10 Best Scopes For AK 47: Top Picks and Reviews

In the last couple of years, AK 47 has been known as being notoriously hard to handle. With the right scope, you will be able to handle this rifle. Do you know that the best scopes for AK 47 will play a major role in your overall experience? Top rated scopes from reputable manufacturers can easily be mounted into the AK 47 rifle. This will be helpful especially if you want something that can help you have a better aim. Besides boosting the accuracy of your shot, it will promote excellent target engagement.

Are you planning to shoot at a longer range? The best scope for AK 47 will be beneficial. Furthermore, most of the scopes for AK 47 come with variable magnification power. They help you get clear images of your target even if you are shooting from a longer distance.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten most impressive scopes that are compatible with AK 47. Kindly go through this informative buying guide and you will never regret your decision.

Best Scopes For Ak 47

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Reviews of the Best Scopes For Ak 47

Hi-lux Optics CMR Series 14 24mm Close Medium Riflescope

The highly regarded scope for AK 47 has specifically been manufactured as a tactical scope. Additionally, it will be the perfect choice for heavy duty hunting. Also, the manufacturer has included a Zero locking system. This locking system features MOA turret adjustments.

Unlike other cheap and low quality scopes for AK 47 in the market, this scope gives out an ideal magnification of about 4x. It is also worth knowing that this scope has an objective lens with a diameter of 2mm.

The only downside that comes with this scope is that the eye relief in it is limited at only three inches. Furthermore, it boasts of a 30mm tube construction. The fast focus feature is for efficient use.

You will definitely benefit from the multi coated lens. The multi coated lens is manufactured with a lens cover. This will keep the lens protected. It means that your lens will always be shock proof and fog proof. The field of view will be 94.8 at the lowest magnification.

In terms of adjustment, the amazing scope for AK 47 is constructed with ½ MOA adjustments graduation and elevation adjustment. Overall, it has proved to be reliable and durable.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 1 Hi-lux Optics CMR Series 14 24mm Close Medium Riflescope


  • This product is lightweight.
  • The red and green color is fully visible during the day and night.


  • Expensive.

UTG 3-9*32 Bugbuster Scope

This scope comes with numerous features. Most of these features will maximize the efficiency of your rifle. Additionally, it is manufactured with coatings to increase the light transmission in your scope. Also, it is constructed with zero lockable and resettable turrets. The turrets in this scope can be adjusted to ¼ MOA per click.

You should never worry about easy target acquisition when you consider purchasing this scope. The high quality scope uses a Mil Dot reticle. The reticle has an option for dual illumination. For eye relief, this scope has a 4.2 inch range.

Be guaranteed that you will have a wide field of view at 100 yards. The best thing about this product is the low magnification and high magnification settings. When it comes to the parallax settings in this scope, they are at 3 yards to infinity. This will eliminate parallax errors.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 2 UTG 3-9*32 Bugbuster Scope


  • It is waterproof and shockproof.
  • Clear optics.


  • The manufacturer should improve the limited eye relief.

ATN Thor 4, 384*288 Thermal Rifle Scope

This rifle scope is operated using an illuminated BDC reticle. Additionally, the reticle is engineered to be compatible with an AK 47. To easily zoom this scope, it is manufactured with magnification 1x to 4x. If you have used this scope in the past, then you can agree with me that indeed it is engineered to provide a 500 yard ballistic drop points. This allows you to acquire your target easily. However, it is good to know that this feature does not always perform to an optimum level.

The reticle in this scope is limited to just 3.5 inches. It can be dangerous more so if your rifle produces heavier recoil. What about the structure? The elegant scope for AK 47 is manufactured with one piece aircraft aluminum tube. This will increase the durability of this amazing scope.

What are the dimensions of this rifle scope? Usually, this scope measures 11.3 inches in length. You will get a nice looking scope that uses a second focal plane. This has been included for optimum performance. What is the use of a multi coated lens in this scope? It ensures that users get maximum light transmission. Therefore, they can efficiently use the scope in low light conditions.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 3 ATN Thor 4, 384*288 Thermal Rifle Scope


  • You will have an easy time adjusting this scope.
  • It will deliver vivid and clear images.


  • Poor structure.

Bushnell Engage Riflescope Matte Black

This scope is commonly found in the arms of troops in combat situations. Do you have eyes that have been straining to look through the crosshairs? This scope will be a perfect choice. The excellent piece of scope was manufactured by Swedish experts. As they manufactured this scope, their main aim was to improve shooting accuracy.

You will have increased the probability of hitting that first shot when you consider using this scope. It is like comparing this scope with other top magnified scopes or even iron sights. Another notable feature that the manufacturer has included is the red dot. The aiming size of the red dot is 1 MOA.

