How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf

How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf? Step-by-Step Guide

There is no doubt that you would want to hide your gun from burglars and thieves. While other people would want to hide their weapons from curious kids, others want to have safes to keep away their firearms from feds.

Whatever your motivations are, you are here to figure out how you can build a hidden gun shelf at home. Typically, a secret compartment shelf can be used to keep valuables. When a hidden gun shelf is closed, it appears to be a simple floating shelf. You can access the hidden compartment with great ease when a magnet has been fitted in the hidden gun shelf.

The best way to do that is by placing the magnet on the side of the drawer. The bottom of the shelf will be unlocked if you consider putting the side of the box under the magnetic lock.

How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf

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How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf?

Step 1: Hardware and material cut list

Kindly note that the molding measurements are made from a short point to a long point.

Step 2: Top assembly

It is good to keep in mind that the front side can be decorated in a unique manner.  It is advisable to install the box router.  From there, you are required to run the piece of wood through the router.

After that, set the miter sew 45 degrees. You should miter on both ends of the front trim piece. Kindly remember to set the miter saw to 45 degrees. The side trim pieces should be done oversize. After trimming the pieces, you should set the saw back to 90 degrees. One end should be cut to 90 degrees.

If you have a glue, you can apply it to the trim pieces and the top. A clamp will be an essential tool in this step since it will help you keep everything together while the glue dries.

Step 3: Painting hardware and putting together magnetic key

After the glue has dried, you can alter your locks with great precision. This is the right to join people who use magnetic stuffs. In most cases the magnetic key will come with the lock kit. In case it does not have, you can look for your own unique key. Some prefer making a simple band saw the box and drilling the hole on the side of the drawer.

After finishing everything, you should flock the drawer. The primary role of the concealed magnet is to prevent any type of scratches on the shelf especially when it is opened.

Step 4: Shelf support assembly

1 How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf Step four Shelf support assembly

After cutting all the pieces to width and length, you are required to predrill the long piece. This should be done by simply placing the two hole on an inch in from each end.

2 How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf Step four Shelf support assembly

From there, you should apply the glue to the end of the two small pieces. They should stand in a horizontal manner.

3 How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf Step four Shelf support assembly

The long piece should be placed over the two small pieces line up. What is the next step after that? You should drive the two wood screws on each side.

Step 5: Bottom assembly

This is the step you have been waiting for. Cutting the crown molding is an easy task. What should you ensure when cutting the crown molding? Make sure that the bottom level is tight up against the fence of the saw. What is the most crucial thing you should never forget? The top level of the crown molding is supposed to sit flat on a level surface. Additionally, remember to keep the crown molding upside down.

What if you have never done molding in your lifetime? In such a case, it is advisable to start with a simple one and learn over time. On both ends, alter the molding with accuracy. The glue should be applied at all surfaces. Therefore, before starting the whole process, make sure that you have more than enough glue that will finish the entire project. Glue is considered as one of the essential tools in that case.

You are supposed to use painters when lining all the pieces together. Remember to clamp all pieces together. In this step, glue and brad nails are very helpful. As you do it, keep in mind that the nail hole has to be filled fully later. Therefore, you can use a few nails to make the project easier and successful.

Step 6: Prepare joining support assembly to top assembly

Immediately after placing all the pieces together, you should check for clearance issues. You should keep them in a manner that the support assembly should not be touching the bottom. Ensure that there is a 1/8 inch gap. After lining the support assembly, you should leave a spacing from side to side.

Remove the bottom assembly once you are happy with the placement. With a pencil, accurately mark the placement of the support. Using a drill, drill several holes on the bottom side of the bottom assembly. The dowel centers should be placed in all four holes. The support assembly should also be fixed over. It should be placed on the underside to the top assembly.

So that you have an excellent looking project, ensure that the assembly line up with the marks you have made previously. You should place the scrap piece of wood while still holding the support assembly in position. The best way is to make the dowel centers to have dents in the wood. Remember that they are your marks for drilling holes to the underside of the top assembly.

It is important to note that the drill should not be completely through the top assembly.

4 How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf Step six Prepare joining support assembly to top assembly
5 How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf Step six Prepare joining support assembly to top assembly

Step 7: Join the top assembly to support assembly

This is the ideal time to sand everything thoroughly. You are supposed to start with 100 grit. From there, you should start working on the 180 grits. After gluing the edges, you should insert the dowels. Accurately clamp the two pieces together while the glues dry.

Step 8: Attach the hinge

A half an inch spacer should be placed when attaching the hinges. Using a pencil, mark the holes on the hinges.  After pre-drilling the two holes, it is now the time to set the two screws. This step should be repeated on the other sides of the hinges.

Using a pencil, mark the position of the hinges. From there, you should remove the two screws from the top assembly. The support assembly on the right hinge and left hinge should correspond to the right hinge hole. Pre-drill and set the rest of the screws.

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Step 9: Install the magnetic locks

You can use a double sided tape to help with the installation of the locks and catches. You should apply the double sided tape to the back of the catches and locks. Avoid placing numerous holes on your project. In case you have a problem placing the double side tape, you can place the catches to the inside of the side support.

Step 10: Cutting and installing the foam

You can use your knife to cut the foam. One long side should be cut to a 45 degree angle. After marking the locations of the lock, cut the sections out. Place your guns on the hidden gun shelf.

6 How To Build Hidden Gun Shelf - Copy

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Final thoughts

As you can use from the above article, it is an easy task to make a hidden gun-shelf. Before you start making your hidden gun shelf, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and essential items. Additionally, make something that will perfectly fit your guns. We hope that you find this article helpful in the future. Do you have any questions regarding the above process? You can ask our friendly team. Thanks!


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