.


  • It is hard to adjust the knobs.

Konuspro Plus Series 6-24*50 Riflescope 

It is one of the smallest and lightweight scopes you can find in the market. Additionally, the well-designed scope offers professional grade performance. This is for a wide range of conditions. Are you a pro hunter who wants the best accuracy and speed? You are definitely in the right place. This scope is more expensive when compared to other thermal scopes in the market.

Furthermore, the 8x magnification in this scope allows you to get a close-up view of your target. You don’t have to get too near. Keep in mind that getting too near might scare away your target. When it comes to the higher focal length, it delivers a clearer image even when the magnification is increased. Therefore, it will perform better than the standard 19mm lenses.

Unlike other scopes that have a 50Hz refresh rate, this thermal scope boasts of a 60Hz frame rate. The high frame rate allows you to detect motion and react to it accurately. You would expect the scope of this price to perform exceedingly well on the ground.

People who have used this scope in the last couple of years have praised its lightweight design. This makes hunting easier. In turn, the shooting accuracy will increase drastically. It is also said that the resolution in this scope is great and admirable at long distances. It will be helpful when observing smaller animals.

It has also received a lot of notable praises for the intuitive thumb stick control. To adjust the various settings, you only need to turn the multi directional joystick. You will have an easy time changing the settings without having to take your eye off the target.

best thermal scopes 8 Konuspro Plus Series 6-24*50 Riflescope 


  • It features fine crosshairs and illuminated reticle.
  • It comes with medium eye relief.


  • There have been complaints about the overall product quality.

Aim Sports JTHR1 Locking Turrets ¾ Circle Tri Illumination Scope

This review article will be incomplete if we fail to feature this scope. This scope has lighting fast targeting and precision even when it gets up close and personal. It will definitely fit if you are danger close or dialing for distance. Also, the sleek illumination scope boasts of a massive field of view. This scope will give you the accuracy you want when it is time to sling the lead for distance.

The adjustable brightness reticle is ready to engage under any light conditions. Furthermore, the reticle has an adjustable rheostat for brightness control. Last but not least, this scope is constructed with high quality aircraft grade aluminum. This means that it will withstand constant heavy recoil. Moreover, the housing is shock resistant and fog proof. Finally, the angle cut sunshade reduces glare under bright light conditions.

best thermal scopes 9 Aim Sports JTHR1 Locking Turrets ¾ Circle Tri Illumination Scope


  • It is constructed with durable aluminum material.
  • The matte black housing will not affect light to get you noticed by prey.


  • The manufacturer does not honor its warranty.

Nikon P Tactical .223 9*40 Matte BDC600

How would you feel when you have a scope that maximizes your hunting experience? This will be achieved by this scope regardless of the platform you mount it on. Additionally, fully multi coated lenses are rugged. Also, the aircraft grade aluminum tube will brighten even in the most dismal environments. You will get high quality images in unforgiving conditions.

The variable models will provide the field of view at the low end and the detail at the high end. This ensures that they satisfy most shooting conditions. The reticles in this scope are matched to ergonomic turrets with directional indicators. Away from that, the smooth turn aluminum ring comes with a rubberized eye guard. Furthermore, the O-ring will prevent moisture from entering the body and nitrogen purged for total reliability against thermal shock.

best thermal scopes 10 Nikon P Tactical .223 9*40 Matte BDC600


  • It features BDC carbine.
  • The asymmetrical design allows additional holdover.


  • The reticle is hard to see.

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Things to consider when purchasing the best thermal scopes

It is important to know that thermal scopes are not the kind of things that you purchase just like that. While there are thermal scopes that are specifically designed for sports, there are still other scopes that have been manufactured for hunting purposes. Are you aware that most of the scopes in the market cost hundreds of dollars? Therefore, there are numerous parameters that should be considered. You need to do a lot of detailed research before making your final decision to purchase a certain scope.

In this section, we will take a close look at the most important factors that you should never forget when making your purchase.


What is magnification? It is the ability of the thermal scope to magnify any distant object. Nowadays, thermal scopes in the market come with different details and specifications. They have varying magnification capabilities. As a scope user, you should understand the magnification and resolution. These two factors should be indirectly proportional to each other. What will happen when the magnification increase? The refresh rate will be affected drastically.

Resolution of the scope and sensor

Resolution is one of the factors that you need to look at when buying a thermal scope. It is advisable to understand that the thermal sensor resolution is entirely different from the resolution of the scope. You might be aware that scopes are manufactured with different resolutions. The sensors of these scopes have different resolutions.

Generally, the scope resolution should be higher when compared to sensor resolution. The difference in the two resolutions will bring a more precise image that can be useful for hunting. A thermal scope manufactured with the same resolutions will not guarantee you a clear and high contrast images.

Scope detection range

It is the distance up to which the scope user can get a clear image. In the last couple of years, there have emerged high quality scopes that you can use to get a target of up to 4000 yards. Additionally, there are multiple scopes that provide a relatively high scope detection range. You can go for these scopes if you are a beginner of the armature. What if you are a professional? In that case, you don’t need to have a scope with less detection range of 1000 yards.

Refresh rate

This defines the time its processor takes to refresh the image. Remember that the image is digitally produced. You will experience a delay in refreshing the information input. What is the general rule when it comes to the refresh rate? The higher the refresh rate, the more accurate and clear the image will be.

Reticle pattern

It is another crucial feature that beginners should not forget to look at. Although it has been overlooked in the past, it has emerged as an important consideration that will highly determine the quality of the images. In most cases, the reticle pattern on thermal scopes come in the four line crosshair or single dot reticle. You should choose either of this based on your personal preferences. It has been proved that crosshairs are very helpful during the night. On the other hand, the single dot reticles are useful for greater accuracy.

Lens diameter

Do you know more about thermal scopes? You can attest that the diameter of the scope plays a significant role in what you can see through the scope. Normally, the field of view from a thermal scope and lens diameter should be directly proportional. You can look for the lens diameter based on personal preference.

Battery life 

Battery life is one of the most crucial features to consider when looking for a suitable thermal scope for your needs. The time the battery will be on operation will play a significant role in your success. Most hunters prefer going for a single full charge battery that can last for more than eight hours of working time. You should leave a thermal scope with anything less than that. The overall battery life will be affected by overcharging. You should avoid charging it for longer than necessary.

Warranty and guarantee

Thermal scopes are one of the most expensive in the market. It is worth noting that this type of scope can charge a hefty amount. The warranty period is perhaps one of the most critical factors you should consider when investing in a thermal hunting scope. Remember that you will be taking the device into challenging conditions when it is attached to your rifle. Your scope might get damaged when hunting. That being said, you should make sure that the manufacturer has included an adequate guarantee.

Zoom capacity

This factor goes hand in hand with the resolution of the scope. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the zoom capacity of the thermal scope. The most common types of zoom include digital and optical. While digital zoom employs special software, the optical zoom describes the scope ability to magnify targets.

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It can be a tedious task choosing the right thermal for your needs, but with the right magnification, warranty, and the zoom capacity, it will be easy to know whether the specific thermal scope will be of any help to you in the future. Kindly consider other factors such as the reticle pattern, battery life, and the lens diameter. We hope that this information will be of great help to you when making an informed decision. Feel free to ask any questions you might be having. Thanks!


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