How Tall Should A Gun Safe Be? Best Guide For Newbies

How tall should a gun safe be? If you still don’t really know the answer, read the detailed article below to get the complete explanation. Check it out!

Securing the gun in the safe is essential to help you minimize possible risks, typically theft. In the unfortunate event of theft, you will be subject to specific penalties from the competent authorities in your area.

Therefore, choose a safe that is most suitable and practical for the height of your gun. So how tall should a safe be? Are they safe with your device?

Depending on the intended use, you can consider choosing cabinet heights.

If you need long-term storage or general-purpose storage, Long-term storage or Multi-gun storage will be the first choice, respectively. In contrast, the Maximum protection cabinet will be the choice for high-value guns.

Join us to find specific answers through the article below!

How Tall Should A Gun Safe Be?

A Gun Safe

A Gun Safe

There are many different types of safes on the market today with different sizes and heights. Each product has other characteristics to adapt to your gun flexibly.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider and evaluate the relevant factors to be able to choose the right one with the right height!

Height is essential for safety

The height of the safe is an essential factor and directly affects your gun storage capacity as well as your important document limit.

You need to own one with a height compatible with your gun. Choosing the right height safe gives you many different meanings:

  • Maximum protection for your gun: Choosing the right safe means that your weapon will be at full protection. Limit the unfortunate risks that may happen to you and your device. When someone intends to steal anything from yours, they will be prevented by the safe, which can be stopped if you don’t know how to use it.
  • Long-term storage: The storage period for your gun’s practical-sized interior is relatively long. And of course, only when you no longer need to use them will they expire.
  • Multi-gun storage: Quality and gun-size safes allow you to store multiple documents and valuables simultaneously.

The ideal height for a safety gun is 58″ and a width of 30″; this parameter is on empirical surveys and feedback from customers who have used the product. With such a size, you can comfortably store your guns and essential documents.

Not only does it give you considerable storage space, that height also helps you prevent thieves from stealing your system.

The size of the products is relatively large, so they cannot be easily lifted and stored in a card box, which seems impossible. Of course, that is highly beneficial to you; your guns will be safe even if you, unfortunately, neglect them.

However, this does not mean that you have to depend entirely on the parameters we gave earlier. You can also choose ones with a larger or smaller height if they are practical for your needs.

Types Of safes

Have you correctly determined which one you should choose? Don’t worry about this because right below, we will introduce you to some standard versions.

Basic version

Basic version

Basic version

Most of today’s safes come with a modern handle system that is easy to move and has the ideal size like vanilla for you to use more conveniently. Derived from the flexible feature of the product, it allows users to carry it with them when needed.

The products have a limited length, but in return, they possess impressive storage space. With that space, you can comfortably store small and medium-sized guns with relative height.

Long version

Long version

Long version

True to its name, safes are to store guns with a height compatible with them.

The ideal size might be about 60″ long, and their width varies depending on how many guns you need to store. For more extensive needs, you can choose to use safes with larger sizes and vice versa.

Multi-purpose version

Multi-purpose version

Multi-purpose version

Multi-function safe is a product line with many different advantages, and they can store many essential documents as well as your gun at the same time.

The safe’s interior has an impressive design, including drawers, shelves, and handy compartments to precisely and flexibly meet your needs. Due to the high security and certainty of the products, you can choose them for storing valuables.

Safety Tips For Storing Guns In A Safe

Combination lock

Safety Tips For Storing

It’s not just about storing and preserving, and we need to keep in mind some storage tips below to ensure we’re doing it right. Proper maintenance will help your gun perform better and effectively prolong the life of the product.

Careful location

First, it is impossible not to mention that the storage location is selected. Keep your gun in the correct position. This way, you have been contributing to properly preserving your equipment.

Buy carpet and protect

Protective mats can be to limit possible scratches during storage to your gun. It would help if you chose comfortable types of good quality and long-term use, so you can save money and time to replace new ones.

Yet, you also do not need to use too expensive products, which is a big waste.

Buy drawers and racks

Adding drawers or racks is essential to help you keep your guns cabinet. With small gun models, you can use extra small drawers to store them better. And, of course, with long guns, equipping racks is extremely important.

On-site storage

On-site storage is an essential requirement to help you minimize damage and scratches caused by transportation. Switching back and forth will mess things up and put your guns at risk of theft.

For more tips, check this video below:


With the information about how tall a cabinet should be above, hopefully, it will help you have a better and more in-depth look at the product. Choosing the right safe is a prerequisite to keeping your product and out of harm’s way.


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