How Much Does A Big Gun Safe Weigh?

How much does a big gun safe weigh? If you are considering buying a big gun safe, this post is for you. Click on this article to have more details!

There are many gun safe variants in the market for you to choose from. Sometimes, it’s hard to define which type is the best. Is the big one, or the medium, or mini-safe better for keeping your guns safe?

In this post, let’s dive deep into gun safe’s size variants to see which is the better equipment for you. First, how much does a big gun safe weigh? Scroll down to learn!

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How Much Does A Big Gun Safe Weigh?

Big gun safes

Now, we will answer the first question: How much do large gun safes weigh? So, what is a big safe? It varies based on each person’s definition. However, on the market, normally, we can rank safes weighing from 200 pounds (100 kg) up to 400 pounds (200 kg) are big ones.

These gun safes are made from reinforced steel with a four-walled door. With such a thick door, the safe can protect your firearms for even up to an hour of fire.

Additionally, these gun safes are thick and heavy enough to prevent burglary and theft.

cannon gun safe

Lightweight gun safes

These are the lightest gun safes in the market. They are so lightweight and easy to mobilize. Typically, we rank the safes weighing from around 15 pounds (7.5 kg) to 45 pounds (20 kg) to this group.

As mentioned above, the bigger and heavier your safe is, the more secure it is. So, the lightweight safes are not as protective as the stronger and bigger safes. Yet, a lighter one is easier to move around and carry from the store to your room.

Most lightweight safes are designed with a single-walled body and double-walled door. You can see that it is lighter and thinner than the big safes, which means the chances of burglary and theft are higher.

Medium-sized safes

The second group we want to introduce is medium-size safes. How heavy is the safe to be called “medium”? – Gun safes weighing from 100 pounds (45 kg) to around 250 pounds (115 kg) can be categorized as medium.

As it is the middle-class group, the protection capacity also ranks average, higher than the light safes but not as the bulkier ones. They have a double-walled body with shutting bolts and two or three hinges.

Based on our experience, people prefer this group most because it is cost-saving, protective enough, and sturdy enough to keep your firearms from theft.

How Much Does A Large Gun Safe Weigh? Another Way Of Division Gun Safe

As discussed above, there is no statement on dividing the gun safe. So, the criteria we listed in the previous part is just one of the most common standards used in the community.

Another way to categorize the gun safe is by classifying them into entry-level, mid-range, high-end, to commercial-grade. In particular, the entry-level safes weigh from 200 to 600 pounds. The mid-range ones are heavier, from 600 to 1000 pounds.

Meanwhile, the high-end safes, usually more expensive and preferred by professionals, weigh between 1,000 to 1,600. Commercial-grade safes are the heaviest ones in the market with a weight from 2000 to 5000 pounds.

Which Factors Affect The Weight of The Gun Safe?


The bigger the safe, the heavier it is. Do you know the reason why? In fact, the bigger safe means that more solid steels, fireboard, and hinges are included along with the safe. The bigger safes also have high solidity than the smaller ones.

The weight of the safe has a tight connection to its protection ability. There are exceptional cases where the big safes have thin elements, so it is light – but the protective rate is low.


We want to emphasize that the design of the safe also affects its general weight. For example, safes with two layers of steel will be absolutely lighter than the ones with three layers, right?

To add in, if the safe is made with concrete-composite liners combined, it is heavier than made from one separately.

Fire-board layers

Gun safes must have fire-board layers to protect the guns inside

Gun safes must have fire-board layers to protect the guns inside

Fire-board layers are must-have items in safes. When buying safe, it is recommended that you choose the thick ones that can protect the inside materials against heat and flame for a long time. We know that it is impossible to prevent flame forever, but the longer, the better!

The safes with thicker fireboard layers also weigh more than the ones with thinner boards. So, again, the heavier safe seems to be safer than the lighter.

How To Select A Gun Safe With Suitable Weight For Your Demand? 

Based on our realistic experience, there are two factors to consider: your budget and the type of gun you are storing.

First, the heavier and bigger safes always cost more than the lighter and smaller ones. If it is heavy, then it is usually big as well. The big and heavy safes are the best protective ones, so it is expensive. The cheaper ones, on the other hand, are small and light.

Riffles are big, so that the safe must be big as well

Riffles are big, so that the safe must be big as well.

Consequently, the type of gun you possess also affects your decision. The safes for assault rifles cannot weigh less than 500 pounds, as they may not cover the whole size of the tool! Meanwhile, you don’t need to buy a big and bulky safe to store handy guns.


Overall, how much does a big gun safe weigh? – Ranging from 200 pounds (100 kg) up to 400 pounds (200 kg).

We also discuss some factors that affect the weight of a gun safe so that you can understand the product better before buying a gun safe for yourself.

Do you have any other questions? Share with us, and we will help you!


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