10 Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas – Top Picks and Reviews

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Do you know that most areas of your home will receive more traffic when compared to others? Living rooms and family rooms are considered as the most popular places people prefer congregating. That is the reason it is crucial to choose wisely the type of rug you would want to use in these parts of your home.

You might be aware that there are certain rugs models that can withstand wear and tear. Keep in mind that wear and tear come with heavy use. There is no doubt that you would want to keep in mind the durability of the rug especially if you own kids, pets, and frequent friends who visit your home. The most common rug material is silk. Silk can sustain a great deal of foot traffic. Rugs manufactured from silk material will start to wear over time.

There are numerous rugs for high traffic areas. To help you choose only the best products in the market, we have compiled the best rugs for high traffic areas.

10 Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas - Top Picks and Reviews

Review of the Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas

Maples Rugs Blooming None Slip Runner Rug

The two by six runner rug is arguably the perfect choice for hallway and kitchen. Additionally, the highly regarded rug has been manufactured with high quality nylon material. The timeless designed rug has been made with a 100% nylon pile. This design has been added to improve the durability of this product.

The low profile rug for high traffic areas can be used in any setting. You will have an easy time carrying about this high traffic rug. Furthermore, it is machine washable. This makes it one of the most preferred high traffic area rugs. The presence of skid-resistant backing in this rug means that no additional rug pad is required.

This rug will add a vintage style to a traditional scroll design. The unique design that comes with this rug will bring a focal piece from entryways. The manufacturer has been making high quality home textiles in a small town in Alabama. Through the three generational legacy, the manufacturer focusses on the tufted rugs.

All their manufacturing is done in the United States of America. They are a reputable company that is trusted for their high quality products. When you purchase from them, you should be guaranteed that you are getting a durable rug that will serve you for many years. They don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of their rugs.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 1 Maples Rugs Blooming Damask Non Slip Runner Rug For Hallway Entry Way Floor Carpet [Made in USA], 2 x 6, GreyBlue - Copy


  • The manufacturer does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products.
  • This rug is lightweight.


  • It does not look exactly as in the picture.

Decomall Vienna Traditional Vintage Floral Runner

The high quality machine made polyester has been made for soft touch and stain resistance. Additionally, it has been manufactured for easy care and long life. Away from that, the high traffic rug is ultra-durable and virtually none shedding. It is considered as one of those quality rugs that can withstand high traffic areas.

Are you aware that this rug boasts of 0.3 inch pile height? Besides that, it is family and pet friendly high quality rug. The best thing about this product is that it will slip with a damp white cloth. In case you experience difficulties cleaning this rug, you can seek professional assistance. People prefer going for this rug simply because it comes with an oriental floral appearance. This specific design will create a truly transitional look that will fit classic and contemporary homes.

It is important to know that every rug has been designed with a pile direction. Light in this rug is either reflected off the sides or tip of a yarn. That is the reason why the color of this rug is quite different. If you have come across it in the past, you can agree with me that indeed it is darker when compared to other rugs in the market.

The manufacturer is dedicated to bring fashion forward design to every home. They will do it at prices that answer to every person’s budget. The reason this company has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years is that they import the raw materials from overseas factories. This ensures that they have the finest products. Their products and unique will add a designer look to your home.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 2 Decomall Vienna Traditional Vintage Distressed Floral Runner Rug for Hallway, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, 2.5x9 ft, Multicolor - Copy


  • It has been designed with a pile direction.
  • Their products will bring a designer look to your home.


  • They could have made the edges to be much stronger.

Traditional Long Runner Area Rug Design

It is a high quality rug that comes with reasonable dimensions. Additionally, the elegant and classic rug has been manufactured using premium 100% polypropylene. The top rug that has been manufactured in Turkey does not shed. As you purchase this rug, you should be guaranteed that the soft and plush pile will feel warm and cozy under your feet.

The Turkey based manufacturer has made it to last for many years. It is a great choice if you want to protect flowing and reduce noise naturally. There is no doubt that it is a durable and stain resistant rug that will give you an easy time maintaining it. If you have been lucky to purchase this product, then you can agree with me that the luxury rug is quite resistant to fading and stains. Similar to other top rugs on this list, this rug has been manufactured for high foot traffic common use areas.

You should not look beyond this rug if you have been searching for a nice looking rug that is perfect for busy lifestyle households and for a home with kids and multiple pets. You should be assured that it is a truly beautiful addition to any room. The attractive look this rug comes with will greatly enhance the look and feel of your room.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 3 Traditional Long Runner Area Rug Design 404 Green (32 Inch X 15 Feet 10 Inch)


  • It is a durable and stain resistant rug.
  • It is a beautiful addition to any room.