Furthermore, the popular scope that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years is compatible with all current generations of any night vision gun applications. The manufacturer makes their products to last on a single battery. This means that you can use this scope for three years. From there, you will be required to replace the battery.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 4 Bushnell Engage Riflescope Matte Black


  • It is compatible with most AK 47 rifles.
  • It is a durable product.


  • People have been complaining about the eye relief.

Aim Sports JTHR1 Locking Turrets CQB Circle

One thing that will impress you in this scope is the overall construction. The overall construction is noticeable because of its ruggedness and durability. Additionally, the highly preferred scope has proved to be strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. You should be assured that it will last as long as you would wish.

You will also like this scope because it is battle tested. Therefore, it will be very useful when it comes to shooting and hunting. You will have the right amount of light even more than what you would want. People who have used this scope have praised it since it comes with adequate magnification for their needs.

The presence of built in reflex sights means that it will instantly transform the rifle into close quarters weapon. This is very necessary for defense. If that is not yet enough, this scope is manufactured to allow rapid lighting adjustments. It will be easy to adjust the light with the help of the adjustable brightness dials.

Compatibility with night vision devices is another positive thing with this scope. Being compatible with night vision devices promotes better control and performance. This will be improved by the illuminated LED battery. All that you need to know when purchasing this scope is that it is one of the most flexible scopes you will ever come across in the market.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 5 Aim Sports JTHR1 Locking Turrets CQB Circle


  • It can be used with night vision devices.
  • It is made to allow rapid lighting adjustments.


  • The price is very high when compared to other scopes available in the market.

Bushnell Optics, Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope

The small and compact design makes the top scope sleek and light. Additionally, you will like the fact that it is manufactured with high quality aluminum material. Also, it is paired with an anodized finish. The maker has sealed this scope to protect it from weather elements.

Are you aware that this scope offers superior close to mid-range accuracy? This gives you an edge in close quarters. Therefore, you can reach out farther if needed. Furthermore, the drop zone reticle in this scope is sighted in at 100 yards. For ballistic feature to function properly, the scope must be set at the proper magnification.

Last but not least, this rifle scope is rustproof and scratchproof to compliment even the most expensive firearm. When it comes to the medium height rings, they provide the clearance necessary to eliminate contact with the cap and the scope base.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 6 Bushnell Optics, Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope


  • It offers close to mid-range accuracy.
  • This scope is rustproof and scratchproof.


  • After sometime, this scope won’t hold zero.

UTG 4-16*56 30mm Scope With 36 Color Glass Mil Dot

There are numerous things that you will like about this scope. It is manufactured with a low profile and compact design. Although it is a compact and low profile scope, you will notice its extensive field of view. Have you been searching for a scope with a high power range or magnification level? You are in the right place. The extra high magnification level allows you to shoot accurately on target. Additionally, it is possible to shoot your target quickly.

The rugged construction in this scope means that it can be used in almost all weather conditions. The quality reticle ensures that there are minimal obstructions and distractions. Keep in mind that such obstructions are often caused by full cross hairs. You will be able to stick on your target while at the same time remaining confident when shooting. You should have no worry even when using low magnification settings.

Last but not least, this scope is built to promote maximum strength and minimum weight. Thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum that the maker has used to make this product. Moreover, this scope utilizes larger interior lenses. This maximizes resolution. If that is not yet enough, the large tubes will promote wider wind age and elevation adjustments.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 7 UTG 4-16*56 30mm Scope With 36 Color Glass Mil Dot


  • The large tubes promote wider wind age and elevation adjustments.
  • It is built to ensure maximum strength.


  • The clarity of this scope is questionable.

Nikon P Tactical .223 3 9*40 Matte Bdc600

Have you been looking for a way to maximize your hunting experience? This would be the right time to purchase the scope that is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum. The main role of the aluminum tube is to brighten even when being used in the most dismal environment.

On the other hand, the variable models will offer the field of view at the low and high end. The reticles in this product are matched with directional indicators. Last but not least, the reticles present in this scope offer elevation adjustment for any long range engagement. Crisp reticle focus and target acquisition will be allowed by the rubber eye guard.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 8 Nikon P Tactical .223 3 9*40 Matte Bdc600


  • Quick focus eyepiece.
  • The lens is fully multi coated.


  • The reticle is hard to see.

Simmons 655124 1-6*24 Varmint Black Riflescope

It is another magnification scope that will be a great addition to your AK 47. Do you have an AK 47 that you would want to use for some longer range shooting? In that case, the Simmons Scope model will get the job done. Additionally, this scope is made with a magnification range of 9x.

