Practical Tips That Will Preserve Your Cleaning Appliances At Home

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Cleaning appliances are the equipment that facilitates and keeps your household clean. These appliances ensure ease, comfort, and tidiness in our home. However, as much as they are the most used, cleaning appliances are the most overlooked ones in your cleaning routine. These mistakes can cost you time, money, and effort.

Fortunately, taking care of your cleaning appliances isn’t hard and only requires a bit of knowledge and energy. If you want to know how to take care of and maximize your appliances’ lifespan, we made this article with the best practical tips.

Continue reading for a spotless appliance in no time.

Practical Tips That Will Preserve Your Cleaning Appliances At Home

Tip #1 Read The User’s Manual Before Cleaning Your Appliances 

The first and the general rule in cleaning any appliances is to read the user’s manual before doing anything. Every brand and type of appliance varies and requires different care. Looking after your vacuum cleaner may be different in cleaning dishwashers and washing machines. When cleaning your vacuum, you need to empty the bag, replace the filter, and remove debris from the vacuum roller. While cleaning the dishwasher requires you to clean it with baking soda, vinegar and running it through a hot-water cycle.

You can see on the manual the recommended instruction for a particular item. Different machines have different complex parts, and they require the utmost attention and maintenance. If you don’t follow the user manual, you might end up damaging the appliance. And if you don’t clean it in the recommended way, you can void the given warranty. So ensure that you read the user manual beforehand to preserve them and achieve longevity.

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Tip #2 Turn Off and Unplug Appliances When Not In Use And Before Cleaning

Aside from saving up electricity and protecting yourself from power surges, you can also avoid accidents and electrical hazards in the house by turning off and unplugging appliances. For example, a vacuum can knock up or bump into other furniture or people when left turned on. Moreover, ensuring that they are turned off and unplugged is also a safety precaution so you won’t accidentally turn them on and get electrocuted. However, if the appliance requires to be always switched on and made that way, just leave them as it is. Lastly, let the appliances finish and cool down entirely before touching and cleaning them.

Tip #3 Do Not Use Any Cleaning Solution Unless It Specifically Indicates You Can

It may be tempting to use the old and trusted bleach or the orange-scented disinfectant spray on your appliances, but it can be harmful to them. As mentioned, appliances have complex parts, and these motor or electrical parts shouldn’t be sprayed or submerged in cleaning solutions. Moreover, you shouldn’t soak stainless steel, metals, and even plastic with anything that contains chlorine, bleach, vinegar, or table salt. Long term exposure to these substances can damage it.

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If you want to clean certain parts, you can opt to detach them and wash them carefully. If there’s a spill where there shouldn’t be, gently wipe it with a dry cloth immediately. Try to avoid spreading the spillage as this can affect the machine’s function. If you are using a spray cleaner, try to aim at the area you want to clean, or spray it on your cleaning rag and not directly to the appliance. Keep liquids and cleaning solutions away from buttons and control panels. And only use machine safe items. Some of the items you can use that are appliance friendly are microfiber cloths, baking soda, and even just warm water.

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Tip #4 Do Regular Maintenance Inspection

You don’t need to do maintenance and service inspection every time, but you should do it periodically. If you are doing general cleaning every year, you may want not just to clean them but also have them inspected and serviced by the company. This will enable you to know if there’s any impending issue or damage that is not visible to you yet. Most of the big companies and brands offer free servicing for a certain period after purchasing. You should take advantage of this to get value for your money and ensure the appliance’s longevity.

Tip #5 Use Them Correctly

It may sound like common sense, but many users tend to use or overuse their appliances improperly. Be mindful in operating them and verify the time of usage. If there are buttons and control panels, use them accordingly. If the equipment is for an hour, don’t exceed that time. Moreover, if an appliance such as a vacuum is only for dry areas, do not use them near areas with sources of water nearby. Do not use them in case there is any sign of damage or not operating perfectly. Immediately turn it off and remove the plug from the power socket. Discard any appliances that have been damaged and can cause fire, electrocution and accidents.

Tip #6 Store Appliances Properly

When storing or placing your appliances, make sure that they are in a proper and suitable area. Before putting them in storage, ensure that you clean them thoroughly, drain and dry them if applicable. All appliances should be stored and placed where they are in a cool and dry area. This is to avoid molds and mildew that can damage them. If you are storing them in a box, cover them with a dry plastic sheet or cloth. You can also place boxes of baking soda inside.

Suppose you are putting it in a cramp place or storage, secure that nothing will crush them and no heavier items will be placed on top of them. Furthermore, give ample space when storing them so you can easily access them in time of need.

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A house with pretty furniture and interior is great; however, dirty appliances can ruin the atmosphere. To make things easier for you, you should regularly clean and check them for any damage. It may seem like a boring task, but you can certainly do it. Following the tips and doing it regularly will surely help you keep your cleaning appliances in top condition and use them for many years to come.

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