  • The colors are off on the picture.

Nuloom Ripple Contemporary Sherill Rug

The sleek and convenient placement in this high traffic area rug allows for convenient placement in entryways and underneath furniture. It is one of the very few rugs that does not obstruct doorways. The popular rug has been designed with resilience against every day wear and tear. The kids and pets friendly kit is by no doubt a perfect choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen.

Be guaranteed that it is an ideal rug that is easy to clean and maintain. It is advisable you do vacuuming on a regular basis. Spot treating should also be done for any mild stains with a carpet cleaner. In case your rug has major strains, you can consider having dry cleaning. You might be wondering why a harmonious mix of black and grey is preferred by many people. Besides giving the designer a new look, it will make a unique statement in any room.

Have you been looking for a rug that is stylish and versatile? You are definitely in the right place. This is the perfect time to add the right amount of chic to your space. The enhanced durable synthetic fiber in this rug ensures that there is no shedding. The versatile size that comes with this rug means that it is a good choice to consider for any hallway and entryway.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 4 nuLOOM Ripple Contemporary Sherill Runner Rug - Copy


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has been designed with ultimate resilience.


  • Some customers have been doubting the rug performance.

Ottamanson Ottohome Collection Leaves Design Rug

It is good to know that this rug is 100% polypropylene as you purchase it. The well designed rug is a low practical pile and comes with strongly bound edges to avoid bulk under feet. The edges also allow seamless placement underneath furniture and doors.

This rug will be convenient for your home or office with kids and also pets. The machine made rug that has been manufactured in Turkey is made with high quality nylon material that makes it suitable for high quality areas.

The non-slip rubber backing in this rug will promote safe stepping for you and your kids. This makes the rug stay in place with optimal slip resistance. This ensures that it serves you for many years. People who have purchased this rug in the past have claimed that it is by no doubt the most beautiful rug piece you will ever find in the market.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 5 Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Leaves Design Modern Hallway Runner Rug,


  • This rug will grip onto floor for optimal skid resistance.
  • It is a durable rug that will serve the users for quite a long time.


  • This rug is very thin, and the included rubber backing will tore easily.

Sultan Sarouk Persian Runner Rug

It is a thick and plush rug with a pile height of about 0.5 inches. Additionally, this product has been manufactured by 100% polypropylene power loomed in Turkey. Away from that, the high traffic rug is stain resistant and fade resistant. Furthermore, the 100% jute backing is very safe for wood floors. It is one of the most durable and easy to clean rugs you will ever find in your lifetime. This rug has been manufactured to be used in high traffic areas for many years.

What are the most notable patterns in this high traffic rug? It features traditional, formal, and Persian floral patterns. The 0.5 inches pile will provide a detailed design and, at the same time lending an exceptionally soft hand.

You should consider this rug if you want something that will add already sophisticated décor. You will get a touch of finery to a casual space. If that is not yet enough, it feels soft under hand and thick under foot. This makes it a good quality for any room. The best of all benefits is that this rug is shed free and will save a considerable amount of time on vacuuming.

The rug that has been made with polypropylene material is a breeze to clean and maintain. You should remove any type of dirt immediately they are spilled. This should be done using a cloth dampened with water and mild detergent. This rug will last longer and will always look new even after years of extensive usage.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 6 Sultan Sarouk Brown Oriental - Copy


  • Durable construction.
  • Easy to clean.


  • They could have manufactured a larger rug.

Floor Runners Indoor Outdoor Floor Rugs

It is nontraditional 100% rubber rug that comes with a low profile thickness. Additionally, this rug can be used anywhere either in the interior of the house or exterior of your house. The best thing about this rug is that it is waterproof and anti-microbial. Water will not be absorbed by these slip runner rugs. Unlike other cheap rugs that are hard to wash, this rubber rug is washable and dryer safe.

The material will thicken and soften with every wash. It boasts of non-slip looped like design that makes it mold and mildew resistant. Besides being comfortable on bare feet outside, it can be kept on a poolside.

The manufacturer is well known to make high quality products that are strong and durable. To increase durability, the maker has made it with flexible premium PVC material. It is super easy to clean this rug. All that you need to do when cleaning this rug is to shake and vacuum it using a washing machine.

Do you want to have a mess protector that will never disappoint you? You are in the right place. It is a multi-purpose antimicrobial floor line for public and high traffic areas. Just click the link above to get one of the very best rugs for high traffic areas in the market.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 7 Floor Runners Indoor Outdoor Floor Runner Non Skid - Copy


  • It is a mess protector.
  • It has been made with a high quality rubber material.