You might experience some issues as you try to hold the zero settings. In most cases, this will happen after repeated rounds through the rifle. The weather resistant scope has emerged as the most efficient scope for extreme low light conditions. Furthermore, the high quality lenses in this scope allow maximum light transmission. The quick target acquisition in this scope will offer a generous field of view throughout the magnification range.

The low settings is another great feature that enables the scope users to use it in low light conditions. Finally, you have the freedom to adjust through a range of brightness settings.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 9 Simmons 655124 1-6*24 Varmint Black Riflescope


  • The illuminated reticle in this scope can be adjusted through a range of brightness settings.
  • It is the perfect choice for low light conditions.


  • The glass in this scope has some minor discoloration.

NcSTAR Vism 1.1-4x 24mm Dot Reticle Evolution Scope

The extra high resolution glass is for excellent performance in a variety of field conditions. Additionally, this scope comes with fully multi coated lenses for optimum clarity. Also, you will like the glass etched reticle with blue and green illumination.

The waterproof and shockproof scope will withstand the harshest surroundings. Last but not least, the Matte finish will not reflect sunlight. This means that you can keep your eyes position hidden from wanted eyes. Finally, the scope maker does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products.

Best Scopes For Ak 47 10 NcSTAR Vism 1.1-4x 24mm Dot Reticle Evolution Scope


  • It is a waterproof and shockproof scope.
  • The maker does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products.


  • Extremely low power range.

Why do you need a scope for your AK 47?

You can agree with me that indeed an AK 47 is one of the greatest rifles ever manufactured. But why do you need a scope? The best scope will take any rifle. This will transform your rifle into an amazing piece of equipment that you can rely on many years after you have purchased it. That is the reason you will find people treating optics and other associated accessories as a serious investment.

There is no secret that many people want to add a scope especially when you look at the popularity and reliability of the AK 47. It is good to keep in mind that the highly regarded AK 47 comes with an admirable accuracy of about 300 yards. Additionally, this rifle can be used in harsh climates. Be assured that this amazing rifle will be with you for years.

You might be aware that AK 47 was manufactured in the 1940s. Over the years, we have witnessed numerous renovations that have allowed users to mount optics on it. The highly preferred AK 47 will perform beyond your expectations when you pair it with a scope. You will have improved your aim when you mount a scope on your rifle. Are you fortunate enough to own an AK 47? It would be better if you add a scope to increase your shooting accuracy. It will give you more long range shooting opportunities.

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Things to consider when purchasing the best scopes for AK 47

After you have made the decision to purchase a scope for your AK 47 rifle, it is the right time to do your research. Although it is a short range gun, you will be able to use it in long range if you go for the right scope. There are numerous AK 47 scopes models in the market. Choosing the right scope for your AK 47 model can be a tough task. That’s why we have decided to compile the most important factors you should never forget when purchasing your dream scope.

Reason for using the AK 47

How do you intend to use your AK 47? It is arguably the first question that you should ask yourself. There are many reasons why people love using AK 47. Generally, many gun users prefer it simply because it is short range and mid-range. It is the perfect choice for competition or combat purposes.

It is important if you go for a scope that complements your intended use. Will you be using your rifle for mid-range shooting? You should go for a scope that is manufactured with a fair amount of magnification. Do you want to use your AK 47 in combat? In that situation, you can look for a scope with clear sight. You can use such type of scope for self-defense and military use.

Weight and size

You can attest that the AK 47 rifle is not a lightweight model. It is durable and reliable. It is manufactured with heavy duty materials. Nowadays, many people appreciate its durability. It will be awkward and uncomfortable to add a heavy scope on top of this rifle. Actually, the combination does not make sense.

You will be standing quite a bit in case you will be using the rifle and the scope for big game hunting. You can imagine the moment where you will have to stand for long periods of time. In such a case, your arms will be shaking. Furthermore, you will feel an extra bit of weight if you are stalking prey for hours. With that in mind, you can buy the lightest scope possible.


It simple words, it can be described as the scope ability to zoom into the target. This makes it easier for the shooter to sight it. You should purchase an AK 47 scope with a decent level of magnification if you will be shooting at mid-range or long range. A scope with at least 6x magnification will be the perfect choice if you will be using your rifle to shoot at targets that are mid to long range.


Unlike other rifles available in the market, the AK 47 can be used on many targets. You can use this rifle scope to hit targets located 300 yards away too. An accurate scope is that which can be used to zoom in on the target. You can go for a scope that is easy to calibrate. Therefore, you will be in a position to hit the target in the sights.

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An AK 47 is not the most accurate rifle class of firearms. That is the reason you will benefit when you have a good scope. Before making your purchase, kindly look at the magnification, accuracy, and weight. This review article on the best scopes for AK 47 will help you make an informed decision. We hope that you will find it helpful in the future. Thanks!


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