10 Best Scout Scopes: Reviews And Buying Guide

From a close look, the scout scope is loved and hated by equal measure. People who love using scout scopes have appreciated the highly regarded scopes for their rapid acquisition. Scout scopes are known to improve balance and preserve peripheral vision. You will have a difficult time shooting with both eyes if you hate scout scopes. Do you love scout scopes or you just want to learn more about these amazing scopes? You can use the list below to find the best scout scopes.

10 Best Scout Scopes

Originally, the scout rifle was a rifle that would fill numerous roles such as defense and hunting. With this type of rifle, you need a different scope from the traditional rifle scope. A scout rifle required a scope that would allow the users to acquire targets quickly. It also needed a compact and low profile scope. The perfect answer was the scout scope. At this point, you might be asking yourself the best scout scopes of all the times.

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Reviews of the Best Scout Scopes

Centerpoint Duplex Scope With Picatiny Mount

You can agree with me that indeed quality is the number one Consideration whenever you go to purchase a scope. This is exactly what this scout scope will be offering you. The popular scout scope is lucky to have been manufactured with the best quality materials. This gives it its quality and extreme reliability. Unlike other common scout scopes, this scope does not come with fixed magnification.

You will have the full freedom to adjust the magnification from 2x to 7x. There is no doubt you will have improved accuracy with the highest magnification. You should have little or even no worry when you are shooting at a long distance.

Typically, this scout scope features fully multi coated lenses. The role of the fully multi coated lenses is to ensure maximum transmission of light. Additionally, the clarity will increase target acquisition.

best scout scope 1 Centerpoint Duplex Scope With Picatiny Mount


  • This scope boasts of great quality Construction. This makes it durable.
  • It is well protected from any kind of damage.
  • It is fully multi coated.


  • It is a little bit heavy.

Bushnell Banner Dusk And Dawn Scout Scope

The high quality optics boasts of stunning HD clarity. Additionally, it is Constructed with high quality materials. Also, the low light riflescope comes with a high magnification and 40mm objective lens. The dusk and dawn brightness and multicoated lenses are for improved clarity.

If you ask any trophy hunter, they will tell you that more tags are filled in the low light hours than any other time. The one tube design scout scope will never disappoint you at any one time. You will never regret spending your hard earned cash on this scout scope.

best scout scope 2 Bushnell Banner Dusk And Dawn Scout Scope


  • It boasts of stunning HD clarity.
  • Multicoated lenses for improved clarity.


  • The cross hair is barely visible.

Visionking Rifle Scope 3 Scout Scope

The best thing about this scout scope is that it is both waterproof and fog-proof. Additionally, the one piece main tube features a black matte finish. Also, it is designed with mil dot reticle and multi coated lenses. Furthermore, it is the perfect choice for faster target acquisition in low light conditions.

The reinforced variable power zoom ring serves to seal and support the eyepiece securely. Moreover, it comes with wind-age and elevation adjustments. These features enable this scope to retain sight calibration. The function of the multi coated optics is to ensure maximum light transmission.

best scout scope 3 Visionking Rifle Scope 3-9x40 Riflescope Target Shooing


  • Positive wind-age and elevation adjustment.
  • The optics are multi coated for maximum light transmission.


  • The overall quality is questionable.

UTG 3-9*32 1”BUG Buster Scope

The unique thing that distinguishes this scout scope from the rest is that it is manufactured in a true strength platform. Additionally, it is completely sealed and nitrogen filled. It is arguably one of the best shockproof and fog-proof scopes you will ever come across in the market. The multi coated lens is for a clear view with maximum light transmission.

The trusted scout scope maker could not forget to include an illumination enhancing system with red and green mode. Premium zero lockable and target turrets are other notable features that have been included in this product. If that is not yet enough, the range estimating mil dot reticle is for optimal aiming and shooting performance.

The manufacturer has over the years, set uncompromised high standards for all their business operations. Their main goal is to provide a total solution for any line of products. In the last couple of years, they have paid attention to industry trends with the main focus of making top products available for shooting and hunting.

It was in the year 2009 when they made an important decision to start their Made in the United States of America Manufacturing Operation. Their vision is to make products that are innovation driven. That being said, you should be guaranteed that you will get a top scout scope that will give you an easy time when shooting your target.

best scout scope 4 UTG 3-9*32 1”BUG Buster Scope


  • Premium lockable and zero resettable turrets.
  • Optimal aiming and shooting performance.


  • Expensive.

