American Made Gun Safes Review

You might be aware that guns are a big part of the larger American heritage. Guns were very instrumental in helping Americans win their freedom during the Revolution. Additionally, they have helped Americans keep their freedoms alive today. That is why it is always natural to love American made safes when it comes to protecting guns. There are numerous gun safes in the market. Keep in mind that not all of them are manufactured in the United States of America. We have decided to provide a comprehensive review of American made gun safes.

Features of American Made Gun Safes

There is no doubt that American made gun safes come with the top features everyone would want a safe to have. Here are the most common features in American made gun safes.

Quality Locking Mechanism

It is good to know that a quality locking mechanism is one of the most important parts of any gun safe. Whether it is a gun cabinet or even a full size safe, American made gun safes are made with reliable locking mechanism. The main reason why American safe manufacturers put this feature on top of their list is that a safe with a quality locking mechanism will never fail at any time. This means that your guns will never be left on the inside while you are on the outside.

Do you know that there is no breaking formula when someone is breaking into your home? American made gun safes are manufactured to have easy access. They are designed in a unique way so that you can quickly access your guns. As you purchase your dream American made gun safe, you should consider the brand. It is worth noting that locks that lack quality do not display their name on them. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed numerous United States of America made safes being manufactured with great locks on them. They are also backed by some form of warranty.

What are the different lock options you will find in American made gun safes? We will talk about that for a quick moment.

  • Electronic lock. It is arguably the best lock if you really need to have quick access to your safe. This type of lock will be important even if you will be accessing your safe regularly. Do you intend to use your safe for self-protection weapons? You will definitely find this feature in most American made gun safes.
  • Mechanical Lock. This lock has emerged as the best choice for people who keep their self-protection weapons in a quicker access spot. If you are among those people who don’t get into their safe many times in a day, then you will never go wrong with an American made gun safe manufactured with a mechanical lock.
  • Redundant lock. American made gun safes manufactured with the highly regarded redundant lock has both mechanical and electronic lock built in. There is nothing better than having a safe that allows ease of access. American gun safes made with this lock does not rely on the battery. Additionally, they are designed with a mechanical lock version.
  • Biometric lock. Biometric locks are also known as fingerprint locks. Usually, America made gun safes manufactured with this locking mechanism uses your fingerprint to gain access to the contents. Actually, they are made with a key or keypad backup. The key and keypad backup are very essential especially in those times where you will need another way in. However, the biometric lock does not work well in some American made gun safes.

Steel Quality and Thickness

Most American made gun safes are manufactured with high quality steel. That is the reason people always want to go for these safes. Are you aware that the steel material is what keeps intruders away? When purchasing American made gun safes, you should pay attention to the quality of the steel they have used. You should be guaranteed that most of the American manufactured gun safes boast of thicker and better steel. The high quality steel used to make these safes is more likely to make the thieves give up and move on.

The United States of America steel is known to be more hardened. You will definitely like the safes that have been constructed with American gauge steel. Most manufacturers in the United States of America handle the thickness of steel by having a single layer of steel. It is good to know that this is the actual manufacturing standard in the United States of America.

Top Security Features

There are numerous features that American made gun safes come with. In this section, we will discuss the most useful features that American gun safes manufacturers don’t forget when making their products.


This feature is considered as one of the hardest concepts to understand in a gun safe. American based gun safe manufacturers include this feature in their products so that tempering with the gun safe can be a tough task. This means that it can be completely impossible to open an American made gun safe. The most expensive and well known version of this feature is where a glass plate is placed on the inside of the door. Do you know that when the re locker is accidentally drilled in it will shatter and close your safe forever?

Bolt Shear

This feature is very similar to the re-locker. Usually, the bolt shear comes with a pin between the bolt work and the handle of a safe. When you put enough force on the handle, it will shear the pin off. This will make the handle move freely. In turn, the safe will be impossible to open. You will require extreme force to have your gun safe opened. This is an added feature that many American gun safe manufacturers have been incorporating.

Slip Clutch

You can agree with me that this name sounds like car terminology. However, it is good to know that the slip clutch is another reliable way to keep a stranger from breaking into your safe. Although some manufacturers don’t do it in that way, slip clutches are made to be a part of the exterior handle of the safe. If you have been lucky to come across American made gun safes with this feature, then you can agree with me that the handle will release and spin freely when too much pressure is put on the handle. Furthermore, you have the freedom to put it to normal. All that you should do in that case is to spin it the other way. This guarantees you that a thief will never force your safe open.

Anti-pry tabs

Have you ever heard that prying open a gun safe is well known to gain entrance to a safe? Someone with a pry bar will never gain leverage to pry your door open.

Bolt down kits

Unlike other safes in the market, American made gun safes have bolt down stock on the inside of the safe. Bold down kits are one of the crucial security features that everyone should think about. The importance of this feature is that one can’t attempt to carry your safe from home. Your gun safe is bolted to the ground. Kindly remember that you will be buying time when you are purchasing a safe. This is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Hard plates

American made gun safes are manufactured with varying thickness of plates. This will protect the lock from drill attacks. The drill attacks can easily harm the lock.

Cons of American Made Gun safes

No Lifetime warranty

You will come across American made gun safes that come with a lifetime warranty while others don’t have. Lack of a lifetime warranty means that you will not have a chance to return your gun safe if it develops problems.


Most American made gun safes are very heavy. Therefore, you might have a hard time transporting them from one place to another. Remember that these safes are manufactured with strong and heavy material. This makes them heavy. You should consider choosing an easy to carry gun safe that is light weight if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy transporting it.

Not Fire resistant

Some of the American made gun safes being released into the market are not fully waterproof and fireproof. Therefore, your guns might end up getting damaged in case a fire incident occurs in your building. Additionally, some of the safes are not water resistant. Water might end up damaging your guns.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to American made gun safes, you will get what you pay for. After you have purchased your dream American made gun safe, you should fill it with things to protect. In that case, you will rest assured that you have done everything you can. We hope that this review article will help you in the near future. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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