Do Gun Safes Keep Moisture Out? Gun Safe Moisture Control

A gun safe keeps all your valuables inside. But, its humidity condition should be a critical concern. Do gun safes keep moisture out? Click it on!

Gun protectors are an essential presence in many modern-age homes. They protect the content inside, including weapons, ammo, cash, and other valuable items.

Concerning gun safe inferior care, we’ve received this question from many homeowners: do gun safes keep moisture out?

Unfortunately, it does not help prevent humidity damage. A good-quality gun safe is only an excellent solution to keep properties from burglars and fire.

As a firearm owner, moisture control should be your top priority, and this post will explain the causes and ways to deal with damp accumulating in your protector.

Let’s get right into the details!

Do Gun Safes Keep Moisture Out?


Damp will get your firearms to be rusty.

Gun safes do not help prevent humidity damage. Moisture is a silent enemy of weapon safes, particularly cheap products.

Since the safe door closes most of the time and the fresh air can’t leak into the inferior space very often, dampness can build up inside, causing mildew and mold to grow and damaging the firearms protector.

Damp is a serious matter for hunters living in areas with humid weather.

Excess humidity is the primary cause of your guns getting rusty and the parts sticking together. In a worse case, it might cause a misfire.

Firearm safes excel at the job of protecting. However, there’s a considerable problem regarding storing your guns in a security box you will encounter – it succumbs to humidity.

That means the responsibility of controlling the damp level in your container relies on you – the safe owner.

What Causes Moisture Inside Your Safe?

Humidity can invade a safe and damage your guns in many ways.

You can notice dampness everywhere. But if your house suffers from a high damp level, the amount of humidity is even more stressful.

Moisture can penetrate through ceilings and walls and cause dampness to accumulate. If you place the weapon protector in your basement, your protector will be prone to a high humidity level.

Humidity is present in the air, indeed. But the moisture content around your living space may differ, depending on the balance between the cool and heat air.

Every time you open and close your firearm container to take or place something, there’s a tiny amount of damp that leaks into the container.

After several times of that, your guns will get rusty because of the air floating around.

How To Keep Moisture Out Of Your Gun Safe?

There are a couple of methods to control humidity in your gun safe, whether fireproof or fingerprint protector. Do you know how to keep your security box dry? Consider our suggestions.

Use Silica Packets

Silica gel packets

Silica gel is easy to find and cheap.

Placing a tin of silica gel is the most cost-effective method to prevent humidity from building up in your firearm box.

Silica is a type of desiccant, absorbing while holding water vapor. It’s the same as m the small silica packets that you see in food packages.

You can find silica gel at any home improvement center or buy it online.

You need to place at least three packets in your gun case to keep moisture out of it. Please place it in a separate area from your guns since the gel can damage their metal and cause rust and corrosion during the process.

Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a more effective, advanced way to eliminate dampness in your security box.

Unlike silica gel, a dehumidifier can circulate warm air inside a weapon container, keeping condensation and humidity away and preventing the development of mildew and mold.

With a dehumidifier, you can achieve higher efficiency of moisture control.

Also, most dehumidifiers come with a small mounting bracket, meaning that you can mount them low in the protector and take out a gun easily without them getting in your way.

This video tells you how a dehumidifier works in a gun safe:

Dry Rice

Dry Rice

Take advantage of the rice in your house.

A familiar cooking ingredient in your kitchen, rice, is surprisingly a helpful way of minimizing dampness.

Rice is a natural desiccant, and it can absorb excess moisture from all surroundings. While rice is soaking up humidity, the water will evaporate over time, reducing the damp.

You can fill a bowl with rice and place the bowl in your security box or spread rice directly onto the safe’s base. Remember to replace the rice once per four months.

Natural Solutions

If the humidity content is so high that it causes mold and mildew to develop, some natural solutions can solve the problem.

They include ammonia, vinegar, bleach, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent. You’ll need to dilute these solutions first, then fill in a sprayer or a rag and proceed with cleaning.

Besides, remember to periodically check your guns and ammo if there’s any sign of corrosion. This sign might hint that they are suffering from excessive humidity inside the safe.

Wipe down all the metal parts of your weapons with oil to eliminate rust and moisture.


You don’t want to open the gun safe and find that your weapons have become rusty. This devastating problem will destroy the mood for going on a hunt.

Thus, you should know firearm safes don’t keep out of damp themselves, and you’re responsible for the moisture control inside your security box.

That is the answer to the question “do gun safes keep moisture out?” laid down at the beginning.

Our suggested methods promise to be of use to you. Note them down and follow; your hunting tools will appreciate that.


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