What Size Gun Safe For AR-15? Things you should know

What size gun safe for AR15? You will need one that is large enough to accommodate this gun comfortably. Read the article below for a specific manner!

AR15 is one of the most beneficial inventions that give us great defense against potential dangers out there.

Leaving weapons around can also lead to unfortunate accidents for you and those around you. So you will need a properly sized storage cabinet to store your precious AR15s.

So, what size gun safe for AR15? Due to the ideal length of the AR15, the cabinet you choose should essentially be about 10-15 inches longer than the usual ones to ensure there are no problems with storing this gun.

What Size Gun Safe For AR-15? Things you should know 2

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What Is the Average Size Of AR15?

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What Is the Average Size Of AR15?

There is not one but many guns named AR15 with different structures and sizes.

In other words, there are many variations of the AR15 model, and you should carefully consult the information from the manufacturer to get an accurate assessment. Of course, when adding accessories such as silencers, the size of the gun will also increase.

However, there are still some AR15 models that are more popular than the rest. Those weapons are the ArmaLite AR-15 and M16, respectively, the most famous variant of the original product.

ArmaLite AR-15 has about 39 in (991 mm) with a barrel of 20 in (508 mm). Meanwhile, the M16 is longer, with 39.5 in (1,003 mm), a barrel of 20 in (508 mm).

How Much Space Is Required At Least To Store AR15

Choosing a version that is just the right length for the weapon is never a good idea because it will be challenging to get the weapon out and put the device in if there is not enough space.

So, how much space is needed will depend on how long the AR15 model we use is. It’s a good idea to add about 10-15 inches to the available size of the cabinet to make sure there are no problems.

If you want to store more accessories and ammunition, you will choose a cabinet with a larger interior space.

Gun Bag And Safe, Which Is Safer?

The answer is safe, but you also have another option to store your AR15 to use safety bags. Unlike the safe, the safe gun bag is smaller in size along with a limited capacity of only about 1 to 2 weapons at a time. Besides, the bag is also less durable than the cabinet when mainly made of fabric or plastic.

However, we can move the product around instead of just being fixed in one place like a safe. So, depending on your needs and preferences, you need to make a reasonable choice.

Gun case

Gun case/ gun bag

What Are The Factors When Choosing Gun Safe?

To choose a suitable gun-safe model, it is best to refer to the essential factors.

Total length

Moving the weapon in and out will be extremely difficult if the cabinet size is approximately or not much different from the AR15 models inside.

So, you will need to evaluate the weapon’s length and do some simple math to figure out the correct length for the cabinet.

Accessories and width

The larger the cabinet, the better the storage capacity will be. But in return, the weight and size of the product occupied will be more significant.

Not only that, the cost that we have to spend for a large cabinet will undoubtedly be much higher than products with suitable storage capacity. So, to avoid waste, you should anticipate your needs in advance.

If there is a need to store more accessories, the large-width cabinets are not the wrong choice.

Steel Gauge Thickness

Steel Gauge Thickness

Steel Gauge Thickness

A good layer of steel will keep your gun safe from any side impact, such as impact or malicious destruction. Of course, the thicker the steel case, the higher the protection, but the price also increases from there. However, to keep the weapon in top condition, the cost is well worth it.

The best choice for guard steel is 10 to 14-inch gauge materials. You should also note that the lower the gauge steel, the higher the protection will be.

Mounting Options

There will be cases when you do not leave the weapon safe on the ground but instead hang it up or arrange it somewhere without touching the floor.

At this time, the hooks or holes available on the safe will be a very effective assistant for us. So try to choose models that have holes or buckles open.

Lock mechanism

Along with the development of current technology, weapon safes are also gradually switching to new models with entirely different structures from mechanical locks.

All have appeared on gun safes, from as simple as a digital password to as complex as fingerprints and other biometric markers.

Of course, modern tools can make it easier for you to manipulate, but if you are familiar with the mechanical key, do not hesitate to use it.


Not only does the outer steel layer impact the protection of the cabinet, but the materials that make up the frame, sliding door, or hinge also have a significant influence. Therefore, you should not ignore these details when choosing a safe.

How To Store A Gun When Going Out?

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Store A Gun When Going Out

Usually, gun cabinets are too big to carry outside, so you’ll need to buy specialized weapon transport bags if you want to take weapons with you.

While storage capacity is limited, this storage method will help you preserve your firearm with minimal damage.

Should I Put My Gun In My Backpack?

Definitely not, because the weapon will not fit most backpacks, making it difficult to transport. In addition, we will have to disassemble each part if we want to keep it in the backpack; this action can put yourself in danger.


Above is all the necessary information for your reference before deciding to choose a model of any gun safe. We hope the helpful knowledge in this article can help you. Thank you for following this post!

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