10 Best Pocket Holsters On The Market – Top Pick and Review

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Have you ever heard an adage that states that “the best gun is the one you have on you”? From a close look, there is a truth to this statement. You need to have a pistol that is quick and easy if you want to keep yourself safe. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the emergence of semi-automatic pocket pistols.

It is good to know that there is a pocket pistol for every budget and every kind of shooter out there. What is the most common thing all those pistols have? There is a need to carry them in a pocket holster. What is the main essence of carrying a gun in a pocket holster when your gun is in your pocket? It is essential simply because your pockets have been designed to carry loose change and not a compact pistol.

You might be aware that a good pocket holster complements your pocket pistol in numerous ways. Over the years, pocket holster has emerged as one of the most useful forms of concealing a firearm. There is no doubt that it is one of the most comfortable options you will ever come across.

You can attest that indeed pocket pistol is the last thing you will remember in case of an attack. Do you often visit buildings that do not allow weapons? In such cases, a best pocket holster will be a great choice that you should never leave behind. Do you wear summer clothing that makes hiding a pistol much harder? Be guaranteed that a pocket holster will be a good option.

There are multiple reasons why you should consider purchasing a pocket holster. We have reviewed the best ten picks if you don’t have time for the details.

10 Best Pocket Holsters On The Market

Review Of The Best Pocket Holsters On The Market

Uncle Mike’s Off Duty And Concealment Pocket Holster

Have you been searching for the best pocket holster that can fit extremely small autos? You are definitely in the right place. The highly regarded pocket holster will laminate and lessens the print through recognition. Away from that, this pocket holster will cushion your legs while at the same time blocking perspiration. Additionally, the reputable manufacturer has manufactured an open-top holster that provides a grip up positioning.

Furthermore, this pocket holster prevents movement of levels and buttons. You might have seen that catches and buttons are very common when it comes to losing pocket carry. Also, it features a non-slip band that retains the pocket holster when the gun has been drawn. Unlike other pocket holsters in the market, the gun will ride upright for a clean draw. The gun will be protected from lint and debris inside the pocket,

This product is arguably the best for gun and clothing. The squared-off end helps it to stay upright in your pocket. Besides that, this pocket holster is soft and flimsy. It is good to keep in mind that the safest place for any weapon is in a holster. And this is the perfect holster that will never disappoint you. You should not look beyond this product if you want a pocket holster that covers a whole trigger guard. Although it is an expensive pocket holster, it is worth the price. This is the perfect purchase to give a friend who always carries his or her pistol loosely in the pocket.

Best Pocket Holsters 1 Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster


  • It will cover the whole trigger guard.
  • It will keep your pistol upright in your pocket.


  • Expensive.

Allen Spiderweb Holster For Inside The Pocket

This pocket holster is fit for any revolvers with 2 barrels with lasers. The popular manufacturer has utilized a web-like design it its sticky pocket texture. This means that your holster will always be held securely in your pocket. It will remain intact even when you draw your firearm. This pocket holster model has been engineered to fit both rights and left-handed shooters.

Be guaranteed that this pocket holster will give you the versatility you have been looking for. The highly regarded pocket holster that has been designed for concealed carry in your pocket can be worn inside the waistband. With that in mind, it is possible to find the right carry style for your needs. Typically, this pocket holster model comes in multiple sizes. The different sizes are fit for a wide range of concealed handguns types. You will have an easy time finding the exact fit for your gun. As you purchase this pocket holster, you should be assured that it will never disappoint you.

Best Pocket Holsters 2 Allen Spiderweb Holster for Inside the Pocket Concealed Carry


  • It comes in different sizes.
  • It has been made for the right hand and left-hand shooters.


  • It does not fit the RUGER quite well.

Blackhawk Tecgrip Holster

This pocket holster has been designed to be used by both civilians and law enforcement people. Additionally, it has been manufactured with gripping material. The main reason why the manufacturer used this material was to secure the pocket holster in any pocket. What is the essence of including the ambidextrous design? This design is for left and right-hand use.

Furthermore, this pocket holster can be washed with soap and water. Away from that, it is one of the most comfortable pocket holsters of all the times. To increase the comfort, the pocket holster maker has included a high density closed cell foam that protects the firearm. Also, the high-density material will conform easily to your body. It can be quite hard to find a pocket holster that has been manufactured with gripping technology superior holster retention when the firearm has been drawn.

Best Pocket Holsters 3 BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holster - Copy


  • It has been made with gripping material.
  • It is very comfortable.


  • It does not work very well with deep front pockets.

Black Scorpion Gear Pocket Holster

The high-quality pocket holster has specifically been designed to be used as an inside the waistband holster. From a close look, this pocket holster comes with extreme versatility. The versatility will provide you with concealed carry options that may be affected depending on the attire. Additionally, this pocket holster has been made with a nylon exterior. This feature enables the user to secure a weapon draw in case of emergency situations.