  • The edges of this rug do not lay flat.

Brumlow Mills Rustic Vintage Area Rug

The high definition of print technology that comes with this rug will provide not only clarity but also precise detail. The most interesting thing about this rug is that it is machine washable. This enables easy care. Additionally, it has been treated with Scotchgard for stain resistance and anti-microbial resistance.

The highly preferred rug boasts of natural non-slip rubber backing. The maker has 75 years of family manufacturing experience. You will have a contemporary and artistic appeal when you consider purchasing this rug.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 8 Brumlow Mills Rustic Earthtones Vintage Abstract Area Rug - Copy


  • It is machine washable.
  • Stain resistance and microbial resistance.


  • Some people have been complaining that the edges are some pieces of crap.

Superior Modern Rockwood Rug

The durable and soft rug has been manufactured with 100% polypropylene fibers. This makes it a premium rug that can stand high traffic areas. The family friendly rug is user friendly. That is the main reason why they can be used is spill prone areas that include dining rooms and playrooms. The perfect sized rug is an ideal choice for entryway or foyer.

You can place this rug under a coffee table in the living room or your home office. There are different sizes available in the market. This will bring patterns flowing throughout your home. The beautiful design will bring any room in your home to life. The designs are just awesome. The superior home rug collection features a wide range of styles that include designs from the traditional oriental bag designs. Furthermore, this rug comes with bold contemporary patterns and neural floral.

The easy to care rug has well been made with jute backing. The material used to make this rug is anti-static and hydrophobic. Why is this rug considered as an ideal choice when it comes to humid and damp environments? It comes with moisture and mildew resistant abilities.

Last but not least, you will be provided with a full time guarantee after purchasing this rug. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, you are free to return it to the manufacturer. Finally, the manufacturer is an expert in making high quality textiles. They pride themselves as top notch rugs makers of all the time.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 9 Superior Modern Rockwood Collection Area Rug - Copy


  • Life time warranty.
  • It is an easy to care rug.


  • This rug is very thin.

Area Rug Black White Runner Rugs

The classic buffalo rug comes in black and white colors. Additionally, they are stylish and chic to match any type of lifestyle you would want. Furthermore, this rug has been made with high quality material. The material is environmentally friendly and comfortable. If that is not yet enough, this rug comes in ideal sizes.

This rug has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years simply because it comes with wide usage. It is a modern household necessity for entryway and bathroom. This is the most practical gift you will ever find in the market. Furthermore, it is easy to care. You are required to wash the plaid check rug separately in cold water using a mild detergent.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas 10 Area Rug Black White and Gray Classic Plaid Runner Rugs - Copy


  • It is an easy to care rug.
  • This rug comes with wide usage.


  • This product is much expensive.

Things to consider when purchasing the best rugs for high traffic areas in the market

Do you agree with me that indeed purchasing a rug for the first time can be an overwhelming task? That is the reason why you are advised to know all the pros and cons of the most common rugs. Whether you want to save a lot of money or you don’t know any decent place to shop rugs, shopping online for rugs will be a smart choice.

Keep in mind that you are the one who is going to be living with the rug. You might end up living with your rug for a long time if you invest a lot of money. We have compiled some important things to consider when purchasing the best rugs for high traffic areas.

Sense of style

Although it looks obvious, you should never forget your sense of style. Your style is very important. Before ordering your preferred rug, you should choose between traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles.

Cleaning and care of the rug

Do you know that high quality rugs should be cleaned regularly? That should be the case especially if the rug is made for high traffic areas or manufactured with natural materials. Your rug will become unsanitary if it is not cleaned more than twice a year. Also, kindly ensure that you can afford cleaning the rug twice in a year. Some high traffic rugs require less maintenance when compared to others.

Your lifestyle

You might be aware that every rug does not suit every lifestyle. Therefore, it is important for you to consider how you plan to live in the space the rug will occupy. Do you own pets? Do you have several kids in your home? Those are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Do you prefer changing the décor more often? In that case, you should consider purchasing two cheaper rugs rather than going for an expensive one.


Are you looking forward to investing a lot of money in a rug? It is best if you consider a timeless pattern such as those used in vintage and antique rugs. Modern rugs will look great in any room.

Final thoughts

The pattern, lifestyle, size of the rug, and the room décor are arguably the most relevant factors you should never forget when purchasing the best rugs for high traffic areas. And now that we have reviewed the top ten rugs for high traffic areas, you will definitely have an easy time when purchasing the best rugs in the market. We look forward to replying to any questions you might be having.


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