How Smart Home Technology Can Keep Your Family Safe


Any parent has one thing on their mind: their family’s safety. The digital world can pose a threat to many families if the right precautions aren’t taken. Luckily for many, technology can also offer a ton of benefits that any family should take advantage of for the safety and happiness of their families.

Thanks to new technological advancements, you can now automate your home with family-friendly gadgets and gears that offer the ultimate protection with a click of a button. Safety doesn’t refer to protecting your home from burglars, but they can also help protect your family from any dangers in your home as well. Find out below how smart home technology can keep you and your loved ones safe.

How Smart Home Technology

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Home Protection

If you’re concerned about the overall safety of your home and who’s in it, then consider investing in smart home protection. Installing fully-integrated Home Security Systems will allow you to keep your home safe by keeping out intruders and always having a watchful eye monitoring your home.

Many of these high-end security systems come with cameras that can be installed around your home’s exterior or interior to monitor any suspicious activity. You can remotely view whatever is happening from an app on your smartphone.

This can also come in handy if you’re expecting any package delivery and to see if anyone has stolen it. A week’s worth of filming data can also be stored on your cloud.

Lifesaving Motion Sensors

Many security systems also have built-in motion sensors that can inform you of any suspicious activity going around the outside of your home.

They will either immediately notify you of what’s happening or they will turn on security lights and a siren to notify neighbors of possible intruders. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), these sensors can also detect glass-breaks or water leaks from any pipes so you can tend to these issues quickly.

Smart Locks

Say goodbye to your average doorbell because now the idea of entering your home has never been safer! Smart locks are ideal if you have kids who come home before you do and they have a habit of losing their keys.

Eliminate keying altogether and install one that uses security codes instead; they will never be locked out again, and the best part is that you get notified on your smartphone when they arrive home. You can also lock and unlock your door remotely through your smartphone.

Some of the newer models have voice recognition software and can connect to your virtual assistant; however, be sure to get one that doesn’t replace your traditional key and lock system on the door. You don’t want to be locked out of your home due to a malfunction, especially during an emergency.

Video Doorbells

No matter how many times you tell your kids not to open doors to strangers, it’s still always wise to see who’s on the other side of your door.

Besides the fact that they can tell you who’s at your door without you getting off your couch or leaving whatever chore you’re doing at home, they can also protect you and your kids from opening the door. You’ll be able to monitor remotely who’s at your door when you’re not at home and send them on their way through the device.

Some video doorbells also have facial recognition software that you can install yourself so it can recognize your nearest and dearest upon reaching your home. Your database of tagged people is saved and you’ll be notified when they arrive at your door.

Smart Lighting

Not only does smart lighting and using a smart bulb save you a ton of energy, but you can also you can use them to help keep your kids and home safer. For starters, if you’re traveling, a dark home can be an invitation for burglars.

You can set specific times where the lights turn on and off remotely from your smartphone. This, of course, also comes in handy for when you’ve already left the house for work or an outing at night and forgot to turn off the lights.

Another way you can use smart lighting is to eliminate your child’s fear from a dark bedroom or a dark hallway during their midnight bathroom trips.

To avoid any unwanted slips or falls, some lighting comes with a built-in motion sensor that will softly turn on a night light so your child can see where they’re going. The hallways can also automatically turn on once they open the door.

They can be dimmed for energy efficiency or encourage a sleeping atmosphere for your child, and they can also be set to be turned off a few minutes later.

Air Quality

There are humidifiers and air purifiers and then there are smart air purifiers and air management systems. Older devices purify the home’s air quality, but a smart one takes it a step further.

These smart devices have the ability to detect smoke faster than any smoke detector, and will inform you where exactly the smoke is so you can tend to the issue quickly.

They can also warn you about anything that will affect your family’s allergies or health conditions, and it can even warn against dangerous toxins like carbon monoxide.

Smart Thermostats


These can also be ideal in creating a pleasant environment at home. They work the same way any tradition thermostat does, but you can adjust temperatures easily from your smartphone ahead of time, giving you the right temperature. This can help if you have any sick child at home or you want to prevent them from catching the flu.

Smart Cabinets

Many times children have gotten into the medicine cabinet or a cabinet where you keep toxic cleaning products and were harmed. Avoid any unwanted accidents by installing smart cabinets that lock and unlock at your own will as well as sensors that inform you if your child is about to open them.

Home Automation is the future. It’s a trend that will live on for many years to come because it can keep families safe, happy, and healthy. Whether it’s security systems or smart locks, a smart home can keep your family’s well-being and safety intact.

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