The nylon exterior ensures that the holster does not fly out along with the handgun. The best pocket holsters in the market are manufactured with a nylon exterior to provide a smooth draw from the pocket. You should keep in mind that the manufacturer is the leading competition and concealment maker. Usually, they deal with professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

The customer’s satisfaction is the manufacturer priority. Therefore, you should be guaranteed that you are not only getting what you have been looking for, but also what you deserve. To make sure that their customers have only the best pocket holsters, all their products come with a two-year warranty. In case you are not fully satisfied with what you have purchased, you should make some arrangements with the manufacturer so that you may be provided with another product.

Best Pocket Holsters 4 Black Scorpion Gear WB and Pocket Holster Fits 1911 Beretta 92F FN FNP 45, P9 Glock 17, 22 HK P7, VP9 Sig Sauer P320 Full, P226; Springfield XD, XDM and All - Copy


  • Two-year warranty.
  • This pocket holster has been made with nylon material.


  • Some guns do not fit very well.

Soft Armor 31BD Pocket Holster

You should purchase this pocket holster if you own a fits Sig Sauer P238. The pocket that has been manufactured in the United States of America is well known to use the finest materials to manufacture their products. After purchasing this pocket holster, you will be provided with a lifetime guarantee. Presence of lifetime guarantee means that the manufacturer will replace your pocket holster in case it fails because of the materials.

The best thing about this pocket holster is that it has been made with high-quality outer materials that keep the holster in place. Inside the pocket holster, you will find a soft lining. This feature protects your gun’s finish.

Best Pocket Holsters 5 Soft Armor 31 BD Black Diamond Pocket Holster


  • A soft lining to protect your gun’s finish.
  • It has been manufactured with high-quality exterior material.


  • It is a bit bulky.

Desantis Pocket Tuk Pocket Holster

It is among the very few dual-purpose pocket holsters in the market. Additionally, this pocket holster has been designed with a 360-degree steel pocket clip for any position. Also, it is possible to remove the included key for pocket carry.

The opening of this pocket holster comes with a heavy strip of leather to retain an opening. The most interesting thing about this pocket holster is that the clip can be removed and used as a holster. After adjusting the clip, you can consider locking it down. The clip is very strong. It is the perfect pocket holster if you have a Sig P238. The price is excellent for the quality.

Best Pocket Holsters 6 DeSantis Pocket-Tuk Inside The Waistband or Pocket Holster Colt Pony, Colt Mustang, Sig p238, P238 Equinox, S&W M&P Bodyguard 380


  • The price is excellent for the quality.
  • It comes with a heavy strip of leather.


  • Some customers have been complaining about its quality.

Mie Productions: Pocket Plus Holster

The top pocket holster that has been manufactured by a reputable company from the United States of America has specifically been molded for your gun. Additionally, this product gives you the freedom to carry your pistol comfortably and confidently. Also, this pocket holster model has been made with strong and durable material. Away from that, the shape of this pocket holster allows one and re-holstering.

Usually, this pocket holster features a full sweat guard that fully covers the trigger and both sides of the trigger. Furthermore, it has been engineered with a built-in Thumb break that allows the user to deploy the gun from the holster.

Best Pocket Holsters 7 MIE Productions Pocket Plus Holster with Mag Carrier


  • It has been engineered with a built-in thumb break.
  • It has been made with durable and strong material.


  • The built-in thumb break is not very efficient.

Biachi 3s Pistol Pocket Holster

This pocket holster is worn inside the waistband. The unique thing about this holster model is that it has been made with a fully adjustable swivel that provides you with various carry options. Additionally, the United States of America based manufacturer has made it with a unique metal reinforced thumb snap for quick release.

Away from that, it is hand boned. This ensures that it fits perfectly. Furthermore, the leather inside the waist holster is handcrafted with premium grade cowhide. Last but not least, the belt loop in this pocket holster can be rotated to five different locations. Therefore, you will have a variety of carry angles that will fulfil all your needs. What is the function of the reinforced top? This feature ensures stay-open holstering.

Best Pocket Holsters 8 Bianchi 3S Pistol Pocket Holster - Glock 29 30 (Tan)


  • Reinforced thumb snap for quick release.
  • The leather inside has been crafted with premium-grade cowhide.


  • This pocket holster is very bulky.

Pocket Concealed Gun Holster For Taurus 22

This pocket holster has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years. The popular pocket holster has specifically been designed for concealed carry for most 380s pistols. Additionally, it has been manufactured with high-quality material that is not only smooth, but it will not also irritate the skin.

The King holsters are arguably the best when it comes to maximum concealment. This makes it comfortable to carry the pocket holster. The manufacturer has been in the industry for quite a long time. That’s the reason why they have emerged as a reputable brand that is trusted by many. If you want to join thousands of satisfied customers who are still praising this pocket holster, then just click the link above and make your purchase.

