Best Place to Put a Safe at Home and Offices

The great way of hiding your valuables at your home or office is having a safe. Safes have become a necessity for homeowners and even some offices.  However, if you are planning to implement one at your home, you may be wondering about the best position or place to keep it. Most burglars are aware of safes, and they know popular hiding places where they usually start searching, so you would not want to put your safe in an area that can be suspected.

That is the reason we are here to help you with some advice and ideas on the best places you can put a safe. In this article, we are going to discuss ten major and best spots that you can put a safe in your house. Let us go straight to our ten best places to put a safe;

Best Place to Put a Safe

8 Best Place To Put Your Safe at Home


Going for this choice would provide you a great place to conceal your safe and valuables. You should always know that burglars do not want to be caught so they will spend as little time as possible in your house. There is a high chance they would never suspect to search in the attic; instead, they would search in the rooms.

best place to put a safe attic

Besides, searching in the attic is also very risky for them, and they do not consider searching there. You can reinforce the attic by making it difficult for anyone to get there by not keeping the ladders or even closing the entrance with a lock. Attics are less attractive to burglars and ensure to keep your safe in a barely noticeable spot in the attic. You can as well choose to camouflage your safe with other boxes or use other funny ways to play away burglars.

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Behind A Hidden Door

This would be very efficient when done professionally; however, not the best cost-friendly way to go. The benefit of this position is that you can easily access your valuables, which is not the case with the attic way.

best place to put a safe-hidden-door

Besides, it keeps burglars away from your valuables since it is entirely invisible to any person, and they cannot suspect. You can always replace a regular closet of cabinet door by a hidden door, although make sure it completely blends in the setting because if it stands out, then it is not hidden anymore.

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In The Floor

These are very common because they are considered the most secure. However, their appropriate installation is a little bit messy since it involves making a hole in the floor.

best place to put a safe hidden FloorPut this safe in the floor.

They are difficult for a burglar to remove; furthermore, they can be hidden easily and efficiently by placing a big carpet or even a piece of furniture on the floor. This makes it hard for burglars to identify them. Floor safes can be installed on concrete or wood floors, and for instances where flooding is an issue, you can choose a waterproof model.

In The Wall

This position is efficient and cost-friendly since you can get a reliable wall safe under $180, as well as you can do the installation yourself. They are very efficient for hiding valuables such as money, your documents, and even sensitive data on hard drives.

best place to put a safe hidden wall safe - Copy

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They have an added advantage because not only do they protect your valuable from burglars but also fires. When concealing your wall safe, you should make sure it is easy to access; besides, you can place it behind a closet. They are also very suitable in offices.

Inside A Wall Clock

If you have small items that what to conceal or hide in a safe, then the modified clock would serve you best. They are cost-friendly and look like any other wall clock, which makes it for anyone to suspect hence deceiving burglars.

best place to put a safe Wall Clock

However, to some people, the thickness of the clock can be a little suspicious, and this would cause doubt. So, it is not advisable to keep your most valuable items inside. You can hide things like cash there but not the very valuable item, but it also depends on the position you have placed your clock. You may prefer putting it in your bedroom where it is not visible to many people.

Behind A Secret Mirror

This method is very similar to a hidden door; it is effective to deceive anyone who does not know about it. The mirror appears regular to the standard observer, and only you and your family or staff know what is hidden inside.

best place to put a safe secret mirror

Put this safe behind a morror.

This works best when you replace a closet door with a secret mirror, but you need to ensure that there are no traces in the modification that would make someone suspect. You can as well choose to camouflage the entire house or room with the secret mirror, which of course, confuses anyone to identify where the safe would be.

Decoy Safe

This involves playing with the mind of the burglar by fooling them that they have found your secret hiding place. This is very effective and creative at the same time as it would convince the burglar and stop them from proceeding with their search.

14 Coca-Stash-Diversion-Rasta-Model

You can achieve this by installing a cheap decoy safe of jewelry and other cheap items. You need to place it in an obvious position where the burglar can easily identify it.  Most burglars will think they have found the hiding place and will not bother to do a further search; thus, you will have secured your real safe and valuables.

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Inside A Cabinet

This is an easy position to install a safe even by yourself; you can also access your safe easily. However, this does not offer the best protection. Sometimes, the burglar can break the wood and access the safe.

best place to put a safe inside Cabinet

This is best for securing inexpensive and probably things that you need to access daily. It is safe too because it is not that easy for the burglar to break into as it would require a couple of minutes, and most burglars have no time. You can improvise to have a safe that has a lock itself, which guarantees the safety of your items in case one break-in they also would have to open the safe itself.

In Stair Treads

Stair treads could also be an ideal place to install your safe. There are small safe boxes that can nicely fit in a modification on the stairs and make a good secret hiding place where you can conceal your valuables.

best place to put a safe Hidden_Safes_in_Stairs

Put this safe in the stair treads

For this one, you have to be creative to hide the traces, which at times it is hard to conceal and might even require you to hire an expert to do the job for you.

In A Cat Litter Bucket

This is also a good place to put your safe, however, you can only place a small safe here. You can pour unused litter into the bucket, which confuses the strangers and makes the safe invisible to them.

best place to put a safe-storage-shelves-shoe-storage

Burglars will never even think of searching for your safety in a litter bucket. Make sure you have cats apply this hoax because, for the experienced criminals, it can be suspicious.

Conclusion And Recommendation

There are various places you can choose to put your safe in your home. Before setting up a point to install your safe, there some things you should keep in mind; you should avoid places that burglars would suspect, for instance, bedrooms. We advise you to prefer a lockable safe and, if possible, make a decoy safe to distract the burglars from finding your real safe. We recommend you take time and effort to identify the best positions in your house. A hard place to find is good because burglars know that the more time they spend searching, the higher the possibility of being caught. Furthermore, you can look for an expert to help you in identifying the best place as well as the installation of the safe. We have made a list of best places for putting your safe in the above article, and we hope it was helpful to you.

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