Bushnell Engage Riflescope, Matte Black

The premier protective lens coating will repel water, dust, and debris. Additionally, it is the latest evolution in the Bushnell optics. The most crucial features included in this product include MOA wind-age and elevation hash-marks. This allows it to reach short and mid range targets. Also, dialing the scope is easy too with the tool-less zero reset locking turret.

best scout scope 5 Bushnell Engage Riflescope, Matte Black


  • The premier protective lens coating will repel water and dust.
  • It features elevation hash-marks.


  • The reticle is too small.

UTG 4-16*44 30MM Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot

It has the best lens coating to achieve maximum light transmission. Additionally, the scope that is built on a true strength platform is completely sealed with nitrogen to ensure that it is waterproof and shock-proof.

You might be wondering why the manufacturer has included quick power selector rings. It is for perfect target acquisition and zooming in. Also, the one click technology is for quick access to your color and brightness. The target turrets have the most Consistent MOA per click adjustment. For optimal aiming and shooting, the maker has incorporated integral sun-shade.

best scout scope 6 UTG 4-16*44 30MM Scope With 36 Color Mil Dot


  • It features a built in integral sun-shade.
  • One click MOA adjustment.


  • It is not durable.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Scope

It is one of the most popular and loved configurations in the manufacturer product line. In the past, this scout scope has been used for big game and brush hunting applications. Also, the featured BDC reticle is good for any hunting where hold-over might be a concern. All the lenses in this product are fully multi coated. This ensures crystal clear and bright images. You will have an easy time focusing the reticle with the fast focus eyepiece.

The metal turrets allow you to zero resets after sighing in. The presence of O-ring sealed means that this scope will deliver a lifetime of fog proof and waterproof performance.

best scout scope 7 Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Scope


  • Crystal clear and bright images.
  • You can easily sight in.


  • It is not the best for a beginner shooter.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective Scope

It comes with a Dead-Hold BDC reticle that is perfect for hunting and shooting at varying ranges. Additionally, image focus and parallax removal will be provided to the shooter by the adjustable objective lens. It joins other scout scopes on this list that has multi coated lens to provide bright and clear views.

The long eye relief will help you quickly get a sight picture. The capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks. Furthermore, the single piece tube is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum. This ensures extreme strength and shock-proof performance.

best scout scope 8 Vortex Optics Crossfire Ii Adjustable Objective Scope


  • The adjustable objective lens provides image focus.
  • It is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum material.


  • Low optical quality.

AIM Sports JTCR1 TRI Illuminated CQB Scope

This scout scope is manufactured from one solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Additionally, it comes with fog proof and shock resistant housing. It is a great scout scope for any person who has been looking for a scope with adjustable magnification but they don’t have a good budget. When compared to many scout scopes in the market, this scope is much affordable.

To start with, the top scout scope is of good quality and therefore durable. Usually, it features a multi coated lens. Therefore, you should be guaranteed decent clarity. The illuminated reticle comes with adjustable color features. This means that you are free to switch from one color mode to the other with great ease.

best scout scope 9 AIM Sports JTCR1 TRI Illuminated CQB Scope


  • It features an illuminated reticle.
  • It is of high quality and durable.


  • The buttons for changing colors are not easy to use.

UTG 1-8*28 30mm MRC Scope With 36 Color Circle Dot

Have you been searching for a reliable scout scope that comes with superior technology? This is the right time to click the above link and purchase a scope that comes with multi coated lenses for maximum light and edge to edge clarity. Additionally, this product provides advanced multi range capabilities from mid-range hunting to scout operations.

This multi coated scope can provide about 95% of light transmission. This will give you maximum brightness at any time of the day and night. You should be assured that it will be an amazing scope that will give you a chance to use it for a long time. Finally, it is a cheaper alternative when compared to the scopes of the same capability and quality.

best scout scope 10 UTG 1-8*28 30mm MRC Scope With 36 Color Circle Dot


  • The quick eyepiece is great to use in case of an emergency.
  • It is an excellent quality scout scope.


  • It is quite heavy.

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Important factors to Consider when purchasing the best scout scopes

There is no doubt that you will have a hard time looking for a reliable scout scope if you have never shopped for such a product in the past. Although there are numerous scout scopes available in the market, there are several crucial features you should never forget. You should look at these features if you don’t want to end up with low quality and unreliable scout scopes.

Generally speaking, the right scout scope should be lightweight. A lightweight scout scope will not be hard to carry around. Do you have a scout scope with all these essential features? The chances are that you must be enjoying your scope when shooting your targets. And keep in mind that these scopes come at all kinds of prices. Here is what you should keep an eye on when purchasing the best scout scopes in the market.

The lenses quality

You will never be successful in hunting or even shooting if you don’t have the perfect lenses. The best lenses will guarantee you perfect clarity and admirable brightness level. Additionally, you should Consider the diameter of your objective lens. The diameter of the objective lens should be as wide as possible.