Best Pocket Holsters 9 Pocket Concealed Gun Holster for Taurus 22 732 738


  • It has been made with high-quality material.
  • It does not irritate the skin.


  • In case you fit more guns, this pocket holster will become useless.

Bulldog Cases Inside Pocket

It is among the very few pocket holsters that have been made with high quality and tanned leather. Additionally, this pocket holster is hand tooled and can fit most micro-sized pistols. Also, it boasts of a unique design that allows it for multiple fits. The unique design and the leather material makes it one of the most attractive pocket holsters of all the times. The multiple fit will eliminate the problem of having numerous costly items to stock. Be assured that this pocket holster will perfectly fit most of the popular automatics that are in the market today.

Best Pocket Holsters 10 Bulldog Cases Inside Pocket- Black Molded Leather Pocket Holster



  • It can fit most micro-sized pistols.
  • It has a unique design for multiple fits.


  • The pre-molded outline is very generic.

A Guide To Pocket Holsters

There are multiple reasons why you should consider a pocket holster. While some are influenced by their lifestyle and location, there are other people who are influenced by other factors. When you tour a place that does not allow firearms, you might be forced to remove your firearm frequently. You will experience lots of pain if your gun is strapped to your belt. Working out is just a simple example where most people go un-armed.


Usually, pocket holsters come in a wide range of designs and materials. What is the ultimate purpose of the pocket holster? It should help you stabilize the gun in the proper position for the draw. It should also cover the trigger for safety.

There are two types of holsters that include:

  • Front pocket holster.

This type of pocket holster will hold the gun upright. Usually, it has been designed in a unique way such that it provides enough width. This stabilizes the gun in the pocket. Additionally, it will add a smooth anti-print panel. The print panel will be as large as the dimensions of the gun. This means that only the smooth square shape will be visible on the outside.

  • Rear pocket holster.

It is called a real pocket holster simply because it is often needed when carrying in the rear pocket. As opposed to the front pocket holster, the design is tighter. You will find out that most people prefer using rear pocket holsters with an anti-print panel. We have witnessed most reputable pocket holsters makers releasing models with a removable anti print panel. This will give you the benefit of both styles in one pocket holsters.

There are several fronts and pocket holsters that can accommodate a spare magazine for semi-automatic pistols. In most cases, such types of pocket holsters use the grip to store the extra magnet. It is not advisable to purchase this type of set up. The spare mag will be in a much strong side pocket. This means that it requires some shifting of the gun to fully accomplish the load. However, you should keep in mind that such types of holsters will benefit you with a rare reload. This will be achieved in the same amount of space as the gun itself.


Pocket holsters are manufactured with leather and synthetic materials. Additionally, you might have across some pocket holsters that have been made with ballistic nylon and vinyl. Pocket holsters manufactured with such types of materials are often cheaper when compared to leather made pocket holsters. Before purchasing pocket holsters manufactured with nylon material, you should know that they are not fit for particular guns. That is the reason why they are considered as versatile for use with multiple guns.

Some well-known pocket holsters manufacturers in the United States of America have begun to use kydex to make pocket holsters. It is a hard plastic material that is perfect for gun retention. This material is unique since it is a little flexible. Furthermore, it doesn’t conform to the user’s body.

Most guns lovers prefer purchasing pocket holsters that have been manufactured with leather. Leather is not only attractive but also durable. However, the attractiveness characteristic may not be very important more so if your gun spends most of the time in the pocket. But all in all, leather is one of the most practical materials for holster use. Last but not least, leather will provide you with excellent stiffness and can be made in carrying degrees of gun retention. Finally, leather will conform to body shape.

Ultimately, the choice of pocket holster material mainly depends on personal preferences. The specific type of gun, pocket to use and clothes to wear are some of the most important considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your pocket holsters. You should consider trying as many styles as you can. But remember to look for reputable manufacturers so that you don’t land low-quality products that are not worth the price.

Your dominant hand

Keep in mind that this does not matter so much. However, it is good to purchase a pocket holster with right and left-handed model for your dominant hand.

Final thoughts

If you don’t have a pocket holster, this is the right time to purchase one. You will come across some dedicated people out there who always carry a full-sized gun in their waist band. As you can see, pocket holsters are affordable. Therefore, you should not have any valid reason to bypass one. Are you very busy and you are required to wear clothing that prevents traditional concealed carry? They have emerged as a great option that everyone should look for.

Pocket holsters are easy to use and fit securely into the pocket. Some of them are designed to be kept on the pistol when shooting. And now that we have reviewed the best pocket holsters in the market, you will have an easy time when choosing your most preferred pocket holster. We hope that you will always find this amazing review article helpful in the future.

Our team is very dedicated to ensuring that only the best products appear on our listings. The above products have been reviewed based on product value and durability. Therefore, you should purchase them in high confidence that you are only getting the very best products. If you have any question regarding the reviewed pocket holsters, you can ask our team. You can also ask any other question regarding other products. We will never hesitate to reply to your question.


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