Awesafe Gun Safe Review: is it for you?

awesafe Gun Safe Review: This safe is an easy-to-use gun safe and the best place to keep your handguns and ammo. It features a steel reinforced design, double-wall construction, and multiple safety options.

You can truly attest that firearms are handy especially when you need protection from any goons or thieves. It is important to have easy access to your handgun or pistol in case of emergency. However, it would be better to have a safe in your house more so if you have children. A gun safe will avoid unwanted accidents.

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Have you ever used this gun safe? In that situation, you can agree with me that indeed it is the best gun safe of its kind. The highly regarded gun safe boasts of safe storage for your gun at home. Do you know that this gun safe is one of the most familiar gun safes in the modern world? Additionally, this gun safe is manufactured with fingerprint identification. Also, the biometric lock system has been included to provide easy access.

Be guaranteed that you will always have easy access to your handgun with the help of the most advanced fingerprint locking mechanism. All that is required on your side is a swipe of your finger and you will be able to access your firearm. Furthermore, this gun safe is manufactured with a high quality steel frame.

Away from that, the pry resistant door in this gun safe provides extra safety for your weapon. It is good to know that it is the reliable high strength, and anti-pry locking system that provides security to your handguns and other expensive stuff. Another good thing that has been featured in this gun safe is the precise fittings. This means that it will be impossible to break or open this gun safe.

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awesafe Gun Safe Review

On the other hand, the fingerprint recognition feature and digital keypad are crucial features when it comes to setting your password. You will not only have backup access but also improve the safety of your handgun. It is among other popular gun safes that have been manufactured with one handgun capacity. Be assured that you can easily store your firearm on this gun safe. Are you aware that kids and thieves will never be able to open this gun safe? This guarantees your family members from the evitable and unwanted accident.

If that is not yet enough, this gun safe boasts of an internal lighting system. What is the main function of the internal lighting system? This feature will increase the visibility in your gun safe. In turn, you will easily notice your handgun or pistol in the gun safe. With the internal lighting system, you can store your gun safe just next to your bed. Therefore, you will access your guns in a safe anytime. Keep in mind that you don’t need any additional lights to be able to access your firearm.

From a close look, this portable gun safe is quite smart in the overall design. Plus it comes in a perfect size that enables you to carry it anywhere. It is worth noting that this gun safe can be stored in a bedside closet, basement or even under the car seat. Most people prefer keeping this gun safe in the spare tire space.

Similar to other top gun safes in the market, this gun safe comes with one year warranty. Usually, the manufacturer provides a warranty for any material defects. All in all, rest assured that you will have a reliable safe that will never disappoint you.

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awesafe Gun Safe Review

Pros of this gun safe

From its construction, this gun safe has been manufactured to deter all intruders especially those thieves who prefer accessing gun safes through the door storage. It can be hard to find a reliable gun safe that is made with all steel construction. Fortunately, this gun safe has been made with high quality steel with pry resistant design. With all steel construction, you should never worry about unwanted intruders getting into your device. Besides that, there is a high strength locking mechanism with precise fittings. This means that it is close to impossible to open this gun safe with any kind of hand tool.

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Beautiful interior light

Do you need to get into your safe during the night in a hurry? You are in the right place. The interior light will be key most of the time. You can imagine when you want to access your guns in the gun safe but you don’t have enough time to turn on the light. Can you imagine when you are in a place where lighting is not available? Whatever the situation you are in, you should worry less simply because this gun safe has been manufactured with an installed gas strut and LED light.

The main role of the strut in this gun safe is to open the door and keep it open all the time as you try to access your guns. On the other hand, the function of the beautiful LED light is to provide you with lighting when you need light most. Do you need to load or pick your guns? You will be able to do that even when your room is pitch dark.

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Extra Added Protection

There is no doubt that you would want a gun safe that is manufactured with a biometric scanner. The reason why the popular gun safe manufacturer has featured this feature in this gun safe is for enhanced security. Are you aware that the biometric fingerprint scanner can store more than four fingerprints? This means that other people can have access to the contents in your safe. Another feature that is included for enhanced protection is the digital keypad. The electronic lock keypad is also crucial when it comes to emergency access.

The keypad in this gun safe has been manufactured with zero feedback. Therefore, it will not make any noise when you are using it. The manufacturer has put more emphasis on stealth. Actually, this is one of the strong points in this gun safe.

All these features allow you to get into the gun safe by either scanning your fingerprint or putting in the combination. This gun safe has been praised over the years as one of the most advanced and high technology gun safes in the world. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to bypass your gun safe. You will also have a rare chance of mounting this gun safe on the floor or shelf. In the package, you will find all the necessary hardware.

Secure Mounting

This gun safe is very different when compared to other safes available in the market since it can be mounted even under the desk. Additionally, you have the full freedom to put this gun safe under the shelf. The process of mounting this gun safe is very simple and the manufacturer has included all the necessary hardware. What is the primary use of the mounting plate? This allows multiple configurations? You can also remove your gun safe in several seconds.

Rechargeable Batteries

As you use this gun safe, you will discover that it uses a lighting keypad. This will grant you access to the firearms. The most impressive part of the keypad is that it runs on rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. You will definitely like the batteries simply because they provide four months of life on a fully charged battery. You can charge these batteries within 2.5 hours.

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Durable coating

The manufacturer of this great gun safe has used black powder. This increases the integrity of this gun safe. Additionally, the coating is made to be durable. It is also resistant to scratches and cuffs. This will provide you with an eye appeal when you first see this gun safe. It is these features that make this gun safe unique from the rest.

Reliable locking mechanism 

When your close the gun safe door, the locking bolts will automatically lock. This feature is very crucial since it prevents potential access from unauthorized access. In case the door is not shut completely, the warning will be initiated.

Portable Design

The safe is compact and lightweight for added convenience. Therefore, you will easily use your gun safe whether you are at home or on the go. Additionally, you can easily conceal your gun safe under car seats.

Awesafe Gun Safe Review: is it for you?

Cons of this safe

The biometric locking mechanism may not work properly. People have been complaining about this feature.

Final Thoughts

You will like the small size and convenient design that comes with this gun safe. Additionally, you can carry this gun safe on your outdoor trips. As you purchase this gun safe, you should know that it will be a smart option for a secured gun safe. It is by no doubt a durable gun safe that boasts of high quality steel frames. You should be 100% guaranteed that this gun safe will serve you for a long time. We hope that the review article will help you know more about the Awesafe gun safe before making your decision to purchase it. We hope that you will find this review article helpful in the near future. We look forward to hearing from you. Till next time. Thanks!