It is important to know that extra wide diameters allow more light to reach your scout scope. This means that you will have an easy time aiming for your target.


It is one of the most important Considerations that have been overlooked in the past. You should not forget this crucial factor when making your purchase. It is advisable to think where you will be shooting. A heavy scout scope will not affect you if you are shooting at a long distance where you will be using a bipod or sandbags. Will you be stalking deer in the mounting? Do you do a lot of hiking in between the shots? You should go for a lighter scout scope.

Elevation and wind-age adjustment

You might be aware that elevation adjustments turrets are used to adjust the position of the bullet impact. Do you know that wind-age adjustments can move the bullet point of impact to the left? This is done in relation to the reticle. Usually, scope adjustments are manufactured in minute angle units or milliradians. You don’t have to adjust the turrets again once you have sighted in your rifle.

Lens coating

Lens coating is another important aspect that we can’t forget when we talk about light transmission. You would want to see the clearest and brightest images when looking through the scope. The quality of the images is affected by the light coming through the lens. It is also associated with the light transmitted through the scope lenses.

What is the primary goal of the optical coatings? It reduces the glare and loss of light that is mostly caused by reflection. You will experience better light transmission when you have a scope with more coatings. There are several types of lens coatings that include:

  • Fully coated. It is a single layer of anti-reflective coating on every outer lens.
  • Coated. One of the lenses in your scout scope has a layer of anti-reflective coating.

Kindly note that high quality lens coating comes at a high price. However, you can Consider spending more money on the lens coating simply because it will have a great impact on the overall shooting experience.


The reticle is also known as the crosshair. In other words, it is that part of the riflescope that predicts where the bullet will go. If you have come across a reticle, then you can agree with me that it is similar to lining up your shot in iron sights.

Choosing a reticle is a matter of preference. There is a wide range of reticles to choose from. You will have an easy time seeing in low light situations when you go for a large reticle. Your shooting will be more accurate when you have thinner crosshairs. Nowadays, most reticles are manufactured with posts and scales.

Focal plane

There are two types of focal planes that include first and second focal planes. The reticle in the second plane is located at the end of the erector tube. It is close to the butt of the rifle. This means that the magnification will change in relation to the shooter. Additionally, the reticle is not always equal to the target. It will take more and more of your vision when you zoom in.

On the other hand, you will find the reticle in the front part of the erector tube. What does it mean? Your reticle will zoom when you zoom in the scout scope. Therefore, the size of the target and the reticle will be proportional. Unlike the second focal plane, everything here is proportional. The only downside with the first focal plane is that they are expensive. You will be in a position to make your adjustments much faster.

Tube size

For a beginner, tube size is very important. You would want to use your scout scope without any problem. Usually, tubes can be found in two forms such as 30mm and one inch. None of the tubes has greater benefits than the other. Having a larger tube does not mean that it will let more light in. However, you should carefully choose the right tube for your needs since at the end you will need mounting rings. Do you live in the United States of America? Remember that most of the scout scopes are built with one inch tubes.

The Eye Relief

A scout scope with a larger eye relief allows you to use it on more weapons. Additionally, you will easily hunt in comfortable conditions. Have you ever noticed that an average eye relief goes for around four inches? You will also find eye reliefs that are 3.5 inches. However, such eye reliefs are not such a good choice. The perfect eye relief should be at least 6 inches. Therefore, you can mount the scope in almost any condition.


In the olden days, scout rifles were outfitted with fixed magnification scopes. The reason behind this is that they offered a wide field of view. Today, you will find both fixed power and variable power magnifications. Do you want to use a fixed magnification? You will be forced to go for a two times scope. What if you want to take your shots a little further distance? In such situations, you can go for a 4x power scope. The only thing you should know is that the field of view will be smaller.

The best thing about variable power magnification scopes is that they provide users with more versatility. You can easily change shooting situations. You will have the freedom to change your magnification for closer ranges. In long range situations, you will benefit from a little extra magnification.

Compact and low profile

These factors will add the functionality of a scout rifle. A bulky scope will not look as good as you would want. Although it is not very important, it is something to Consider for some people.

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Wrapping It Up

It is by no doubt that shooting with both eyes open is not for everyone. However, it will be very accurate if you get used to that. Most scout scopes available in the market require long eye relief. There are multiple scout scopes in the market. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing your dream scout scope. The best scope for you is that which will meet all your needs fully. That is why you are advised to understand what you are looking for before making your choice.

When choosing a scout scope, you should not compromise on the key elements since you will regret it soon enough. After you have chosen a scout scope from the above list, you will have skipped many hours of research. We hope that this review article will help you make an informed decision in the future. Do you have any questions? Kindly feel free to ask our great team. Thanks!



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