How To Remove Rifle Scope Turrets? (Detailed Steps)

How to remove rifle scope turrets? Our detailed article below with step-by-step instructions will make this task easier for you! Check them out!

How to remove rifle scope turrets

We often know that the mastery of aiming for a beginner is not effortless. Moreover, determining the ammunition impact’s correct position makes the gunner’s technique more skilled.

Therefore, the rifle turret is a round block mounted on the binoculars’ bodies. The main effect is to adjust and process information so that the shooter can grasp the direction of the projectile.

However, in some cases, rifle scope turrets are not so necessary. Therefore, it is also to limit complicating factors.

Now, dig into this article on how to remove Rifle scope turrets.

  • Ocular Lens Adjustment
  • Adjusting Hawke Turrets
  • Pre-Zeroing
  • Zeroing with a rifle or airgun
  • Get it done!

Check out the detailed article below!

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Rifle Scope Turrets Overview

1. Rifle Scope Turrets

Rifle Scope Turrets

The two important parts of the tower are the wind and height measurements.

If you want to aim correctly and with the proper focus, the function of the above device plays a significant role.

Here are also some ways on how to use rifle scope turrets.


The farther the target is knocked down, the weaker the impact will be when the bullet is due to the effects of the Earth’s gravity and the resistance of wind energy.

If you want to change the status quo, the shooter should perform 2 operations.

  • The first is to align the target position higher than the shot to compensate each other.
  • When the bullet is shelled when it encounters an impact force, the part of the pin, when adjusting, will fall into the center of gravity. But this standard divisor is rarely actual because it is just a guess.


2. Windage


In many cases, wind and other factors impede the bullet’s trajectory, but it can also move left and right. That’s why people devised Windage measures to improve the above situation radically.

  • Depending on the type of rifle, the wind force is different, and the wind can affect many directions and multi-directional shots. You need to look at objects such as trees or wind indicators to determine the correct order.
  • After completing the first steps, you can use “Kyuckyucket Wind” and guess the correct position when the wind direction is from estimating the most specific shot force.

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3. Parallax


Parallax is the third adjustable design device included in the gun turret. The location is opposite the scope tube and the wind gauge face.

When do we use parallax? The parallax device is available if the bullet path and the target are not in the same line. In essence, when used, parallax makes two objects blurry to determine the correct sharpness present in the plane.

  • The first step is to correctly define the reticle, trying to focus as much as possible. Next, attach the rifle to a simple white background or visible object like the sky.
  • Looking at the binoculars box for about 12 seconds, the senses of the eye will try to adjust the images to bring the most satisfactory results.
  • If the scene is blurry, don’t worry. Adjust the viewfinder to align the focus of the object by focusing on the eyepiece.

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How To Remove Rifle Scope Turrets

4. Remove Turrets

Remove Turrets

Many people have experience in manipulating guns. That is, they can still shoot without any auxiliary equipment.

For such people, equipment such as gun turrets is an unnecessary item. Here are the steps for you to remove the rifle scope turret.

Ocular Lens Adjustment

Usually, with all rifle scope turrets, an adjustment system is attached. The effect of rifle scope turrets is to clarify the reticle from the shooter’s own eyes.

In a nutshell, you will see the object clearly by adjusting the rifle turret. So to be able to complete the focus, you need to do the following operations.

Bring your vision up close into the fixed scope from 3-4 inches to ensure enough clarity and point the lens up to a white surface that is easy to detect an object such as a white background or sky.

If the focus cannot be aligned, adjust the buttons on the eyepiece dial until clearly visible. When the appropriate presence is reachable, turn the lock ring to tighten to prevent movement during movement.

Adjusting Hawke Turrets

Turret adjustment is crucial once installed successfully, depending on several different guns without a turret cap. If so, open them up to adjust internal access.

There will be two types of adjustments in two popular rifles such as:

With Sidewinder 30 SF turret

  • Step 1: Before adjusting, the first thing is to unlock, remove the turrets, and take them outside. Continue to change; next, when finished, if you want to lock them, push them back to their original position.
  • Step 2: While if the adjustments are not appropriate, or you feel it is not correct, you can completely adjust it by loosening the hexagonal screw in the down and locked position, then changing. Measure to zero and tighten the screw.

With Airmax 30 SF turret

  • Step 1: The position of the turret unlocking grip is on the top of the turrets. To open, turn them clockwise and counterclockwise if you want to lock them. You should know that the turrets can be reset to the rifle glass system back to zero, making future adjustments easier.
  • Step 2: When finished, place the correct positions. Fix it with hexagonal screws.

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Here’s how you can visually remove the zero reposition.

  • Once the gun is ready to trigger, look straight along the barrel to the target position before a distance you have determined.
  • Then, adjust the range around the object well. If the rifle has variable wattage, reset the power rating to medium.
  • There is the adjustment of the wind tower and the height to the center of the target. When you want to adjust the wind force, rotate the turret clockwise or counterclockwise to turn the impact point left or right.
  • At the same time similarly, rotate counterclockwise to raise or lower the impact point.

Zeroing with a rifle or airgun

Rifle cleaning is usually available by firing using live ammunition. Some actions you should take:

  • Set the parallax to focus on the subject, change the average power of the field,
  • Next is to launch three bullets at the target.
  • Try to pay attention to the point on the object to adjust the wind direction and the height. It would help if you constantly changed the short moment and the point of impact of the object.

You have now achieved zero.

If possible, you can remove the rifle turret from the rings altogether.

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Above are the steps and the process to remove rifle scope gun turret in the desired need. Hopefully, through the article, you will have a better view of the fig tower along with its uses.

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