Best Hidden Gun Cabinet Bookcase Plans

Top 3 Hidden Gun Cabinet Bookcase Plans

What is a bookcase? A bookcase is a piece of furniture that has been designed to store and display books. Bookcases can be used to store shotguns and long guns. There is no doubt that adding a gun cabinet bookcase is a brilliant way to add character to your home. Bookcases can not only hold and display books, but they can also serve as excellent storage spaces for guns. Furthermore, they can add great value to your house. It is good to know that most DIY bookcases are meant to fill up bare walls. 

You will save some floor space when you consider vertically organizing your literary collection. Needless to say, building a bookcase is a perfect idea more so for small houses and apartments. Do you want to make your home look lavish and sophisticated while at the same time keeping your guns safe? This is the right time to choose and install the best DIY bookcase. 

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All that you need when designing a hidden gun cabinet bookcase is to have a little flair of creativity and passion for reading. In this article, we will take a look at the best-hidden gun cabinet bookcase plans that can easily be made at home. With hidden gun cabinet #3, no one will ever know where you have hidden your guns

Best Hidden Gun Cabinet Bookcase Plans

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Best Hidden Gun Cabinet Bookcase Plans

#1 Traditional bookcase to hide your shotguns 

You can attest that nothing can make your home appear expensive and lavish like the traditional bookcase. Typically, this bookcase is large, cumbersome and comes with several horizontal shelving. These bookcases are made from hardwood. You can make bookcases of all sizes. You don’t need to have experience in carpentry. You should have some artistic skills and the passion for following the exact DIY design. You can place this bookcase be it in your bedroom or the drawing-room. It depends on your floor space. Moreover, DIY bookcase can be used in all kinds of settings. 

#1 Traditional bookcase to hide your shotguns

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#2 Q-line safeguard shelving system as a top hiding secret

People have been using bookcases to hide secrets for centuries. Regardless it is a hidden door, a trap to another world or a simple place to stash away your gun, this bookcase is the best. Keep in mind that this DIY project will not take more than one afternoon. In addition, you will not be required to cup up any walls or doors for this. Typically, you need to have a wooden box, old books and some decorative book spines. Also, glue should be in hand. The wooden box needs to be chosen carefully. 

The wooden box should be tall as the book spines or even smaller. It should not be taller than the book spines. As you make the wooden box, make sure that the guns will easily fit in the wooden box. You will lose the element of surprise in case people see something sticking out of it. Ensures that your guns fit perfectly. Nothing should look weird. What if you decide to use old books instead of decorative spines? In such situations, you should make sure that your books are equal in length. Moreover, make sure that the spines are of the same width when you remove the spines. 

The overall making process is straightforward. All that you need to do is to take the box and decide on the best side the spines should go. The first step is to make sure that it fits perfectly in your bookcase. In this way, you can easily camouflage it with other books. As you glue the spines on one side of the box, make sure that they look as natural as possible. Keep the guns in the box when everything is done. Interestingly no one will know what is in your bookcase. 

#2 Q-line safeguard shelving system as a top hiding secret

#3 Bookcase of secrets

This bookcase comes with more than you can imagine. It contains at least ten hidden compartments. Some are extremely large while others are small. These compartments are easy to build. In most cases, they will not reduce the regular storage space at all. This bookcase can be made by a collection of plywood boxes. The plywood boxes can be dressed with solid wood. If you know how to build boxes, then making this bookcase will be very easy. It is very easy to disassemble the whole bookcase simply because all the components are separate units. That’s a great thing when it comes to finishing.

The secrets spaces in this bookcase

There are six types of secret compartments in this bookcase. You will have a total of 10 compartments if you use each available space for the secret compartments. Let’s take a look at some of these compartments

Column compartment 

#4 Bookcase of secrets 1

Overhead hiding space

#4 Bookcase of secrets 2

Drawer nook

#4 Bookcase of secrets 3

Hang up box

#4 Bookcase of secrets 4

Here are the plan directions

Step 1a. Building the boxes from plywood material

You should start with the column boxes. Cut the two sheets of plywood roughly. You can use a circular saw to cut the plywood perfectly. From there, you should trim the plywood to a final length of 80 in. It is advisable to use a straightedge and a router fitted with a trim bit. This will help you in getting a perfect edge. After marking the dado locations on the plywood material, you should cut them. It is important to note that you will be required to add a bearing to the plywood bits. 

Step 1b. Cutting the dadoes in one pass

Family handyman

In this section, you should repeat the procedure for the cabinet sides C. The plywood lengths should be cut at 30-in. If you do it perfectly, you will get the door cabinets from a single width of the plywood. Kindly note that the bottom section of the drawer cabinet should be lower when compared to the door cabinet. The main reason for this is to create the hidden cabinet just below the lower corner. After cutting the column and the cabinet sides, laying out and drilling the adjustable shelf holes are the next steps. 

Hold off the cabinet tops. You might prefer assembling the cabinet first to finalize the top dimensions. Afterwards, you can dry fit all the parts. This is to make sure that everything goes together right. Tape off the dadoes. This will keep them free from stain and varnish. Make sure that your cabinet is square. Starting with the shelves and dividers, the drawer cabinet is assembled from inside out. You can later determine the final measurements for the top and upper compartments. There is a possibility of adjusting the sizes given in the cutting list. If you want a cabinet that is a little lower, then you should alter the thickness of the plywood. 

Step 2: Assemble the cabinets and columns

Using glue and columns, assemble the cabinets. Perfectly clamp the tops to the cabinets.  A little glue and screws are fine for most of the assembly. Consider using clamps rather than screws on the outer sides of both end columns. 

Step 3: Add the Compartments

It is important to build the bridge boxes with the same length and width. Fortunately, the process is easy to follow since the cabinet tops are identical. 

Step 4: Complete the columns

Cut the backers, column bases and columns. The columns should be a little long. Using a glue, assemble the crowns. Glue and fingers have emerged as the best ways to assemble the small parts of the column crowns. 

Step 4: Set the column blocks

Lay the columns face parts of the column backer. Screw the columns and bases to the backer. This should be done through the back of the column backer. Using screws, attach the crown from behind. Nail the available cap in place. You should have four elegant column faces. They should be ready to be mounted on the column boxes. 

Step 5: Assemble the whole structure

#4 Bookcase of secrets5

Join the columns to the cabinets when they are complete. How should you install each bridge? You should clamp them in place and add screws. From there, you can stand and admire your good work. The next step after this should be covering the space between the columns above the cabinets. After this, you should ask a friend to help you with building the drawer and doors. 

Step 6: Finish

#4 Bookcase of secrets6

After taking the hidden bookcase apart, finish-sand everything. You can use the Mission Oak stain. The top-coated should come with a wipe-on-gel-varnish. In addition, you should finish the areas that cover the outsides of the lower cabinets. 

Enjoy your hidden gun cabinet bookcase and try your best not to tell your friends about the secrets compartments. That’s our little secret between you and me.

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Final thoughts

With the above-hidden gun cabinets, it will be very easy to hide your firearms from friends and kids. You should follow the plan if you want to get the best designs. You should also avoid telling your friends about the cabinet’s hidden compartments. 

All in all, I hope that you will find these hidden gun bookcases essential in hiding your firearms. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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